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Welcome everyone back to the channel, my name is Zari and you are watching Finance Square, I hope you had a great weekend and today I really wanted to Something I didn't actually do, I'm going to give you my review on Binance as to a reason Binance's success. So I'll go through the entire schedule as well regarding About the product that has been launched since it was launched and also to explain to you Why have we seen this recent price hike on binance and why the balance will always be in good shape for the process The next five years, let's get started, so now we'll go through the website step-by-step I will also try to explain to you the rationale behind financing being the most successful cryptocurrency exchange In the world in the next five years.

We'll first go over the main feature Binance is actually an exchange that is the first thing they are famous for When they uploaded ico and then obviously we can see that they also created this academy and actually were Able to present a lot of information to the user, this is obviously likely created during The moment the market was down, so there was a period from 2018 to 2020 also where the market was Really down and people were still holding, at all-time high, we still were We're waiting for the market to return to its original price, so this might be the time People were trying to learn, try to regain confidence, and actually enter the market Again then you have this something brand new as they seem to have created a program For a broker, so a broker is a trading platform that gives you guys the ability to buy and sell Tool, and in this case they create whatever broker platform you really want For cryptocurrency they actually provide this solution which we can also offer cryptocurrency This could be very profitable as a business would imagine if binance was able to approach PayPal Paypal is using the Binance broker program that can be a really profitable program, and it is clear It will increase their volume as well as their revenue.

Not sure if you remember this was it So well known in 2019, Binance set up a charity where they were actually donating For certain countries in the third world countries and also during some crises around The world donates too, so this is a very nice thing to have on the website And if you come back here, we can also take a look at this thing that I'm really passionate about, and it's cloud work. So the Binance cloud platform brings your cryptocurrency business in one minute with binance so you can actually do it Have access to if you have any clue when it comes to With cryptocurrencies, Binance will help you launch and create the right infrastructure to be able to go live in Some cases, and maybe even partner up with you guys so they can invest with you guys, so this is it Something I can guess CZ is actually taking Binance to another level I feel like I'm on amazon where amazon has amazon services on the web and that is it Exactly how I feel now it's a very good solid statement to be able to deliver binance cloud so I really think this would really help anyone with Business development with such a powerful player.

So they have a management system, they have Mathematical trading for immediate training which literally means uh the ability to buy and sell without leverage or only With not being a derivative, then you have fiat trading to do with real money buying Now if you look here for an example, let's go back all right to that cover cover let the cloud go Now on deck so as I said Dex was popular at some point it's not the most successful business The reason why Binance created it is because there was no movement of people asking or people pulling out Their forces that the cryptocurrency from the central exchange and transfer to decentralized exchanges, So what binance they decided to set up in the decentralized exchange to prevent if there is Switching, a change in market perspective and market momentum for some people Those who feel comfortable trading on the central exchange will decide to trade with decentralization, so that was it The solution they invented and again not the most traded decentralized exchange the change but they are They create it now if you look at the next product Binance has created now we're talking about Binance Labs and let's also go to Binance Labs, so Binance Labs was basically what I'd call it Traditionally or the ICO 2.0 they've actually been creating throughout 2019 that has been Very successful people where are able to absolutely or raise money all over the platform Even in 2017-19 people are making money on their website Then what Binance created is basically because they have the user, because They have the entire infrastructure, they basically enable a startup or a blockchain-related project from Submission, and if they were to accept it, they would basically create an infrastructure To raise funds and then also to list the token afterward which has been very lucrative at most Cases uh that cryptocurrency or has it increased 10 times until something much more, and that was Really another mechanism that Binance has built to keep it going and keep generating revenue Now, then we also have Binance l aunchpad so the token launcher is okay, so that's basically it Binance creates a token launcher to buy or win a new token directly on binance.

So the token for binance Launchpool is basically anyone's ability to own any capable cryptocurrency To share his platform, once again, this was a solution that Binance created for people to give An incentive to re-engage them, invest and create cryptocurrency financing, once again, This was very popular in mid-2019 and possibly also early 2020 as mainly users can Deposit a cryptocurrency for a specified period of time and have been receiving interest, So this was the whole concept of it that was very successful and really helped them keep them up Introduce them again, Binance kept reinventing themselves, keep adding more and more features, and if I didn't know binance, I would have thought of only 10 people but there are over 1000 employees around World so that they have the ability to launch a big project but is able to execute it in a very fast way So it feels like it's a startup, so it's an institution, but they think it's a startup It also has an online search will actually provide an in-depth search for a different project.

