Bill Pulte goes Bitcoin, Coinbase Tezos noise, Canada holders, proof of keys altcoin resurrection?

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button now I link to an interesting article you
think it's going to tell you how great the returns are for holding
well the perk for dealing with these defy products that are already out there
that give you interest I don't even know what these complicated products do but
the name of them is uh returns upholding verses defy so it's it's an it's a blog
post by Zairian which is a defy company and they're comparing the returns of
holding Bitcoin versus their rich and their just returns of holding aetherium
first doing all this other complicated stuff and it is a long article and
they've got all these complicated summaries and figures and charts and
then you get all the way to the bottom you gotta go through the whole thing and
at the very bottom is the cold hard truth that just holding Bitcoin was the
best thing to do they admitted the statistics are right there you got the
best return by doing the simplest thing buying and holding Bitcoin nonetheless
people are still wanting they still want compact LexA T they still want D Phi
over Bitcoin it's going to happen they're going to diversify for the sake
of diversification you don't have to do that you can do you could be a long-term
thinker just hold your Bitcoin and I mean look at their own statistics
they're it's at the very bottom they have all these pretty charts and stop
complicating matters but the hard truth is at the bottom of the article and it
shows Bitcoin a beat them all all right down that like button let me check out
greetings from Malibu says John alright dude all right dudes come on people you
got a we got some time for questions here
questions and answers thank you type in bitcoinmeister I answer your questions
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move that's all right now I've been talking about someone out
there that's trying to get my attention with dealing with the proof of T's coin
the concept and I finally got in touch with the person good person good person
good person and this person and I'd link to their tweet i link to their they call
themselves alexa crypto a very interesting tweet that's out there it's
almost as if holders thumb their noses at proof of keys coin anyways it's
almost as if holders thumb their nose is that proof of keys coin exchanges won't
hesitate to distribute proof of third party coin so what is he talking about
here well there are a lot of people like oh no we all do we don't want a free we
don't want to crypto dividends for holding our coins and but but at the
same time exchangers like okay that's cool coin base right here sent an email
to a bunch of people and there's a tweet about it they're saying hey value your
wealth and Tasos by some Tasos leave it on our exchange and we'll take care of
the the entire what would have whatever they call that over there thus taking
rewards and what we'll take a cut of it of course by i assume they'll take a cut
of it you know and you think you get into this one oh wow i'm getting tazed
owes interest on my Tazo sand coinbase will take care of it and they'll report
it to the are at IRS for me and but what you jump what you don't think about is
like okay you've got like ten pesos and then over a year by staking it with coin
base they'll give you one more tase owes but then if the tasers goes down in
bitcoin value which it most likely will you'll end up with an extra tasers of
course but in terms of bitcoin you widow you'll all lose out in a major
wait if you just went ahead your value in Bitcoin not in tazers wait around for
Tasos interest is ridiculous and just holding it in Bitcoin you you're not
going to lose it first of all I mean there's a chance that coin coinbase
there's a slim chance that you could lose your tasers the area could lose
that it's a third party you're not controlling your value there but at the
same times you control your Bitcoin you collect the crypt of dividends including
maybe this proof of stated this products use me proof of proof of keys coin and
then you're real happy so let let's go over what taste but Tasos is gonna
convince our coin base is going to convince a lot of newbies otherwise like
cool diversify from the stake of diversification and I'll get free days
owes by just holding Tasers why would I want to hold why would I want to buy
Bitcoin when I get buy tasers and get free tasers and just like coinbase take
care of the whole thing and report me to the IRS haha but so coinbase here's the
email this is the email burn staking rewards there's a button you can click
on they make it really easy and says staking rewards I now live on coinbase
is the title staking your voice avoid rewards now available on Tasos today
we're announcing staking rewards on all Tasos held on coinbase at an estimated
annual rate of 5% oh so you're gonna you're gonna make five percent on Tasos
and well while bitcoin might be going up by a hundred percent I mean it's
absolutely ridiculous and coinbase we're focused on offering more ways for
customers to do more with their crypto they didn't say Bitcoin now you can earn
