BIGGEST Ethereum LIE (Best 5 ETH News Stories)

well bit squad the ether bunny may have come and gone and the prize of ethereum seeing a pullback along with the entire crypto market still ethereum has been newsworthy lately and that's what we're going to talk about today it's undeniably great tech and the price action doesn't affect the fundamentals nothing has changed with the ethereum project the tech is just as good as it was a month ago and with the london hardboard test net coming on june 24th eth is only getting better you won't want to miss this eath update let's get it welcome to bitboy crypto home of the bit squad the largest crypto community in all the interwebs my name is ben every day on this channel i show you how to make money in crypto if you like money and crypto make sure to hit that subscribe button in this video we take a look at the top news stories for ethereum lex friedman is a highly influential long-form podcaster some people say too long who gets down to the nitty-gritty with the big names in crypto finance business and science on june 16th lex was on air with charles hoskinson in a highly anticipated interview that covered more than four hours of topics that spanned everything from cardano to bitcoin versus ethereum they even had time to talk about the meaning of life hoskinson talked about ethereum and how it's poised to overtake bitcoin because ethereum is more friendly to updates than bitcoin is hodkinson stated that since bitcoin is such a brand name crypto at this point the bitcoin community isn't open to changes in the network even changes that will fix obvious problems hodgkinson said that if he were to bet on a winner between bitcoin and ethereum he would bet on eth nine times out of ten he said that if you walked away from ethereum and bitcoin for 10 years you would come back and find that ethereum would be more useful and there would be no contest between the two hoskinson went on to talk about crypto assets being in three stages of development and the first stage was bitcoin it was built to be one thing which is a currency and he calls it a one-trick pony but also that its creation was groundbreaking hoskinson says that in 2013 that was the inflection point where bitcoin gained a lot of monetary value and legitimacy people were thinking this technology is incredible they can move five million dollars from one country to another in five minutes next ethereum came along which had a programming language and could add as many applications to the network as we could imagine he compares ethereum versus bitcoin to the coming of javascript after html bitcoin was a groundbreaker the start of it all and ethereum was the innovator that made the technology more useful it says about bitcoin just because you're a high school football star it doesn't mean 30 years later you're still a football star wow husky we're feeling attacked right now but moving on back to ethereum hoskinson believes that bitcoin is the old institution that is resistant to change and that resistance to change is what made vitalik buterin move away from bitcoin in the first place and start ethereum in ethereum hoskins and sees a community that wants change upgrades and innovation and that's why hoskinson sees ethereum winning over bitcoin hands down michael saylor also has had some positive things to say about ethereum in his interview on cnbc's fast money famous for being a bitcoin bull michael saylor microstrategy rarely talks about other crypto assets besides bitcoin which she says is better than gold but on june 15th when he was telling fast money the bitcoin is outperforming gold by a factor of 50 as an inflation hedge cnbc's dan nathan google the term bitcoin maxi and he said michael saylor's face came up then he asked what about ethereum sailor replied that ethereum is trying to de-materialize a finance establishment he believes that there's a place for ethereum it's good tech is this really michael saylor the infamous bitcoin maxi endorsing ethereum on a mainstream financial news network is definitely bullish for ethereum the fact that more people are hearing about this is good news for ethereum as well and this week the good news for eth is rolling in another thing rolling into ethereum these days is money cold hard institutional cash coming into ethereum by the millions in a june 7 report by coin shares dream is capturing inflows of 33 million dollars and it stands out as the altcoin of choice by investors the runner-ups are no surprise xrp at 7 million in inflows and cardano at 4.5 million what do you hear about on this channel about ethereum during a bull run institutions are buying and they want your ease my stance on bitcoin and eve is unchanged not selling my bitcoin or ethereum the coin shares report is showing that selling cardano or xrp may not be a good move either or you may want to look at some buy points coming up in the next few days we see prices continue to fall there's been a crash in the crypto market yes in fact there has been plenty an outflow of 94 million but the massive inflows of money points to only one thing new institutional buys and lots of them speaking of institutions another news piece to hit the airwaves recently has been goldman sachs introducing bitcoin futures trading and teasing ethereum futures trading with galaxy digital as its liquidity provider goldman sachs one of the world's best known banking securities and investment management firms plans to facilitate hedge funds and institutions in trading futures contracts of bitcoin and ethereum both bitcoin and ethereum etfs or exchange trade funds have been applied for with the sec indicating that more institutions and hedge funds are seeing ethereum as a true mainstay crypto asset that their investors want to trade also in the news this week could ethereum be getting closer than bitcoin to mass adoption in his latest interview with up only tv raul powell ceo and co-founder of real vision and global macro investor said that he thinks it is policies crypto adoption as inevitable and shared what he found when he researched investing in ethereum pal found that eath was getting faster adoption than bitcoin because bitcoin is growing at about fifty percent per year and ethan's growing at about one hundred percent per year this makes raoul powell believe that ethereum is an incredibly robust network that is undervalued we couldn't agree more ethereum is certainly the sleeping giant we can't wait to see wake back up that's wrap on the news for ethereum this week comment down below do you think ethereum will outperform bitcoin this cycle what's your ethereum price prediction and who'd you like hearing more about ethereum from this week charles hoskinson michael saylor or ralph powell make sure to smash the like button and the subscribe button it really helps out the channel that's all i got be blessed boy out bitswap is the hottest new way to trade tokens crawling all the top decentralized exchanges bizwa will get 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