Then you have a trust wallet, so the Trust Wallet is where the owner is your money Their wallet address, so no one launching Trusts wallet can access your wallet, so Understanding is one of the reason Binance bought this one because every time after Other there is a whole momentum or people should not move should not be a key cryptocurrency In their currency exchange, they should move it to a wallet where they actually are They own the wallet keys, so Trust Wallet gives you that option. So they bought this credit wallet a few years ago and it has already been combined with The Stock Exchange and from what I've seen Trust Wallet has five million customers or people using it There are many people use it, so more than 5 million people have already used this wallet now, Let's go back to the following, so you clearly should know that Binance has launched Also in multiple territories when it comes to Binance US, yes we are talking about Binance um australia, we also have binance Gibraltar or Binance UK, even Binance Malta and sometime Binance Uganda and some other African countries so Binance is really able to think in advance and plan Really their entire infrastructure for success no matter what happens now when it comes down to it By the market, so if you look here at trade, they clearly have the primary fundamentally converting Classic advanced margin and also they have p2p which is very common in South America and Asia, it may also be Very common in third world countries, hence you have the entire derivative, so the entire derivative It's a very profitable business and I'm going to tell you how much it won in Period of time and so there.

Basically, people can trade on a real asset, which is a derivative Using leverage, so in this case they have futures contracts where people can trade up to 125 Which is crazy leverage, we even have a choice here and then you take advantage of the tokens So basically, the token itself has already been raised for example, let's say you have a Symbolic of Bitcoin's leverage of two or five, so if the market returns five percent, it is in fact Five percent in two if I leverage two if I leverage five, then it is 25 gain Or it goes down depending on whether you are short trading or buying for example, so this is it What happens, let's take a look at this section, so now there is a Bitcoin battle and also something else Binance has done so well that it creates a lot of stimulus program For people to feel basic readiness to come back and trade, and I see that they fought a battle to win, So if you were to trade for a specific volume, you would get some discount, and in some cases, you would get some bonus An attempt to find out who is the most successful trader or who is the most successful trader To trade on a specific instrument and they will win a bonus So this is a really cool thing and then we also have the funding So it's about financing.

Obviously, you have Binance earning that mainly, your ability To participate in your cryptocurrency and earn interest, it's clearly a Binance group so you can Become already. Join a pool so let's just click on it to see more about it So you can join Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and I think another kind of Bitcoin and Ethereum This is a basic proof of business, so you are actually able to join To the pool and I basically mean them, there are some videos through it, and obviously you can Watch them then join if you like That, that's really interesting hence you also have a Binance Visa card so that you can basically Pay with cryptocurrency with your credit card crypto loan, so you basically get An immediate loan for your crypto asset now I initially believe Binance has partnered with nexo Because they offer similar interests but now I think maybe Binance is offering on its own I'm not a lot for sure but they offer a lot of competitive advantages And it is now clear with a fluid swap that you can basically go in In this challenging move that pushes the market to a whole new level And if you've done all the different projects over the past six months or this year They had ridiculous gains in some cases that you would consider earning ten thousand percent if I'm talking about Challenging project, so Binance touches literally every industry you can think of and Binance is Works very well but it's trustworthy and another thing binance did there was an incident where Something happened only once or where it was hacked or almost hacked, then they create This security system where they allocate a percentage of revenue in case They will be hacked so that we can actually recover the customer's money if that happens Now, another thing that Binance did in 2019 is release their stablecoins from Binance dollar or binance busd, which is way too big because Binance isn't really regulated, So how can they do it, no one knows I think they might work It does have some licenses in certain countries, but Binance really does a lot of things And I now think that they have started introducing Forex so that they are basically able to trade currencies I think the next stage will be adding stock and commodity indices and any model instrument You see it on your favorite broker platform with all this in mind I am sure Binance token must reach within the next five years a thousand dollars regardless of what It will happen if the market is gonna go down and we are gonna see people that are less trading Or otherwise active Binance will find a way or a market for them to make money Now, I think what we saw today with the violence price of 71 dollars is really peanuts.

And I think over the next five years, Binance should be on the same level if not more so than Coinbase or Maybe even on an Amazon level when it comes to Amazon web services, so I guess Binance is It takes this to another level and I think a lot of people just don't notice it and people ask me Always about the cryptocurrency you should invest in.

Perhaps you should invest in the currency you are House always wins now, she asked me how much money binance makes, so Just so you guys will understand, I'm now going to this site And you clearly saw that yesterday we had a really big winding-down so just to put things in Set straight, over the past 24 hours over the past 24 hours, Binance has liquidated 418 A million dollars now again, I guess it's not all a profit but most of it Win now, this is an insane amount of money that you can earn now whenever you have a lot of money, You can always dream about it and you can always achieve higher goals, so I feel very comfortable To invest in Binance because of the way they have performed throughout The entire session throughout the pool through throughout a very cool period throughout This whole market sentiment is obviously so maybe for you guys that are not able to invest in coinbase pre-IPO I think maybe you should consider Binance as an opportunity for buddies Just look at buying your token and keeping it and holding it for the next five years because it is At this rate, Binance will really take over and Binance is really looking into Very long term so this is the summary of my review on Binance, and I hope this was very helpful

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