rewards by simply holding pesos learn how it works maintain control your
tasers has always stays in your wallet except they control your private key you
get the security and ease of coinbase with added benefit of staking your war
you can opt out of stating at any time through your settings page Sivir Ward's
in real-time you'll see pending rewards in real-time after an initial holding
period your receive rewards every three days I mean look at this this is a
newbies dream oh I'm going to get rewards every three days I'm going to
diversify for the diversify and Matt Odell's pointing this out a few times
that these proof of state coins are going to centralize a third-party
custodians and exchanges people are just gonna leave them there so third parties
take care of it all for them so that they can get their interest on these
supposed stinking coins it's such a distraction
it is such crypto noise it is such what newbies are gonna fall for it sounds so
glamorous you are better off in terms of returns holding Bitcoin that's it and
learning about the cryptic dividend process even if you don't know about the
freaking crypt of dividends okay just holding Bitcoin Beeks
valuing your wealth in these all coins which are going down in terms of Bitcoin
value and you still get and you get a little bit more of them it's and you let
a third party hold it all on control at all but there gonna be some third
parties that off of this they're just gonna steal it off alright let's see oh
we do have a question here thank you Roman Cube bitcoinmeister complex
portfolio with a dividend reinvestment strategy diversified across multiple
sectors managed by an MBA underperforms 99% cash and 1% Bitcoin keep it simple
buy and hold yeah that that better can keep it simple Bible that that is that
that's the conclusion we always reach on this channel hey and that's insider
information in this day in these days of crypto noise it's frickin insider
information that buy and hold it's just it's the best thing to do but hey you
can taste it up the coin base or it could be read that complicated report
and get you to defy even though that complicated report says that the holding
bitcoin is better all right moving on to the oh look at
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are listening to it right now best guest in the frickin space and I'm not and
that's another funny thing a lot of people they'll just be like why don't
you help me address so on I mean you can what what is what's left to know about
andreas watches what's his channels what what's the difference gonna be if I have
the same old people that you're used to here okay and I had great returning
guests that you all know okay like an so like tone like whoever a cheater and and
in Charlie Lee and went and those are great guests but you got to learn about
like the other people that are down in an in gritty that got like you know like
Leo and I mean not and David and everybody that's been on the show
recently okay Bennett there's other people I mean that's your true we
learned from because you can't find them easily and I'm doing my research to
bring it at like I'm not gonna say the best new people in the space but I guess
the best underrated people on the space really the people that don't just don't
have these blind followings any me and three this is a freaking genius but the
people that are just like you know I mean come on what else if you want to go
watch it's so easy can I even get can I get any morning I
mean it's it's it's not easy to do it isn't it isn't easy to get together I
mean there comes a point like I don't know
so I think some of the requests by these goodbye people out there I'm gonna say
some of the requests I get her totally – really base I mean if you like the
person so much go watch what they're down he's there that but I mean I love
andreas at the same time and here rocky Palumbo says am rocking Paloma was a
great guest that I've been bringing you guys for years now reminds me of –
masternode she's talking about when we were just a – masternodes which get 45%
of the block reward for staking a thousand – but – she's definitely the
woman for a sec – Bitcoin over the past two point five years they would be
better off holding Bitcoin over that time period he's absolutely right it is
the same comparison you're absolutely right rocky Palumbo foul and rocky
Palumbo he's he's great and he hopefully hope you back on the show town that like
button for Kaitlyn long roaming Hugh says exactly I bring you Kaitlyn long
and people are like I want to pick my nose and watch andreas for a 50th time
and again I love Andreas but there's a sometime and then the people like print
race that I mean Tracy was just on dudes hey follow Tripp trace has a podcast
races and I love trace and I bring it back and I can't for you back every daar
week if you wanna watch trace go watch trace town that like button and he's a
freaking genius 199 from Carlos Valladolid a junior
what up Meister one Bitcoin he goes one big point Carlos were either one that
was laughing with her when I was making the joke about that seemed godson gas in
Uruguay and in Argentina they do seem to like to have water that's carbonated and
