Binance BNB Coin Price Prediction 2021 – BNB Price Prediction 2021 – Why it Down 25% ?-The Next BNB?

Binance Coin Price Loses -25% After Failing
a Big Test The recovery in the Binance coin price has
fallen short at a key level. Momentum has now turned lower, and BNB could have further to fall. For the second weekend in a row, cryptocurrency
markets are under pressure. The bullish momentum coming into the end of last week turned lower
on Friday and has continued over the last two days. BNB is trading at $304.00, having pulled back
from the resistance of a descending trend at $385.00. The bounce from last week’s $211.00 low
failed to gain enough traction to clear the important threshold. BNB has now reached the target price I predicted
on Twitter yesterday. The big question now is, will the Binance coin price recover from here or
continue on a downward path to last week’s low?Binance Coin Price Outlook The 4-hour chart illustrates the descending
trend line from the 12th of April $685.00 high. The +90% bounce from $211.00 reversed precisely
on the line at $385.00. A second attempt to rally yesterday again fell just short of the resistance,
and BNB reversed lower. Today, the trend line is, of course, lower
at $340.00.

This should be considered an important level. Therefore, should the price trade above $340.00,
I would expect an extension higher towards $385.00. After retreating from the trend, the Binance
coin price has found some support around the $300.00 mark. Aside from being a psychological level, the
0.50% retracement level from the $211.00 low is at $299.30. The 0.618% Fibo is slightly lower at $278.90. This band of resistance between $278.90 and
$300.00 is important. This is likely to be an area of interest to
buyers. Therefore, if the price fails to stabilise
here, it may well signal a return to last weeks low. Whether the price breaks resistance at $345.00
or support at $278.90 will depend a lot on how Bitcoin and Ethereum trade over the course
of today. For now, the price momentum suggests lower. However, as we know, with crypto, that can
change very quickly. subscribe channel affiliate cambodia thank

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