Biggest Investment Opportunity of Your Lifetime (Bitcoin, ETH, ADA)

guys each week i come in here and tell you about bitcoin it feels like there's just a few of us paying attention to what's actually happening but that's not going to be the case anymore the mainstream is paying attention now and it won't be long before our bitcoin moon mission is completed i'm going to tell you what that means today then we examined 1 trillion dollars in eth and cardano adoption news also somebody called me out over the weekend let's see how that works out for them spoiler the undisputed champ resides on this channel let's get it welcome to bit boy crypto my name is ben every day i show you how to make money in cryptocurrency if you like money then make sure to hit that subscribe button also guys we have a free group called the bit squad and a free group called bitsquat traders on telegram there's also a channel on telegram called otc bit squad but it is a fake impersonator of me i guess all impersonators are fake but the point is it's not good please use the links down below to join our free telegram groups and connect with me check the pinned message in both those groups when you join for directions on how to report the fake channel let's get this removed and stop scammers now in this video we're going to be covering some awesome news kanye talks crypto to joe rogan bitcoin makes the cover of pretty much the most mainstream magazine in existence jp morgan goes mega bullish on bitcoin one trillion dollars in eth settled and the cardano app is approved for the app store then lastly i'm going to respond to another youtuber with the audacity to call me out you're definitely not going to want to miss that we also have an announcement on bit boy collectible cards but first let's go ahead real quick and jump into the markets okay guys so i want to jump into the markets here now we're going to start doing these uh market videos a little bit different these market sections uh i think it's easier just to visualize as i'm moving around here so right now we have the total market cap coming at 389 almost 390 billion dollars this is actually down pretty considerably over the weekend we were well before now we're back below uh 24 hour volume around 100 billion bitcoin dominant 61.6 we're really looking for this to get up somewhere between 63 and 65 probably for bitcoin to start breaking out uh here we go for the bitcoin price we're coming at 12 965.

We have now dropped below 13 000. we pretty much stayed above thirteen thousand for the entire weekend now look at eath it has gotten decimated actually over the last few minutes uh three hundred and eighty eight dollars it was well over four hundred i saw it at four eighteen i believe over the weekend but guys this is healthy we're not concerned about this at all uh we do believe as we head closer to the election that the prices are gonna go up uh chain link has had a pretty good week up six percent bitcoin up ten percent but look at theory and what did have a good run up now it's only a two percent gain for the last seven days so not that significant meanwhile litecoin and polka dot have been tearing it up uh both with 13 and 16 percent gains cardano sitting right outside of the top 10 here we'll have a little more news on cardano down the road or later in this video we're also gonna be doing a really cool portfolio uh demonstration for you guys we're gonna do some cool visualizations of some different portfolios that i'm actually going to literally put money in for you guys to watch a lot of money so you guys can see the gains yourselves uh when we click over on d5 uh we will see what the top 10 is right now right now he's got chain link rap bitcoin rap bitcoin video coming up also this week die maker uniswap uma uh yearndot finance compound synthetics and brand btc uh coming in as the top ten celsius not included in this i'm not sure why i think they would be coming in probably at number two uh behind chain link actually no they're probably coming in somewhere between three and five i believe but uh celsius definitely want to watch we just had an interview up earlier today from alex mashinsky uh so guys let's move on over that's the markets let's take a look at bit boy collectibles we got something really cool we're doing uh this is the newest card that we have uh this is called the shield now let me explain a little bit about what we're doing with these cards they're half the price as our previous series of cards coming in at point five each the last cards were one one eighth this is what we're doing with these cards i'm going to talk a lot more about these live streams uh tomorrow or in our live stream tomorrow at 11 but by buying this card you're not just getting the bit boy uh collectible card you're getting access to a giveaway where we're gonna give away six eth once all 100 of these cards sell uh we'll do a random live draw on the channel first place we'll get three eats second place to eat third place 20.