high and once I want someone pour me some I was all what is this and there's
like it says guy you gotta say see you guys I'm Gus and so it says seam gas no
gas without gas on the water the regular water but then there's a lot of people
down in your way that like the freakin gas in there
seem Gus you guys I know I always say it there now because I don't want to end up
in that situation all right we just had a huge distraction there that wasn't
part of the show so with this proof of keys coin concept that I even think I
think it's great and you'll see all that this week your Bitcoin sure that the
guests didn't think it was a good idea but I still think it is great that with
with trace mayor suggested and and again with the guests that come to this
weekend Bitcoin show there's a rotation it's you know people don't come on at
least ten weeks between each person you got it I love to bring you lots and lots
of different people there diversification is good okay you're
getting up you're learning a lot but there's just some people that have want
the same same people you know every every week you know why can't you bring
this person because I'm giving other people different shot we need different
perspectives we need we want people in Venezuela you want people in Canada we
want people in Asia we know people in Australia I'm giving you all but there's
some people that are just born and though they're like no I want to say no
I don't want new people I want to save all people what's the same old thing
they're not paying attention they're just looking at the basis I'm going to
tell you honestly I I mean I think there's a large percentage of people
that watch these shows watch my show that are just looking at the faces of
the people and then they hear some complicated words and they think they're
learning and then they're like oh that was awesome all the things they said
about Lightning Network and they don't understand a word of what they just
heard and again these are straight men – they are straight men out there who
watch this show just to see my freakin fascia layer okay or maybe watch other
guys show to see their facial hair it's really um now I'm not going to say what
it is but it's ignites 80% of behavior there plenty 80 percenters that watch
this stuff plenty and they make this a and then
they wonder why they end up losing all their money trading but they don't pay
attention to a word of the stuff that's on here
and words I mean they read the big connect if it can I came back today it
would have the most it would be the most popular and people maybe news about it
it would be most popular crypto videos out there I mean that that's I mean
that's life and that's it's a friend that you could tell I'm frustrated I
don't I don't have I willing to work with them I really they try to get a bit
to it but when I like when I think about the whole overall situation I got a
smile on my face and everything you got to be positive but you so it's just so
embarrassing that the world me and that's why you got
you gotta take into account the mentality of an 80 percenters and that's
why that's why the Fiat dollar will continue to exist they're always going
to do the wrong thing they're not gonna just there's such followers so – so –
all right so we got this up proof of keys coin idea again and I think what a
cool thing they could do is follow the the MWC model and just say hey we're
we're making you know 10,000 of these every every January 4th and it it
depends on how many people register how many how many people get it they're
gonna be 10,000 if only one person registers you'll get 10,000 that's the
encouragement there but the other thing I like about I like about this idea is
that oh they're a lot of all coins that are dying and I have said before that
off – all coins that are dying should try to resurrect themselves because this
is a free market people can compete this is where the big boys play and they can
fork themselves off they can airdrop to Bitcoin holders this would be a great
way you won step up dogecoin who knows could step up
and I mean even and say hey we're the proof of keys coin
we're gonna give this away to Bitcoin holders every year on this date
I see more power to that that that would uh that could resurrect and it doesn't
have to be tres mayor approved tres mayor and this is the beauty of the
space anyone can step up and take advantage of
a situation but but the situation giving away all coins to make Bitcoin holders
better holders I think that's great I think that's what I've always been
talking about I've talked about it for a while I've had podcast about all coin
resurrection this is a creative way to give away your Bitcoin to give away your
alt coins the Bitcoin holders through the crypto dividend process it is this
great because it makes it reinforces that Bitcoin is the king and the only
way that you're all coin is either gonna do well is you're going to have to give
it away to Bitcoin holders now you know there are people that are working on a
crypto dividends right now the new you know the B hex guy that keeps getting
delayed well B hex could take advantage of this situation say hey we're the more
