Binance Düşük Miktardaki Coinler Nasıl satılır ? (BNB) dönüştürme.

Hello friends, how are the small balances left as a result of our purchases to you today ? I will talk about how it can be converted to other coins. Because for example, there is dask coin here, there is troy. When i buy and sell this tro So 10 cents, 50 cents, 1 lira, little, little, like that. Trophies remain and are not traded. Because the trade, for example, was at least $ 10, I think it should be at least $ 10 or at least $ 5 so we can trade. You know, this is a problem, tiny little coins are accumulating all the time. It's annoying like that. So how can we convert them to big coins into bitcoin or binance coin now, or here's how we can aggregate them .

First of all, you come to the wallet section. Look here, as you can see, there is 1 hot with 7 cents, so there is 7 cents of elrond, there are 15 cents such a small little they have accumulated like this . We will translate. Let me talk about it here, look at you here, small small coins cost about $ 4 5. If we collect them, it would be more pleasant if they were collected in one place. You come here, you come to the wallet section from the homepage. And to flip the low amount balances, they put a button, we press it . Look here, there are little values ​​like this. We say all here. Look at those little things. It costs 0.3 bnb, so 1 bnb is actually paid well for 18 dollars just because it is small . I turn them into bnb, I say confirm. Now we're going to collect all the coins in one place neatly. Our internet is slow, as you can see. We got rid of all those little little coins.

And I collected all the money by bnb or look, collect those little little coins. It is 0.8 bnb and is worth $ 13. I think it would be better for him to stand in one place rather than stand separately. Thank you for watching the video. We are waiting for your questions and discuss them..

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