So at least a chance to at least double your money maybe six extra money not counting the resale value now owners who own this card and the next card we're putting out it'll probably be out tomorrow by the time i'm doing the live stream you're gonna get a free airdropped versus card pitting the shill who's a hero versus fomo who's a villain that card will be the versus card will be 9 out of 13 in the series and it's only going to be available during the airdrop guaranteeing that it will be more rare than the first eight cards if you collect all four of the versus cards there'll be eight cards eight character cards in this series of course we're going with the grand theft crypto digital city digital city is where bit boy lives i didn't know if you knew that um if you get all four of these versus cards if you have the whole set you'll get one super rare card which is actually going to be a map of digital city and this is where it gets real cool you're also going to get a physical poster of the city so that's going to be cool and also if you didn't know about our land in sandbox uh which i'll put that in right here real quick uh if you go to sandbox uh you'll see our land here and we are actually going to be building digital city building the bitboy ecosystem on sandbox in our land right here the biblic collectible cards will have utility to allow you to get to certain places in the city so this is going to be something a lot of people want to get and we're really excited about this and we can't wait to show you more so to come get access to this card all you got to do is go to the bitboy collectible page make sure the yellow check is outside the mark not inside we have some scammers perpetrating us all you got to do is go to and this will take you here and then click on the card uh and you can get going on this and we'll get rid of all 100 of these cards have the new card on tomorrow and boom here we go we got a lot of utility these cards i really looking forward to the future with the bitboy collectibles first though for our top story your boy yeezy was on everybody's favorite podcast the joe rogan experience and discussed crypto here's a quick clip i was talking to my man uh fred and my boy anthony about crypto and bitcoin you know the uh yesterday just to be prepped for this conversation and not about the specifics of alternate currencies which is like ac this is like tesla which is like but the uh this set my mind just goes on these like riffs right here but uh jack dorsey decentralized twitter two months before it really hit because he was talking to the bitcoin guys and these are guys that really have a perspective on what the true liberation of america and humanity will be these guys a lot of the the specifically these guys but a lot of the tech guys were able to use the new highways the new information highways and create the next frontier now when two of the most recognized celebrities in the world get together to talk crypto you already know what's up in the last bull run celebrities were coming in at the tail end of the bull run so just when people were getting excited and celebrities were signing disclosed and sometimes undisclosed promotion deals the price crashed so floyd mayweather dj khaled ashton kutcher gwyneth paltrow ti and many others disappeared as quickly as the bulls did a few celebs such as yay and joe rogan have remained interested in cryptocurrency now i actually sat down for an interview with another celeb who's been building all during the bear market grammy award-winning acon we should have that interview out soon so definitely be checking out the channel for that but the point is yeezy and joe rogan have the opportunity to highlight the advantages of crypto to the mainstream if celebs and athletes start coming to crypto right now as the run is bubbling up instead of at the end when it pops then we could see the influx of retail investors by the truckload i mean think about it guys people literally base their presidential votes off of what celebrities say sometimes so in celebs tell people they can make money doing something you can bet your bottom satoshi it will bring in more people but it isn't just celebs mainstream news is also getting in on the deal shockingly a november second time magazine cover has been floating around now i've been trying to verify authenticity but it depicts bitcoin as the key to a total financial reset in the world if this turns out to be a fake then certainly will be very disappointing but either way people are listening it looks like it's out for publication on november 2nd but i do have to be honest i think the only thing more shocking than this cover is the fact that magazines still exist am i right i was very surprised to find that out i give you a guarantee though bitcoin will outlast physical magazines i'm very confident in that speaking of confidence it seems like millennials are very confident in bitcoin and cryptocurrency jp morgan starting to go mega bullish on bitcoin and cryptocurrency is very intrigued by the fact that millennials are holding a significant amount of bitcoin and cryptocurrency the new generation the generation coming up is going to take advantage of all the cryptocurrency has to offer now we have seen jamie dimon from jp morgan obviously say very negative things about bitcoin and cryptocurrency in the past but jp morgan is now changing their tune seeing what fidelity is doing with crypto custody and other companies in the space it definitely seems like that they may be going big on bitcoin soon in other things that are big ethereum is going