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before we get to individual news stories   let's answer the question bullish or bearish 
is the cryptocurrency market bullish or bearish   comment your thoughts below be interesting to see 
what the group thinks now here's the thing guys   september has always been a historically bad 
month for bitcoin this is data going all the   way back to 2013 every year every month september 
has usually always been read even in bull markets   here's the good news october through 
december are typically pretty green   october through december are typically 
pretty green especially in bull markets   altcoin daily i need more than that i need more 
than just past performance give me something more   give me a few metrics that i can sink my teeth 
into okay bitcoin hash rate looks like it wants   to break above resistance amazing to see how fast 
it has recovered after the china miner sell-off   this this is generally considered a bullish signal 
let's go even further let's compare the price of   bitcoin to on chain investor activity and what 
you'll notice is a bullish divergence bullish   divergence between on-chain investor activity and 
price is just like in june and july when we saw   this bullish divergence again followed by a price 
rally but on chain analysis is nothing but hopium   ring through the comments section ring through 
the replies just like what people were saying   in june and july when the price broke upwards 
and to go even further check out this metric   this is a bullish metric it's total supply 
held by short term versus long-term huddlers   bitcoin supply has been steadily maturing to old 
hands from the peak at 65 000 almost 2 million   bitcoin have transitioned from short-term holders 
short-term sellers to long-term huddlers supply   will not be able to match demand supply will 
not be able to match demand be patient huddle   this is what we like to see so bitcoin is looking 
bullish the cryptocurrency market is looking   bullish and with that being said let's get to some 
altcoin news just like always guys comment which   coins are your favorite in the comments below let 
me know which coins you want us to cover in future   videos we try to include that in future videos and 
again let me know what is your favorite altcoin at   the moment i bet i know one that nobody's going to 
say miami coin this was a really good video clip   watch as the mayor of miami florida starts 
shilling crypto on fox business i mean this   is something imagine every single mayor in every 
single city doing this because it helps the city   and it helps the people of the city well 
i'll let him explain it to you this is the   the mayor of miami in an interview on fox business 
talking about the revolutionary concept of city   coins and specifically his miami coin he talks 
about understanding how it generates five million   dollars plus for the city how these benefits 
obviously all this money translates to a better   quality of life for people who live in that city 
so actually what it is is something called miami   coin and it's a fascinating because the developers 
of miami coin which created something called city   coin uh when when the mining process which is the 
authentication process for transfers of bitcoin   um uh is is completed a percentage of the reward 
for mining goes directly into the city's wallet   that has generated so far in the last 30 days a 
whopping five million dollars for the city it's   actually generating somewhere in the vicinity 
of several thousand dollars every 10 minutes   and so uh it could potentially generate over the 
course of a year upwards of 60 million dollars   and if taken to its logical extension it 
is possible that we could live in a future   where residents don't have to pay 
taxes and they're generated through   uh you know these third-party transactions uh that 
are contributing the money to our general fund   so i'm trying to sort this out 
for myself here is complicated   it sounds like you're just taking money from the 
bitcoin not bitcoin from the miami coin the city   coin miners the act of mining creates money which 
you then distribute for development is that have i   got it right you've got it absolutely right the 
act of mining creates a reward right otherwise   people wouldn't mind mining is authenticating 
the transaction the transfer of one miami coin   to another and then the offshoot of that which is 
thirty percent of that reward goes directly to the   city so far that's generated five million dollars 
that we can use for whatever purposes we want   and we're gonna use it to continue uh to make 
miami the most innovative city on the planet   what's the downside risk here that the 
city coin and the miami coin are worthless   well they're not worthless uh it's clearly because 
they've been mined to the tune of creating five   million dollars which is just a 30 share of the 
mining uh proceeds uh it's actually increased in   value since it opened about 600 percent uh so it's 
uh much more valuable than it was uh when it began   uh but i think the issue now is what is the use 
case what is the applications for miami coin   and now we're going to go into you know 
restaurants and small businesses and see if   our vendors are willing to accept it as a currency 
if it does get accepted as a currency its use case   could be significantly greater which means um it 
could be something that weak that continues to   generate funds for the city for the foreseeable 
future so it's just so cool to see cities   adopting cryptocurrency it's just so cool to see 
states adopting cryptocurrency this surprised me   california was named the most crypto ready 
u.s state they measured things such as   google searches bitcoin atm installations 
these two were two of the biggest ones   and then the number of crypto focused bills to 
tabulate this index with a score of 5.72 out   of 10 california edged out new jersey texas 
florida new york in the crypto ready index   the state's point total was also 2.54 points 
higher than the national average robin hood   probably one of the biggest and most used the 
most popular retail exchange as of late which   does not let you hold your own crypto does not let 
you withdraw your own crypto that's changing robin   hood to launch crypto wallet by 2022 or in 2022 
starting next month however robin hood users will   finally be able to move their cryptocurrencies 
off the app so these are the key takeaways   robinhood is launching a custodial commission free 
cryptocurrency wallet starting today customers can   join the waiting list to get early access to the 
wallet in october the long-awaited functionality   will make it easier for robinhood customers to 
manage send and receive cryptocurrency this is   what we like to see this is what we'd like to see 
nbas philadelphia 76ers score a jersey sponsor of the cryptocurrency exchange 
snags another sports partner following deals with   ufc formula one paris saint-germain and now 
an nba basketball team right on their jersey   the exchange will have a patch on team jerseys 
and will release 76ers nft collectibles through   its marketplace solana solana ecosystem is growing 
solana decentralized exchange raises 18 million   series a from three aero capital coinbase 
ventures and several prominent and respected   vc funds took part in this orca fundraiser 
including 3-0 capital poly chain coinbase ventures   the solano ecosystem is giving the ethereum 
ecosystem a run for its money but of course you   know you can be bullish on both for different 
reasons ethereum's ecosystem is growing too   speaking of decentralized exchanges dex aggregator 
one inch so it gives you the best deal for   all decentralized exchanges dex aggregator one 
inch adds support for ethereum scaling solution   arbitrum so all of these ethereum native products 
are getting on their scaling getting on layer two   both one inch aggregation protocol and the 
one inch limit order protocol are now live   on ethereum's optimistic scaling solution arbitrum 
one so this is what we like to see this is what we   like to see tom brady is open to earning part 
of his salary in bitcoin ethereum and solana   one of the most famous nfl quarterbacks said 
this i'd love to get paid in some bitcoin or   ethereum or solana tokens tom brady i mean this 
is cryptocurrency as far as awareness adoption   and just you know everything orders of magnitude 
better than where it was last cycle now if you   want to be a part of the revolution i highly 
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