BIGGEST Altcoin EXPLOSION in 2021 (Bitcoin Reversing Coinbase Gains)

welcome to bible crypto the largest crypto channel in all the interwebs my name is ben and everybody on the channel i show you how to make money in cryptocurrency if you like money in crypto make sure to hit that subscribe button also guys if you want to take part in any kind of bitcoin or ethereum trading on buybit you can do that by visiting deal scroll down to the buy bits section because we've got a very interesting opportunity starting to rise and not only bitcoin but also ethereum and altcoins and so we're gonna be talking to you about why that is and what i'm looking for today uh to make a trade so uh yesterday i made my first trade in a week uh i had kind of a bad run there and uh i had my first trade i put in a couple nights ago uh maybe night before last and yesterday it turned out uh to to do very well it's my best trade i've been in a while i think i made about fifteen thousand dollars on the trade it was pretty good i had long bitcoin i used 20x leverage because i'm a degenerate don't do that but anyway so last night the price of bitcoin went up to about 60 three 62 dollars so i went ahead and took some profits and i closed the trade well good thing i did because this morning bitcoin dropped all the way down to sixty thousand four hundred dollars and you may be saying to yourself wow what a great opportunity to get back into bitcoin and to take a long position well here's the thing about that on market cipher looking at the charts right now we're not really seeing anything to indicate that the bottom is in could we see a large dump this weekend to kind of reverse the whole coinbase run up last week well certainly it's possible but you know another thing is you know when it comes to the price of coinbase as a stock if there's weekend action it may not affect the price of the stock whereas we know uh why would that be because even though coinbase is a futuristic technology cryptocurrency company it's still on the traditional stock market which means on the weekend the trading is closed could this lead to more explosive volatility on the weekends for bitcoin because if you didn't know who's got this a lot bitcoin and ethereum's prices have a direct impact on the volume on coinbase which has a direct impact on the profit that coinbase is making which should theoretically have a direct impact on the price of the stock uh now of course we don't see their quarterly earnings except once every month but since or once every quarter whatever the case may be but since we all know that this is happening it says we all know the price of bitcoin ethereum affects the price of the coinbase stock then potentially it doesn't matter we see the earnings or not like we know the trading volume equals money for coinbase so we've had like explosive volatility on the weekends for a while now it seems like all the last year are we about to see it get worse well i think today may tell the tape so i've been looking over here at uh i've been looking over here so it's a little dark over here let me see if i can uh open my blinds i can't cannot open my blinds but the thing is is i'm over here looking uh at market cipher right now the price of market cyber is coming in at sixty one thousand one hundred dollars i'll turn around so you guys can can see where the price is coming in at you guys see the charts and the thing is we're not showing anything on the hourly chart that indicates that a bottom is in we're not seeing anything on um you know the 45-minute chart the hour chart three hour chart four hour chart what i'm looking for is i am looking for a green dot on a momentum wave on the four hour chart uh that's going to be my indication to go in because you don't want to do what we call catching a falling knife we talked about this last week where you get in because the price is dropping because it looks like a good opportunity but in reality the charts aren't really showing that so as you guys can see here on the four hour chart so you guys can see that you guys can see there's nothing to indicate that the bottom is in there nothing to indicate that the bottom is it uh so here's here's what we could potentially be looking at we could be looking at some sideways action between sixty thousand and sixty three thousand dollars for i don't know uh the weekend we could see explosive volatility we could see the opposite happen but the reality of the situation is this i'm looking for a long position right now i'm hunting one i'm waiting to get back in i took some profits i'm feeling good so i'm looking for a good long position if you want to do that you can visit deals go to the buy bit section but let's talk about altcoins because guys the alkoy market is going crazy right now we've got nano up a hundred percent in the last 24 hours saya coined up 48 percent did you buy making a return to the top 70 up 46 ethereum classic of 112 this week v chain 22 cents let's see what that thing peaked out at let's see here where did that peak uh peaked out at yeah about 22 cents is the new all-time high for v chain so what we're seeing is we're seeing a lot of great opportunities in all coins people are getting excited about all coins and this today is one of these days you look and you say man this is so similar to what was happening in 2017.

You wake up you go check the charts bitcoin moves a little bit but then you've got these all coins are up 30 40 50 and it's just so many of them down the list and let's check out what the bitcoin dominance uh is doing by the way let me check that out uh bitcoin dominant is coming at 51.5 this is the lowest it's been in years guys why is that important well it shows that almost half the people invested in cryptocurrency right now are invested in other coins than bitcoin this was up to about 70 percent recently which is absolutely insane so we're looking at altcoins we're looking at uh bitcoin ethereum also holding very tough today uh despite the fact that bitcoin has dropped um we have uh ethereum holding tough at twenty four hundred dollars to see last night it got back up to twenty five hundred so it is looking like well a lot of people are telling you three thousand is imminent twenty five hundred is shaping up to be uh another pretty good resistance line and i'm looking right here at the chart looking at uh what we could potentially be seeing here for ethereum um it looks like let's see where some good support is we have good support about 2330.

So that could be a number if it goes below 2400 kind of look for that maybe for an entry point but guys that's all i got for today i just want to jump in here jump into the office i was heading by the office i said you know what let me jump in give these guys a market update let you guys know what's going on uh dogecoin you know a lot of people were attacking me yesterday after my dogecoin video because they said wait a second uh you know you said it could drop back down to 20 cents that'll never happen well let's drop back down to 27 cents it could consolidate around 25 or 20. uh we got something also very interesting about notes coin i did want to share with you guys where i go which is one of my favorite companies slim jim i love slim jims you guys try those pickle slim jims i love those i i like the nacho ones too but i'm a big slim jim guy i always eat slime chips okay snap into a slim jim you guys know macho man right well check this out slim jim has recently been tweeting about dogecoin nonstop this is how popular dogecoin is slim jim a company we all know a big company this month they've increased their 200 followers 160 strictly due to tweeting about dogecoin guys crypto is hot let's keep it that way all right guys love you guys hope you guys have a great day that's all i got be blessed looking for a long big boy out

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