BiKi AMA Session 4: TomoChain (TOMO)

Ok. First of all, can you tell us about the Tomochain project and its source? of course can! TomoChain is a blockchain platform that uses proof of stake voting (POSV), Therefore, we mainly support it with POSV and small adjustments 2000TPS, Realize transaction confirmation within 2 seconds and close to zero transaction fee. It seems that a thousand transactions cost only a dime. It's really cheap. We have been on the main net for almost a year. The huge growth rate has made us one of the largest public blockchain startups in Southeast Asia. Become a hot market in the crypto space with this region (Vietnam has not yet entered a considerable bear market), There have been many Chinese investors who have cooperated with us. Within a year, we have signed a large number of contracts with Tomochain. The important thing is that your project embodies sustainable development and practicality, and provides specific applications for enterprises and individual users. Then, who is the user target? Then, what TOMO solutions have you used? Of course. When you think of blockchain,. The value for us is the quality and quantity of transactions on the blockchain.

You have to use it, otherwise it doesn’t make sense, right? This is underused. More than a year since we were on the mainnet, What a great cooperation project we have had. In order to use it, you must have businesses and users. Since we were on the mainnet more than a year ago, we have had great cooperation projects. In order to use it, you must have businesses and users. For example, we are currently cooperating with UcarPac, one of the top 10 used car companies in Japan. We are implementing a traceability solution for the accuracy and reliability of the tester. Last year, we were under the NDA and could not mention the pilot plan. The trial version has been successfully implemented. We are in the second phase, and partners want to commercialize it. Next is a supplier called WisePass, They specialize in providing product update services such as Starbucks, beer and cosmetics. We are in some places in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, People gather there to buy Singha beer with TomoChain.

It is wonderful to experience TomoChain. Our other proud project is a local Vietnamese company called Coin98. They started as a community of blockchain traders, then became a blog, and eventually became a community Media agencies, This is a typical case of how entrepreneurs use blockchain and related businesses. I am proud of them, they are more well-known to the Vietnamese, highlighting the investors The size of the community and how we can build our business directly on top of the blockchain. Triip Protocol launched an ICO on TomoChain over a year ago At that time they participated in Shark Tank in Vietnam, It is also a multi-million dollar business, mainly selling vacation packages. Therefore, you can buy it with TOMO or their own currency. Since their launch, they have been very successful. This is another successful project of TomoChain technology. Well, we have heard many milestones, so this is very good progress. Within a year, this is a very rapid improvement. Yes, did you mention that you only worked there for 8 months? I joined as an ICO investor 8 months ago, Participate in the community, start your own master node, Finally took the position of Chief Business Development Officer at Tomochain.

How do you drill down to users in order to start their master node? Currently, the master node network is very interesting. Since we started, we have a total of 150 master nodes. You can't have more. First of all, they started to engage in community promotion, most of the master nodes belonged to the community. As time passed, we found that more companies began to operate Row master node. For example, Neo Global Capital is running a The main node, Hashquark, a subsidiary of Wanzhong Group, is also. Kucoin has 17 master nodes Owning one with Coingecko, we will soon have more large-scale enterprises running master nodes.

We don't have to go deep in order to say "Hello, let's run a master node". Relying on credibility, TomoChain has been established in the past year, and there are already many needs to run it. Therefore, more often the company asks "how do we transport Row master node? "They are only just beginning. Since I ran my own master node, It’s a bit scary because I want to keep my master node on the one hand, On the other hand, we have to build relationships. It is good for the value of Tomochain. My next question is, Generally speaking, considering that the current user adoption rate in the blockchain field is still low, Is TomoChain an ideal solution? good question. you are right. At present, the biggest problem with blockchain is the big barrier to insertion. The angle we consider is the block Chain is a technical solution, Use with AI, 5G, etc. If you look at the website from the point of view, you don’t really Understand the technology used and when sending and receiving information online, We really don't need to understand the underlying technology.

And i think The same is true for blockchain. To answer your question, We have been thinking about integrating blockchain into real-world applications, There are already thousands of users there. What we are trying to do is cover up the obstacles. Therefore, we have another This protocol is called TomoZero barrier. The idea behind it is, You can start on Tomochain just like on Ethereum token, any token is fine, The difference is that the token and the GAS fee you pay is related to the token itself.

Besides, this is a huge obstacle. Therefore, using the TomoZero barrier protocol, you can issue tokens, and the GAS fee will be paid by it. Pay, it finally happened again, Going back to the original argument that you are doing more and higher quality transactions on the blockchain, So our main focus is to To increase the adoption rate and reduce barriers. Wow, this is a great use case, I am glad to hear that it has been implemented and launched. If TomoZ does not use $TOMO as a transaction fee, will it reduce profits in the TomoChain ecosystem? Good question, this is what I think is the most misunderstood of TomoZ. It is not free to use. I will explain why. Well, what we are doing is eliminating end users so that they don’t have to hold $TOMO, But the master node is still working and getting paid.

The principle is that when you issue a TomoZ barrier token on TomoChain, you must also A small $ TOMO deposit is placed in the public treasury, and every time the token is used and repeatedly sent A small part of the deposit is sent to the master node as a transaction fee, but the end user does not need to understand it.

