Billionaire Predicts That XRP Ripple Will Go To $10 000 In The Near Future!

in the not too distant future xrp would be worth ten thousand dollars that's right xrp isn't coming slowly and it's gonna blow up in the market fast since three years after the last update to the lawsuit the price has reached a dollar since then it has risen steadily and analysts expect that it will continue to rise and among the forecasts a 10 000 prediction has been made but who made this prediction and is it worth it what are some of the concerns that everybody has hi voters welcome to the crypto vault [Music] the place where you can find everything crypto make sure to hit the like button and subscribe for us to provide you with more crypto content in this video you will learn about the highest price forecast for xrp and why it is so we will explain what xrp is to the newcomers here so without further ado let us get started on what you need to understand about xrp xrp is a cryptocurrency or digital money that is used to buy and sell digitally in an anonymous manner it has no record unlike our money which has a government-issued number ripples debuted in 2012 three years after bitcoin as opencoin and ripple labs is an american-based software company that created the xrp as you might be aware everybody including elon musk is talking about xrp this is happening for a variety of reasons unlike other cryptocurrencies xrp is one of a kind the ripple xrp cryptocurrency is altering the cryptocurrency landscape it was created with the aim of having much faster and cheaper transactions than other cryptocurrencies providing the potential for day-to-day transactions the capacity of xrp to be traded for any currency or valuable such as gold with a unified minimal commission is a significant advantage unlike other cryptocurrencies ripple's xrp only takes a few seconds to validate a transaction as a result ripple is a much superior alternative to other cryptocurrencies when it comes to transaction speed xrp's transaction fee like its specific transaction time sets it apart from the competition ripple is almost entirely free why is this so since the regular fee for a switch is only 0.001 xrp as of april 13th the price of xrp is 1.34 cents which is rising with a market capitalization of 61 billion dollars and the circulation supply of 45 billion it ranks fourth on the list what distinguishes xrp xrp has many distinguishing features that set it apart banks adore xrp and now the world economic forum is on board so one of the main distinguishing features of ripple xrp is its transaction fee it's basically secure yet you heard it right since the normal cost of making a move is only 0.001 xrp transaction time is another advantage for the xrp as other cryptocurrencies need minutes and minutes for a single transaction the transaction is checked in a matter of seconds with ripple's xrp this means it is the quickest compared to any other cryptocurrency which is a significant advantage for xrp another advantage of xrp is that it can be sent directly without the need for a central intermediary making it a useful tool for quickly and easily bridging two separate currencies guys this feature which is only available on ripple xrp has made the banks fans they even like the xrp banks have begun to use ripple technology as a payment and money transfer system among themselves hundreds of banks now use ripple to move money in a convenient and secure manner access bank star one credit union mufg and cambridge global payments are among these financial institutions guys the sec lawsuit is what's really holding the xrp in the news these days the explanation for this lawsuit is because the securities and exchange commission is suing the company ripple for falsely selling securities rather than cryptocurrency this means it's going after ripple ceo brad garlinghouse and co-founder chris larson the sec contends that the xrp should be handled similarly to stock in a publicly traded corporation however ripple has argued that xrp has previously been defined as a currency it claims that it is not subject to the same regulations as a defense however recent corn hearings have unexpectedly taken xrp to one dollar and 19 cents ripple is expected to win this case and after this lawsuit analysts predict that the xrp will not only hit five dollars but 100 in the coming days regardless with the leap to three-year highs xrp has completely recovered from its losses and was cured in december when the united states securities and exchange commission sec filed a complaint against ripple for collecting 1.3 billion through unregistered security offerings xrp is the next big cryptocurrency with even more mainstream attention being paid to the cryptocurrency world the next big cryptocurrency could potentially be xrp it is understandable that people are interested in this subject cryptocurrencies reached the market not too long ago and have since found their way through the hearts and wallets of many consumers and as technical advances are released almost on a daily basis in the industry some of the early digital coins such as xrp ripple seem to have retained their leadership positions guys xrp is one of the market's most strong cryptocurrencies in comparison to other coins it works in a unique way paving the way for fresh and exciting opportunities however the loss of its third largest tethos label earlier this year has prompted many investors to rethink the company's future prospects since the end of this volatile year there are still reasons to invest in ripple why choose ripple over the several other thriving cryptocurrencies in 2021 another important feature of xrp is that it can be transmitted directly without the use of an intermediary making it a valuable resource for establishing a fast and efficient bridge between two different currencies the primary aim of xrp is to act as a monetary exchange mediator the xrp ledger employs distributed ledger technology to facilitate the transfer of tokens representing fiat money cryptocurrency or any other unit of value since the protocol is completely open it can be used by anyone without prior permission from ripple labs the ripple protocol can now be implemented by banks and non-bank players who have their own networks xrp prediction by billionaires guys xrp is quickly becoming a fan favorite also celebrities such as elon musk are tweeting about xrp yet another personality a well-known former blackjack player and businessman has also made an xrp prediction he estimated that the xrp would eventually hit a value of ten thousand dollars per token for those of you who are unfamiliar with steve wayne he is a wealthy businessman in the gaming industry and the former operator of well-known casino hotels in las vegas he was a member of the famous mit blackjack squad a group of ex-harvard students who use card counting techniques to defeat casinos all over the world of blackjack so according to him xrp is instant and very cheap in a nutshell it serves its purpose right now the price is increasing solely due to demand and its application has not been greatly adapted there would be major benefits if this occurs he went on to say that it's intended to have a ten thousand dollar worth per coin this implies that xrp is used in any retail purchase and foreign currency transfer this is very ambitious and a long way off as it rises i'll take some money at various points but i don't have a set price at which i'll sell all of it when asked about a price goal for xrp wayne claimed that the price would only rise in response to demand if xrp is used for every retail transaction and every cross-border currency transfer it could be worth ten thousand dollars xrp is expected to cross ten thousand dollars in the near future after the price of xrp hit a dollar after the changes in the litigation the price has risen reawakening the xrp bulls and the army to buy and invest in xrp once more after the case is resolved and the great reset occurs everyone will use xrp because it allows for quick transactions with low fees and most importantly xrp will bridge your currencies the great reset is another rung on the ladder for xrp to climb in order to dethrone bitcoin and touch the moon if the current trend persists it won't be long before xrp reaches 500 by the end of the year it is expected to hit 10 000 in the not too distant future the great reset would have a major effect on the price of xrp experts predict that if ripple xrp is used for every retail transaction and cross-border currency transfer its price will hit ten thousand dollars in five years this is fantastic news for the xrp army and those considering investing in the world's fourth largest cryptocurrency so that concludes today's video we hope it'll be of great assistance to you what are your thoughts after watching the video can xrp hit ten thousand dollars anytime soon please let us know in the comment section below also if you liked the video please hit the like button and subscribe to our channel please 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