Binance (BNB) – Análise de hoje, 31/05/2021! #BNB #binance #XRP #ripple #BTC #bitcoin #ETH #ethereum

Hey guys, let's go from Binancecoin, BNB who is still here climbing up our base from our channel. Now upward hypothetical, at this moment, BNB tries to cross from below to the top of the Schmorl cloud You buy here at this indicator, that's my point here, guys, he's just wanted This green arrow only when a complete drop forms above the waterline and what is Waterline is the turning point to see people's daily happiness here in 26 periods of dropping Shimoku Cloud You can see it is poorly rehearsed to create Mistiness of green ada.

I have this for me guys that this leg dashing here from BNB About 4001 4611 Sorry I'm talking 464 It's already Inês What or ah ah it won't take long Because we see BNB in ​​the 4000 range I'm not right, I joked of course I'm talking About 464 but this is a coin that gets cut into thousands of dollars and very little time Here at Scuise, I already knew a double whammy of buyer personas sold loose ores Control the role of wives who buy a short and slow exponential day migrate Quickly to the upper scale of the scale, and has been unlocked A double ripple of a buyer persona here in removing the mm200 from that you realize that at this moment between us is trying The top line of schmorl cloud which now stands at 347 beat Bina at 345 in the interval of projection 26 periods here, the ichimoku novo is already set to rehearse creating clouds good.

Avenida is one of those very high octane cryptocurrencies if it is Bitcoin later Lisa or below it already exploded already we saw BNB yesterday ah 308307 Goal up to at least 308 I know it was fleeting that a child will not Long stays at that level 300 here is a currency that is effectively slashing into the thousands Dollars or Trixie quickly migrate to higher ranges of the personal scale, this leg is Here from BNB towards this piece to these peaks here I am at 423e415 you will find only the resistance MM200 itself is at 391 392 and so people have the following related resistance between CR39 1392 and DE It has a date with these peaks here, which is the last at 423 415 423, which is also represented One of the congestion bar here that I also think BNB won't have much trouble getting over, No, so BNB has the closest thing to a resistance 392394. If it collapses, it gets Latest high is at 423 and continues to climb into our pen.

High virtual channel where I have reported that the paper will not give in to this high default channel and I keep seeing it People with autism because it occurs effectively Who wants to propose analysis of some assets only put The messages below and I find a good chance in the cryptocurrency world cut it out.

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