Therefore, it is in the blockchain ecosystem of TomoChain It’s not free, it’s only considered from the end user’s point of view No Tomo. However, the issuer of the token can also specify which part of the token will also be part of the transaction fee But this has to be done in a separate library, it has nothing to do with the master node, Therefore, every transaction fee on TomoChain is It is the same whether you use the local $TOMO token or the TomoZ barrier-free token. Interesting, I heard this affirmation very well, so can you explain about TomoP? Of course, I am very interested in TomoP. It is our upcoming privacy agreement, we will start the experience at the end of February Net, there are many reasons to look forward to, But two of the biggest reasons are how fast it is.

Well now, in most It takes a while to send private transactions on the blockchain. On TomoP, you can send $TOMO, local machine within 2 to 4 seconds token. Not only that, all tokens, For example, if TomoZ is barrier-free, you can do it completely. We are sending To deploy a new token protocol called TRC-21P, This is a long name, but the idea is that they are native privacy tokens, so the only time you know them is the number of tokens in circulation, Regardless of whether they have been issued, but otherwise Besides, you won’t even know. Then we will include the packaged tokens, Packaged BTC, packaged Ethereum, packaged USDT and even packaged monero This is also possible. So what’s going to happen is that you will be able to send these tokens at an amazing speed and in order to Regulatory issues, We also allow it, so any user can share it, and there is a private and visible key, So they can share these keys with any authorized organization, Then they will be able to track all transactions.

What we are going to do Yes, we will release a privacy model, On the Tomo wallet, users can basically click on it or close it and then switch Change, and then you can start sending $TOMO privately, This is really great, it reduces what I think is seen on other systems To the question, And I have used other systems to send $TOMO privately, but they are so slow and inefficient. Therefore, I am looking forward to the launch of TomoP, And the experience network will be released at the end of the month. Interesting, users can conduct private transactions with the TomoP protocol, right? correct. If your project plans to implement this feature in the future, So how will TomoChain strike a balance between privacy and regulations, And how do you plan to expand the market? Sure, I think privacy is a feature of blockchain, which is: First, because you have a visible key, you can share Enjoy it, making it easy to manage, So when you send the token to the exchange, It can be sent to them from the public wallet The wallet, it can be traced.

But in this system, it can be private, Therefore, it is easy to supervise. I think The other thing is because it is a function of TomoChain, And not just the privacy-based blockchain itself, which makes the exchange Will always want to continue to list TomoChain. We will not face these privacy-only blockchains today The same problem of Pro, So I think it is expected to answer your questions in terms of regulations. You can check Twitter when we When talking about TomoP, it explodes. So, can you share with us more about Tomochain’s initial plan, And how did you switch to today's plan from then on? First, I think, My company is engaged in but not so much steering, this is a little bit about SMS. At the end of 2017, the biggest question One of the questions has been plugged in the hairstyle on Ethereum, The blockchain is full of expensive fees, so TomoChain becomes the problem Potential solution, but I think the thing is that even if we talk about scalability time during the ICO, Because it's hot, really In fact, we always think of Long Tail, It should be run like a business from the beginning, we need to find a way to suit the market law.

From this perspective, what happened, I think what we are looking at today is that we have all trade relations, We do business, me We worked hard to build many DeFi products. It’s not a change of things and these are actually being studied in depth, this is what I How do we communicate with the community, how do we talk about our work at the time. At that time we did not have a mainnet, so what is really meaningful Yes, what the community wants, What is important to the blockchain. Today, we understood this at the time, the important thing is that the enterprise adopts Use and user adoption, Therefore, when we enter the mainnet, The focus starts to shift and we are still talking about adjustability because This is still a problem, but all we do is to build meaningful relationships Not just co-marketing. We hope that people and businesses will use blockchain.

What should be asked is, how do you stand firm and how to persevere? Well, we also focus on service and consultants, we finally think Become a company supporting TomoChain, Blockchain instead of core developers, this is the decentralized future you are moving towards, And this has actually been part of the plan. really interesting! That’s always part of the plan, you’ve been focusing on pragmatic business solutions here, and you’re creating So, how far do you think we are from a truly decentralized future? Yes, I think there are still many years. You even have basic knowledge of logistics management, This is also a question. Therefore, I think that in the future In the coming years, we will see innovative solutions around governance structures, And as we see effective methods, I hope Hope the community can start to adopt this structure. We have a fund dedicated to community governance structure, so I think with it We will start to see more, But I think we will be able to figure it out after many years.

Because so far no What people really do, even though we want to innovate, But I think the most important thing is to show that TomoChain can be the choice to move forward. Choose a platform, which means development, Do more business development, some marketing and attract more businesses and users to use it, Then we will start to view When will it become more decentralized? Yes, thank you for sharing, we look forward to good information from TomoChain. Well, I can’t help but share with you, But time flies so fast, I sincerely thank you for the time and interesting questions you communicated with us! I would like to express my sincere thanks to you for the time and interesting questions you have communicated with us!.

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