we're the proof of kiesza crypto dividend we're gonna give it away
on January the 4th why not why not if it gets more people to get their Bitcoin
off these exchanges great and they learn how to control their private key I am I
am I am totally for it it doesn't hurt anyone to get free altcoins and turn
them into Bitcoin baby I'm not saying buy these again there's a
big difference and a lot of people don't understand this well a lot of people out
there want to go to they won't they don't like this they don't like that I'm
saying get something for free never buy that thing that you get for free ok they
don't they would rather watch fancy sets and graphics and have to tell people
what you know the biggest 5 alt coins in 2020 buy them now that that's what they
want that's what this face the majority of these people in this space
they want people to tell them to do stupid things they wouldn't oh and
they're just trading pattern and that is what this space with so much of the
social media in the space revolves around buying things that you get for
free trading away your precious Bitcoin it is so ridiculous that normality and
long term thinking basic basic holding these type of standards that sits inside
information here it's inside information what a world we live in what a world
it's unbelievable so traceur has a update and this is some complicated
stuff here and I'm not gonna say this this is a way of verifying yourself in
banking situations I'm gonna read it real quick it's linked to below don't
try this at home if you don't understand it speaking of big deals
this month's firmware update comes with the official release of the phyto to
implementation in traceur Model T which is a pretty big deal
you can this fight ochi thing you can read all about it
but here's the the gist of it I guess Fido too is an authentication type
created by the Fido alliance that works most effectively with the hardware token
and with a display Tresor Model T is the first and currently the only Fido come
compatible hardware token in the world with display and touchscreen okay dudes
check that out if you understand at that be careful be careful yeah rocky Palumbo
says don't worry about it Adam the way you bring guests on is great Thank You
Rocky and you're a great guest what was the big connect before big connect aroma
cue asked there was no big connect before well there were some other things
they recall well there were there were the cloud of mining but there was
something else served that years I can remember II now there was some predict
you really do this thing here oh it's no longer be hex it's just hex I don't even
know her rocky points out I'll even do what are we gonna be able to claim it
that's all I care about is what am I gonna be able to get it for free
eternity to the Bitcoin and all of his silly 80% her followers by are gonna buy
it from me that day it's giving me so unbelievable or not they're gonna buy it
from us only exchanges if it ever happens if it ever happens it's such a
it's an ego coin and people fall for people fall for him I mean in city I get
he could do what he wants to do it's a free barking people should do their own
research gladiatori oh my god right you got a good mess yes there was something
called galatic accord and of course there was one point one point before was
before big connect but glad there is something called gladion coin i remember
people were pumping it up and leaving it on my leaving comments about it in all
my videos and then big connect came and people forgot about gladion
but the rocky remembered it so yeah one point and gladion were before were four
big connect for people wondering with the big beacon and there were many one
one point videos to very so we talked about the phyto compliant compatible
hardware wallet in the future stuff like that is gonna be really big
using your tresor for authentic authentication for all sorts of stuff
and you can already do it but it's I don't think it's easy oh I am NOT gonna
recommend it for beginners but if that's one of the cool things about Tresor it's
more than just us storing your Bitcoin there's some verification spent ocation
whatever Nick Carter tweeted about the
demographic survey Bitcoin survey of Canadian people
the Canadian Central Bank did this and it was Bitcoin ownership from 2016 and
2018 basically there are a lot of one of the more popular demographics is
wealthier younger smarter men from Western Canada for now but but what are
they using their big point for now forty percent use it for store value in 2018
at least and that's up alone it's the number one reason for Bitcoin among
people surveyed in Canada which is great because it was the least popular reason
in 2016 payments were number one in 2016 and now it's switched to number four and
overall and just Soviet check out this link it's interesting information but it
they conclude that 5.2 percent of all Canadians own Bitcoin I mean that's hard
to believe for me still still it's hard for me to believe it isn't hard for me
to believe that it's mostly male and it's it's younger smarter guys and and
it's more so as as you go east it's less and less popular the most popular
