Binance Coin (BNB) Reaches $100 1day (NEW BINANCE COIN)

finance coin bnb reaches 100 as price rises 38 
percent in a day finance ceo chong pang jiao   says this is just the beginning for coin bnb 
the price of binance coin bnb the native token   of the eponymous crypto exchange has just broken 
above 100 for the first time ever according to   cryptometrics platform press time bnb has cooled 
off a bit and is trading at around 97 and 60 cents   up around 30 on the day the latest increase in its 
price has also pushed bnb's market capitalization   the combined price of all tokens currently in 
circulation to 10.65 billion dollars making it the   seventh largest cryptocurrency as decrypt reported 
crypto exchange finance burns certain amounts of   bnb every quarter to reduce its total supply this 
subsequently result in the increased scarcity   of the coin and can push its price up the 
latest burn conducted on january 19th was   the largest one so far that day finance destroyed 
a total of 3 690 1888 bnb which were worth 106   million dollars today that would be roughly 370 
million dollars even though this is an impressive   amount for a three-year-old startup at that rate 
it would take roughly 27 years to finish the burn   so we thought it's time we speed it up a bit 
finance ceo chong pang jiao wrote at the time   he added that in the future the scale 
of burns won't be based on the exchanges   quarterly revenue like it was 
before altcoin psycho post in writer   over 200 million dollars in usdt has been added 
to binance in the last 30 minutes or so notably   over 200 million dollars worth of usdt stable 
coins were transferred to finance over the last   weekend coinciding with bnb's 25 price jump 
at the time february 9th 2021 thank you

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