Binance bot / A simple algorithm bought – sold +300$ 4 hours of trading

Hello everyone, you are on the Robbie Fletcher
channel today I will show you the work of a trading bot and the profit from trading,
the bot worked for less than 4 hours and brought me a positive profit, I traded SHIBE currency
using a simple and understandable strategy, the bot bought a cheaper currency and placed
a sell order higher than I bought, it's very simple, the speed of the bot is faster than
if I myself bought and sold manually, I launch the bot, we see that the bot started working,
and for a couple of transactions we increase the profit of the balance from 1085 dollars
to $1,201, which is very good, now I'll show you how much he bought and sold,
the difference is noticeable in 100 units. I think he himself would not have been able
to place an order so quickly and would have lost his funds on these transactions. Decide to leave the bot running for a few
hours without objecting to it. Transactions were made for about the same
amount. As you can see, the Profit increased by $ 100.

In just a couple of hours of trading, my earnings
amounted to $ 300. The bot can be downloaded from the link in
the description. The bot has a built-in license for 21 days. After that, you can cancel the purchase or
purchase a bot in the interior of the program on the payment tab. The bot is similar to a browser-based trading
platform, I won't name it, they didn't pay me for advertising..

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