province is British Columbia which is not a shock to me I've said it a million
times I run into a lot of dudes that have british columbian backgrounds that
are into it but then the the prairies caught the prairie provinces like
Alberta Saskatchewan Manitoba oh yeah American citizen anna meister you do
know a lot about Canadian provinces more than most town that like what are you
Canadian are you not too dressed my Canadian friends and then Quebec and
Ontario and then finally the eastern one of the Maritime Provinces were that
that's the least in terms of popularity of Bitcoin so most of the it was
interesting hey that could change real easy because the numbers are close in my
podcast I will say this my audio podcasting gets poor semester
calm its Albertans that are that valued me the most more so than the the British
Columbians so and I love opera I've said that many many times I love it Edmonton
and I had a great time in Edmonton and Calgary and Red Deer of course I hope to
return there one one summer day not a summery summer's eve and so the the my
my tweet poll has come out these stats are in 52% said they would rather have
aetherium than gold 52 to 48 percent it was close it was based on the Year 2021
okay link to that that's that's those are the results not a shock more
etherium the gold it should it should be higher than I think but hey
flashback tweet of mine is still there from 2016 you can retweet that speaking
about defy and trends and people just jumping on trends in this space and some
of these people are smart and some of you were going to make a lot of money
and some of the defy stuff is going to be innovative but here's a sign of the
times vini lingham contemplating starting a
defy podcast is one of the purest signals I've seen recently that's about
to go mainstream says Spencer noon all right it's about to go mainstream I
would say that's one nice way of saying it and it's about to go ICO style I
think it's about a lot of blind buying into all this ICO into all this defy
stuff this is this is gonna be the ICO of 2020 and 2021 there's gonna be a lot
of standing in it there'll be some bait
there'll be some things to learn and there'll be a lot of big names jumping
on it there you go there's one right there that's Cleve in Ealing hands
really between really positive stuff about d-5 lately and I think he might've
said something bad about Bitcoin Langley on a podcast at least I didn't I didn't
I didn't listen to the podcast but it was being promoted as saying quote by
Vinnie like Bitcoin might have a hard year in 2020 okay I mean that's his
opinion he said lots of things before I'm saying stick there's gonna be a lot
of pressure for people to like get into D five projects and D five points have a
strong Union people have a strong hand and yeah
rocky says the hex snapshot should be late this month yeah maybe he's gonna
say November for a while there is no exact date right now but they are close
to announcing a date okay I'm not holding my breath on that I am NOT
holding my breath on that type of stuff when it comes it comes I'm sure people
will many many people will tell me about it because many many people watch his
his uh they believe him they believe everything he says and they'll buy it
they'll buy it to buy what we're gonna get for free and they won't learn I
always say they learned the hard they don't learn a darn thing these 80
percenters DISA they love them do they look people want drama people it's it's
not about it's not about being proud people I don't think people want to be
successful there they know they don't want that they don't want to do things
that involve patients and deferral of gratification that involves success they
want instant answers they want flashy instant answers that are cool and people
arguing for them and drama I mean it's it's it's I go to tone raises uh Twitter
feed every day I I mean he's got this sometimes you you learn you get some
good stories from that you learn some good stuff but I mean that the stuff
that's really popular is like toné says this guy's a scam that's a big
thing right now there's big drama waste of time and I love tone but it this is
what people want and that's what they spend their time digesting you know
what's the latest uh who's the latest person to steal Bitcoin that said they
were a traitor and people will be able to answer that question but they're not
they they won't be able to tell ya how to collect airdrops
or how to get Forks and how to store the Bitcoin they won't be able to answer
that tell be able to tell you the latest stuff drama out the latest Twitter
crypto drama but they're not gonna tell you you know how to turn the freeways to
turn off coins in the Bitcoin yeah they won't be they won't know even what a
computer can we know what a having is they won't even know what the having is
they won't know that you can get interest on your Bitcoin through the
crypto dividends all right you're right you know John says you're right people
want everything now that's why strong hands long game is the hardest it's the
hardest for the 80 percenters the people who don't produce who are not used to
being producers who want other people who tell them what to do and to take