to absolutely crush it during the next bull run i'm serious guys i really believe that in the future now not the short term at all aetherium has the ability to pass bitcoin will it happen can't say for sure but bitcoin is great as a store of value but that's about it no that's not any small utility it's big time but the fact is the entire crypto industry pretty much is built on ethereum or it's getting that way the internet of value as it has been dubbed the ethereum market cap is big but the market cap of ethereum combined with all erc 20 market caps is monstrous when you combine the total erc20 market cap projects built on ethereum with the ethereum market cap it's about 100 billion dollars which puts it at almost about half of bitcoin's cap about 40 percent of it anyways ethereum made huge news over the weekend though as it became the first blockchain to settle listen to this one trillion dollars in one year i've seen estimates that put the total amount of money flowing around in the world minus derivatives in real estate to be somewhere between 80 and 100 trillion dollars so one percent or more of that free-flowing money just got settled on ethereum just sit back and think about that for a few minutes while you still continue to watch the video ethereum could be the best investment opportunity of our lifetimes recently paul tudor jones called bitcoin an equivalent investment to early successful tech stocks like google i would probably take it further than that and say it's better but pretty good nonetheless however i believe ethereum is an even better investment cardano also made big news over the weekend as they had a huge announcement gardano's project catalyst voting app was officially approved and placed into the google play store this is the decentralization and governance of ada coming to life in the spirit of community this app allows for the cardano community members to make proposals vote and fund projects cardano founder charles hoskinson or olhasky as i like to say tweeted out the announcement along with a screenshot from his phone not only is this a big deal as cardano has a working governance app but it means users can actually vote from their phones pretty crazy but even crazier that now cardono is in the google app store this is basically google putting their stamp of approval on cardano and i think this is absolutely huge for holders of ada and the future so now let's get into a little situation that occurred over the weekend all right guys lastly i just want to go over this guy mr kristoff maybe you've seen him on the youtubes uh as you see i'm not subscribed to him i was before but not now that's what i'll say mr kristoff has uh really come after some projects uh that i've been involved in including uh hyper and so me uh those are two that i'm very close with uh so me dot social is actually i'm an advisor there uh so uh more exciting advisor news coming up in the future you're definitely gonna wanna pay attention to that but i'm an advisor for so me and uh i i've worked very closely with hyper i've done some sponsor content you guys know i mean how do uh it got really wrecked by a couple of things that got wrecked by the complete collapse of defy over the last couple of months it also got really hurt because they were getting listed on on kucoin price was definitely going to skyrocket and then the kukuin hack happened and it it pushed back the launch several weeks and not only that people lost faith in kucoin so it didn't have the pop that it should have it was just a really bad situation i know for a fact that these two projects are building i know they're building i know they're doing good things uh i'm i am organizing things to post regular content on there right now i think we just posted a video on some we had not in a while that's not because we didn't believe in it because i've been going through some social media restructuring here at bible crypto in the office we now have people that are dedicated to doing this content so you'll start seeing a lot more of my content on hyper and also on sony but i know that uh so me the links that uh chris kramer has gone to to uh make this project successful is extremely long and wide uh and i think personally that calling these projects out calling them scams and stuff i just don't think it's fair to those projects i know there are some shady things going on i would not associate myself uh you know this hand-in-hand with projects i didn't have a lot of confidence on so i know that according to uh the people i haven't watched this segment because i don't watch what other people say about me but according to what other people say uh mr kristoff said that uh is not that i was in on it but that i myself am a victim and i just wanna say that's not true um and mr kristoff also said that people from uh so me uh there was someone who threatened his life and uh so if that did happen that's definitely not cool but i don't know if it did happen or it didn't happen i mean i probably believe what he said here um but yeah this this isn't i don't think there's a direction that mr kristoff really wants to go in uh because i believe that these projects are legit and he's gonna be proven to be wrong and i just don't think that that's uh gonna be very successful here for him so uh you know he called out a bunch of projects i was involved with and i think that uh really this is a swing and a miss for old mr kristoff but that's all i got today let me know what you guys think drop your comments down below be blessed [Music] you

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