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and say it personally and I turn around here welcome to another video here on our YouTube channel as you can see I'm here with my bilanz platform open Neve doesn't know anything for who has several ways to say and what he talk to you a little bit about Minas with DN bequer the binance token that we use to buy Crypton coins inside the platform but look before starting the video if you are not yet part if you don't have a broker here yet that you can buy cryptocurrencies the first link down here in the description is Bina's link okay so you can click right a broker that uses it I also recommend that you use it you can click there and create your account but look only when you are going to create your account soon something interesting Look, I'm just going to open the link here, I'm going to leave the link in the description Look, I'm just going to leave the link in the description for you to get and access, okay and look when you create your account at binance everything goes you will have to pay attention here on the right side because at some point you will have the option of choosing the currency in which you want your account and you have to enable the currency of your country, of course Brazil is in Europe European in Brazil performs the United States furona right today I want to talk about the binance coin right, especially I will open here and the graphic in full on I am seeing a strong appreciation here of mine with parity with SBT right and USB tether right and in fact, this appreciation has already occurred with a lot of power day after day we are coming here the graph is valuing a lot we can say that after this last reaction the valuation of 97 was one percent very probably not arrived to 90 8.26 percent and an expressive appreciation, right, then, a girl will not know that it is worth buying just to know that there is still a strong upside perspective.

Hi, you are hearing what happened here is an extreme Pump, right Pampulha, the tumor was strong on the monthly chart on the weekly chart the same thing on the daily chart, right, we can hire the same thing, that is, my hair is in a suit and strong Okay, when you have this scheme here, just look at it, put it for example, you try to draw one, Tiago, get these points here, right, he has one in the diary. Okay, my dear animal stopped up there, but if I try to draw a Fibonacci here in the graph The fig attraction diary Oops, that point for this maxim here or that will die magnetic show would be easier, you can even do it there on the shipping train, but I will do it right here on the web platform, ok, this expansion here, the middle people feel it would be more or less in this region to have an attraction okay it didn’t set up Fibonacci 100% here right but anyway after this strong bread here on the four hour chart of Minas as USB tether Minas with this one to have right I’m doing it here ui with the ceiling It is because Peter he is on par with the dollar so one time he costs a dollar understood and a dollar is basically a ceiling sum that I'm dying here is issued in par with the dollar always so sure that if the kumura here for another and not even saw and pull that I send you when it comes does not have this graph here but I will try to get it to show you someone who will try to pull that SD BNB USB to show you that probably sold this baby don't show it Look it's also 129 at the moment you see here it's 129 if I pull the platform it's not just 128 it's basically the quality it's really understood the dollar and Peter are basically the same thing right it's basically a healthy the same knife thing, you know, I was doing an analysis Look, just keep her here on the train, there is everything here more set up a lot more I’m much more like Vitória with this interface Look at him, there’s this expansion or less 27 in this region 68 in this region here your mother she had a cloth a strong valuation right so i can pull a weekly chart for example to try to measure the next repair it is but for that i would need a candle right a candle and close it negative and at that moment i don't have that candle so i can have at least here pull Try to see a retraction on the chart and four hours is at most even I can see a performance on the 4 hour chart right and I have this price expansion here that can give me the next entry point by Peter ok good that it would be in this region here almost the price also don't keep going up if it keeps going up it can be tricky to get another one a photo buying opportunity in this cryptocurrency not to mention that there are also many more opportunities at the moment in the market Okay I already talked about Bitcoin Cash for you doesn’t care to know you haven’t seen it on the channel you’ll see it’s still on the channel it’s good to go up anyways I did analysis West of Minas with also what I lived a little bit, right? I told you the rope, just talk to shop, measures other types.

Palmeiras is kind of a money that can be used inside the platform platform, created a little coin that can be used inside and in fact it was a balcony. genius my opinion i think expects to open a complaint about the price people until this region one is good minus 27 arriving at the right people i hope there the biggest attraction of the price for this region more or less 6 to 1 for this region is good or play in this GTA and easy again up there for 147 – $ 150 ok you just know i'm here doing analysis Minas com e USB If I put BNB and SBT BNB USB tc16 that the same thing right until you have it Look at the same thing practically understood the same thing practically only that there are some differences I have a price but it is the same thing tethering dollars are the same Okay, so as I was talking about, you can also create your account in Minas with the link below in description why am I doing this because he says that I also earn from it if you wanted to use my link you will get a five percent discount on all purchases ok good night is a purchase of fees that you will pay on purchases let's stop paying five percent I was trying to get another tool right here to show even in this graph here we are going to do the following I will leave more or less this analysis here look I will wait for my biggest attraction of the price as I told you guys this region of a and a half where it was in the aunt here and so I wanted to make this analysis available to you without any problem only that I think it could still be updated at any time so let's do the following on my official telegram channel that the link it’s also down here in the description of this video I’ll try to update with you right about how the price is going the interesting entry point in my opinion is always good so people you have g ostado of the video I will make a video too right if you haven’t seen it’s probably already here on the channel on how to buy cryptocurrencies girls Okay I’ll do the detailed duty explaining step-by-step how to buy cryptocurrencies in Minas and this way they can be bought you can learn to use the platform as a whole it's good time The computer who has on the web channel also has apps for Android for iOS right but even for the anthem Sony also has for Linux everything is good so that's it all good link create a binance account down here in the description you win me Tinker Bell and until the next video

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