care of them what a world what a world I don't know I'm happy to be in the
Bitcoin overlay I'm into half and I this is for some reason I keep on tonight or
today I'm thinking about I it's just stopped when I when I think about guys
like I had on my show I mean like like Leo and people people don't want they
want they don't to hear it they don't want to hear about them he's Leah's
giving like really insider information what's going on as China and and what
they're trying to do with Hong Kong and it really relates to you know the
direction the world is going and the world that cryptocurrency is going but
people don't want like I don't know Julio is who that's leo
I mean Leo's been running the Hong Kong you know the meet up there for so long
what's haha I'd love a I've been dug you know some suburb in the United States
sir and this is like people can't open their
mind to different things and yeah I'm gonna keep on bringing you the stuff
that's if people want to open their mind I've got it for you okay I'm bringing
I'm traveling around this whole world and I'm actually meeting real people and
it's it's not mindless stuff and it's and I gotta get I gotta get over the
fact that people are not gonna like stuff that involves using your head and
I mean I've said this 50 different ways but I mean it's uh it's yeah it's
something that I found that like button your hair looks like Jack Jack's from
Incredibles I know 80 percenter comment but couldn't
resist yeah I know your yeah there's times for everything moving on my hair
looks like Adam freakin Meister's hair okay it's I'm a frickin original I do it
the way I'm gonna do it I'm not combing it and it's first since I was uh since I
was a teenager it's been pretty wacky stuff alright um will be this Saturday
show streaking about being at Egypt teenager I'm gonna talk about my bar
mitzvah um miss a be on Bitcoin show all right Anders my buddy in LA who puts on
events out there and it's great you know when when the price of Bitcoin is
zooming he's got all these people coming to his event out there and then when the
price of Bitcoin went down he could he could hardly get anybody come to the
events because that's just the nature of people and he's doing great he's doing
such great stuff and again I don't believe in hyperbolas ation he's got a
new article out there and of course I'm offended by Stelling so I know I don't
want you to you know breathe this article and say oh this is a good time
to sell or he talks about good time to sell good times to buy and he the
article is using Maher multiple and having's two time bitcoin trades okay
I'm not saying in the trade I'm saying just read read the dudes article he he
knows what they have is he knows what the mayor multiple is in since he's a
buddy and a productive dude I'm looking to his article below
in motion baby in motion what else do we have it just it's just some of this so I'm just reading the comments it's just
it's it's 80% of stuff over there it really is its I know alright let's let's
get let's move on here the big title that today that's taken me this long to
get to this part of the show hope you're playing this in 2x people I hope you're
playing this at 2x Bill Polti is this a Twitter philanthropist yeah am I got
people can give away the money he's amazing from rich family and he's done
I'm gonna read you about this guy if you haven't heard about this guy but he I
think it's good that he is now giving away Bitcoin he's buying me so if a rich
guy is giving away money that's his business
well if he's given heat he has to buy more Bitcoin to give it away if sure if
he just wants to give away Bitcoin he has to buy it in the first place and
that's that's helpful and he is all about promoting his
Twitter feed and getting up to a million million followers okay good for him he's
giving away money he's making people retweet stuff some people don't like
that okay that's your opinion but he's getting into the bigger side of things
so all these people out there that are like worshipping Him and they I mean
they're literally people almost worshipping Him because they they're so
desperate for free stuff that they'll do anything they're hanging about big boy
now so philanthropy meets and I link to his Twitter feed and an article about
this philanthropy meets Bitcoin as millionaire bill pulled a son to
billionaire and the founder of chairman of the Polti group William job Polti
announced a on Twitter plans to give away Bitcoin to come to some of the less
fortunate and lucky persons in less than 12 hours following announcement that the
philanthropist website faced a number of crashes as the Bitcoin community flocked
to participate in the giveaway all right so I think it's I think it's good a lot
of people praise him out there and I hope he sticks with the Bitcoin space
and keeps so happy and gives away a lot of it but he will be forced to buy more
and more of it to give it away and maybe this woman he's about decentralized
philanthropy although it's pretty centralized when it's through him I mean
but he's encouraging other wealthier people who want to give away to just
