BIG NEWS | HBAR Perfect Match For Elon Musk’s Tesla!

well we meet again my friends welcome to the almighty altcoin today we've got big news tesla's decision to cease bitcoin payments ignited a green energy debate that sent the price of low energy consumption protocols such as hbar higher but the big question now is could hedera target tesla as an enterprise because tesla is looking for a cleaner crypto solution we think it's going to be hbar make sure you watch this video to the end to find out more about hbar and the potential it holds to become the right cleaner crypto solution for tesla are you ready for the ride well let's do it all right now after months of touting the benefits of bitcoin and blockchain technology tesla ceo elon musk shocked crypto twitter by announcing that the electric car company would suspend its accepting btc as a form of payment citing concerns related to the energy required to mine the top cryptocurrency as tesla issued its statement bitcoin ether and a large segment of altcoins sold off sharply but there were a few projects that found clever ways to capitalize off the mayhem by tweeting about the green nature of their networks which require only a tiny fraction of the energy required to maintain the bitcoin network the decision from the electronic car making tesla of suspending bitcoin as a mode of payment has ignited the debate of considering green energy after months of spelling out the benefits of bitcoin and the associated technology the ceo of tesla has stated something unpleasant to the investors of the green tokens musk announced his new position in a major u-turn some weeks back prompting speculation among some experts about whether he had a plan to wean the crypto industry off the fossil fuels that power mining the energy intensive process that creates coins tesla could itself take an active role in helping make h-bar greener by investing in new projects aimed at boosting the use of renewable energy in mining according to more than a dozen cryptocurrency specialists if you're looking for greener crypto check out hedera hashgraph for bitcoin to grow its continued path the world would need to double its electricity output hpar would be able to scale to what bitcoin is today with its entire energy needs being the same as one city it can also transact in a few seconds not the 10 to 60 minutes required by btc okay now before we move on here at almighty all coins we want to please make sure that you like the video subscribe to the channel and don't forget to turn the notification bell on so you get notified anytime we drop a new video okay let's get back to it i see tons of comments online talking about how adoption or transaction increases aren't tied to price and just see a lot of anxiety in general caused by the why of price movements there seems to be a big misunderstanding about the value of hbar in these very speculative early days i'll explain it out in the plainest language possible hedera leads the crypto space in adoption and use cases however compared to hedera's vision and potential current adoption is at a small fraction of what it will be in the future all the prices you see now in all of crypto are simply speculation they are currently tied to manipulation and sentiment not utility in the case of widespread adoption of hedera the network will depend on nodes around the world to handle validating the staggering amount of transactions because the system is delegated proof of stake these nodes that purchase and stake most hbar will handle the most transactions and get rewarded the most hbar aka money nodes are paid to handle the computation for the network and if they aren't paid nodes have no incentive to existing meaning there is no computation no scalability and hedera fails this is the engine that makes the whole thing run and the only incentive to running a note is the staking rewards these node-staking rewards of course require the purchasing of hbar the more hbar you buy and stake the more rewards you make and the staking rewards must be high enough to drive these nodes to stake hbar the entire core of the project depends on this mechanic functioning so if you have nodes run all over the world eventually permissionless all driven to a state that means the more nodes that get added the more transactions increase the more staking the more demand for purchasing hbar then there's a runaway effect that will be caused by institutional investment they'll see hbar as a utility with real demand increasing as hedera adoption increases of course many will invest in anticipation to get in at a good price point why haven't they done this already institutions can afford to wait until it's more of a sure bet once they're confident in the adoption of hedera they'll understand that the inherent value of hbar is locked in by the fundamental architecture of the project this would cause a feedback loop where nodes and institutions are both buying nodes looking for staking rewards and investors looking for capital gains retail investors will of course follow as usual think of it as a version of a high dividend star it's valuable because it prints money furthermore since there are us dollars pegged fees there are no negative effects to a high hbar price and therefore no ceiling caused by high fees crippling the network in fact the higher the price the more secure the network it took me a while to wrap my head around this and i'd be happy to hear any thoughts corrections or clarifications seems simple but i do feel like there is so much misinformation and misunderstanding in the crypto space that there should be way more time spent explaining the basics hedera hashgraph's price gained the traders attention since the beginning of 2021 and reached 10 cents in the mid of february since its inception the platform is working to build an environmentally friendly blockchain the energy consumption is much lower than the top two assets bitcoin and ethereum and visa 2.

The founder of chopra global deepak chopra who recently partnered with hedera hashgraph suggested elon musk go for hbar moreover if elon musk wants such an environmentally friendly payment mode he can consider hbar as a payment option as the energy consumption of hbar is less than that of dogecoin too tesla would be extremely good for hedera for the coms satellite network alone google tesla and paypal all working together all on the hedera council would practically guarantee hashgraph becomes the predominant mainstream system of web 4.0 or whatever you want to call the future of the internet after a decade where value investing has been terrible i feel like hbar may be the value trade of the decade or century so i'm not keen on adding a council member whose ceo pumps meme coins like dogecoin elon is supposedly all about the environment but does zero environmental impact analysis on bitcoin before adding it as a method of payment for tesla in february then drops bitcoin in may of the same year for environmental concerns not great forward insight yes i can see why traders want elon involved to pump the project you may love or hate tesla as a company you may also believe it has amazing potential however the value fundamentals of tesla have some serious problems so i would prefer tesla to sit this one out we really like the way hedera is doing here to grow the network and its usage this is the right way to organically grow something but it is not easy and will be bumpy along the way and that's probably why not many people choose it that's how you build a company also facebook did take a page from hedera when they introduced their dm the facebook stable coin god bless us congress rejected it now which further confirmed that i have picked the right team and project now for dreamers in a very positive and practical way imagine this time next year things like the coupon system of tcb the e-commerce and micropayment system of eftpos the cross-border remittance system of major banks such as standard bank shinhan bank etc are deployed and run on top of hedera network it is cool is it not and finally don't forget cbdc hedera is going to be an integral part of all of these hedera hashgraph is a public network that has an efficient system that aims to a transparent while seeking to overcome the limitations of earlier generation blockchain platforms that are crawling with slow performance and instability yeah alright well thank you so much for watching what do you think about hbar adoption by tesla let us know in the comment section below and if you like this video please feel free to click the like button subscribe to it and don't forget click that notification bell we're here to bring you more crypto updates now if you have any questions or there are things you want me to talk about feel free to just leave a comment below and we will respond to each and every one of them alright kids we'll see you in the next video

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