Binance Coin hits all-time highs / Binance Coin [BNB] Price Analysis Prediction Feb. 4

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as bnb surpasses bitcoin cash by market cap   bitcoin cash is now in danger of being ejected 
from the top 10 crypto currencies by market cap   finance coin the in-house token 
of cryptocurrency exchange binance   saw its price hit a new all-time high this week 
passing bitcoin cash by market capitalization   data from markets and trading view confirmed that 
binance coin flip and bitcoin cash to become the   ninth largest cryptocurrency on february 4th 
one of a number of altcoins to reach record   highs this week bnb usd briefly hit 55 on thursday 
before correcting to circle levels just below 54.   performance appeared buoyed by record volume on 
binance itself as trading gathered pace as part of   a long-awaited return of alt season the action was 
led by dogecoin surging thanks to tweets by elon   musk which finance manager chang ban zhao used to 
promote trading on the platform all-time high on   system traffic again in fact three all-time highs 
in the last 15 minutes he revealed on thursday   the most conspicuous victim of binance coin on 
the day was bitcoin cash which ceded its position   to become increasingly in danger of losing its 
status as a top one currency by market cap at   the this time 11th place stellar lumen was still 
700 million dollars lower than bitcoin cash with   bnb's market cap at 8.3 billion dollars finance 
coin meanwhile forms one of the crypto currencies   supported by binance pay binance's latest product 
which launched as a beta version this week   both bitcoin and ethereum are also available 
for use in the payment gateway along with the   binance usd stable coin swipe token and the 
euro as a fiat currency option as analysts   reported exchange traffic worldwide is expanding 
rapidly thanks to the bull run which has received   considerable mainstream attention in recent 
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