give away stuff give away stuff give it all away okay if it's Bitcoin and it's
easy to give it away if you're doing it through Bitcoin you don't need a third
party intermediary that that's part of his decentralized take on charity then
yeah if people want to give away their wealth then let them buy let them turn
their wealth in the Bitcoin first and then give it away that's what I'm trying
to say here and if he gets a lot of wealthy people to do that like hey I'm
gonna give away half my wealth but and the best way to do that is
buying Bitcoin that'll be great for big long and then people that had no wealth
they'll get free Bitcoin now what they will do with that I don't know but the
point is perhaps this will inspire trend the wealthier people buying Bitcoin
because he's a wealthier dude and he's buying a Bitcoin now and I'm taking a
positive spin on the whole situation because I'm not I definitely am not into
seeing all these people beg pathetically to the guy I mean two people learning
how to be more productive citizens but still positive take on it Square cash
app it didn't have as good of a quarter as last quarter but my buddy has some a
cook in Sydney has a tweet about it and eight point three percent of all the
Bitcoin it's still doing pretty well there's some statistics that are linked
to below through Haslam cook and others if you want to read more about Square
cash at the cash at eight point three percent of a new Bitcoin mind in theory
gets gobbled up by the people at the users of cash app and it's pretty wild
but that there are four hundred sixty five thousand followers cash app has and
it's not even a real person so that's a positive side to that's it that's the
end of the show I can't believe I saved the Pope ulti I should have mentioned at
the beginning because that's like the first part of my title all right dudes
you got to you got to uh you got to see it all today a little bit of that it's
just you know you when you're trying to bring people intelligent content okay
and you see that that the space is filled with moronic stuff and then the
feet some of the feedback you're getting is moronic it's just it's just
frustrating it's just it can be frustrating and but that's just life and
gotta have a strong hand about it alright and shet and Chester copperpot
says to be honest Bitcoin Meister significantly assisted me in following
the right people on Twitter always check the show notes below and
again and that's and I appreciate that comment because I this show notes below
they're not just like decorations they are for you and I have met people that
said the same thing to be like I actually click on them but I think a lot
of people don't I mean this is your I'm trying to lead people to other smart
people out there and so it takes time it does there is time that I put into this
and so when I when I get more like feedback from people I'm like I think to
myself too sure I even have show notes anymore should should I even I mean
should I just do a 10-minute a 10-minute snap show that I don't think that
there's new prep for it all that that's that's what you get to at this point but
I'm doing it I'm doing a new show every day that is part of the system but this
is like what is a new show and what do there's lots of different types of new
shows you can have you can have just something you just do it on one little
topic you don't think about it you don't have notes there's one thing below and
that's it I mean I really try to make this stuff
meaningful there comes a point when you're just getting numb he just seeing
so much cried out there and you're getting you're getting asked you just
didn't ask these impulsive questions like in case it's linked to below you
know I get asked things so often that are actually in the show that the person
just supposedly watched and yeah everyone gets frustrated with people
that have no attention span or people people who are long-term thinkers get
frustrated with people who are impulsive so you're seeing that right here you're
yeah I'm being open and honest with you out there all right people
town that like button that's it rocky says he says I ran my
for 19 months my meetups were about how Bitcoin works and why it's important but
90% of the questions were about all coins and how long until they are rich
yeah that's the thing even as somebody the Bitcoin meetup site I've gone to
you're always gonna have dues that are like promoting a scam or wanting you to
buy there I see yeah oh it just never stops all right yeah I am keeping the
shownotes Chester I am it's just it takes a little it takes some time
all right what else do we have up do we have out there I'm not gonna again
there's a moronic question that's out there i'm adam meister the bitcoin i
mean i i'm having how many times i have to tell people not to diversify for the
sake of diversification they still they still don't get it
all right town that like one hominem meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt
meister remember to subscribe the channel like the video share this video
to swing 4050 minutes found that like button see you later watch to watch the
this weekend big coin shows

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