Big Bitcoin news! $8 Trillion Asset Giant Fidelity Expanding Bitcoin (BTC) and Crypto Trading

hello folks you have reached the cryptocurrency portal and today we're gonna go over a little information about Bitcoin so let's get right into it it says eight trillion dollar asset giant fidelity we've all heard of fidelity they're a huge corporation in the investment space they're expanding bit coin and crypto trading so everyone knows what's going on in the world so as they continue to expand the Bitcoin more and more people are going to be interested in this space you can see here it says institutional investors at fidelity digital assets can now trade Bitcoin on the us-based exchange Eris X through a strategic partnership designed to increase cryptocurrency exposure for both big players Fidelity's stable of vetted institutional investors will have increased access to Bitcoin liquidity according to a press release from Eris X and that's code for we're getting the big boys in first so they can make a ton of money before we let the retail investors in that's kind of what that is saying says Thomas cheapest CEO of Eris X for his quote is our time-tested and proven central limit order book ensures that the best price on the market is available to everyone ads terrance Dempsey the head of product at fidelity digital assets his quote is we believe Eris X's central limit order book exchange model is critical to the maturation of crypto markets coupled with their technical aptitude accessible order sizes and a robust regulatory framework Eris X is an attractive solution to securely access digital assets and to kind of wrap up this article here it says fidelity investments which manages eight point three trillion dollars in customer assets is an investor in Aris X in addition to spot trading the new york-based digital asset exchange which also backed by the giant brokerage firm TD Ameritrade operates at crypto currency futures market and the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission granted Eris X a clearinghouse organization license last year so that's very interesting information obviously this is big news as they get more institutional investors involved with Bitcoin and at the end of this video just so you know if you want to continue watching information about Bitcoin what we think the future may hold I've done another video it says will Bitcoin dethrone the dollar as the global reserve currency I thought that would be coupled with this video pretty well cuz we're gonna go over a lot of Bitcoin information in this video but at the end of this video it's gonna go right into the oil Bitcoin dethrone the dollar as the global reserve currency video that I've done as well so let's keep going here this is just the press release that came out from Eris X you can see right here Eris X advances the strategic relationship with fidelity to expand access to digital assets this is just their press release that went out so let's continue visa boost crypto with string of collaborations and ads Bitcoin payments app fold to the fast-track program the crypto cashback app fold is launching a new visa card that allows users to earn Bitcoin rewards instead of conventional points or cash imagine that instead of accumulating your typical points or your cash back you can get Bitcoin and once you get a little bit of Bitcoin people are gonna start saying what do I do with this and so more and more people are gonna get involved in the space so it says the announcement highlights visas increasing integration with leading companies in the cryptocurrency space that are using traditional credit and debit cards as a bridge to reach new customers interested in acquiring storing or spending Bitcoin and other digital assets fold has joined visas thin tech fast track program which will allow the San francisco-based crypto startup to offer a co branded Visa card the new fold card will enable consumers to earn Bitcoin back on every purchase made with the card will Reeves fold CEO says the card is a game changer as consumers will have the chance to accrue and hold Bitcoin the leading cryptocurrency obviously by market cap and this quote is people are not interested in spending Bitcoin right now that's true I mean you need to find more and more use cases on and off ramps I know a lot of people are trying and I've seen a lot of very promising projects out there but if people accumulate it Bitcoin in these rewards programs slowly more adoption will come and they'll be clamoring and there'll be a market for people wanting to spend it so this is a great way to kind of grease the wheels to get this whole motor going this crypto space they're interested in cumin if people don't understand Bitcoin as money yet they certainly will understand it as a better reward Reeves argues that fold customers will have a distinct advantage by racking up Bitcoin instead of airline miles loyalty points and other rewards programs true true the quote here is since Bitcoin has no expiration date the rewards can be used to offset the cost of a consumers next purchase save or withdrawn giving consumers freedom and flexibility consumers can also spend from their Bitcoin rewards by purchasing fiat denominated gift cards for retailers on the fold app to use on their next purchase or allow the value to accumulate like they would in a savings account major companies and retail brands in the full network include Amazon air B&B Delta Airlines uber Nike Starbucks Nintendo eShop LL Bean Domino's and Burger King so they have some heavyweights in there folks and major companies that are involved that's great to see because a lot of people shop all those places and if they're getting cash back rewards in the form of Bitcoin that people will be very interested payments giant visa continues its string of collaborations in the crypto space with notable projects in February leading crypto exchange coinbase launched its visa powered coinbase card allowing users to spend top crypto currencies such as Bitcoin ether and litecoin finance revealed as Visa debit card last month so just more and more use cases happening in this space folks so let me know in the comments section below what you think of this collaboration that that visa has done with the fold app so let's continue to keep talking about Bitcoin here here's why bitcoin is rocketing towards $100,000 according to crypto analyst Nicolas Merton and we don't like to price predict on this channel but we do challenge and review and go over people's price predictions whether they're high or low so we can kind of analyze it and kind of find out long-term what's going on and and sometimes there's nuggets of information in size people's price predictions even if you don't necessarily understand or follow or even agree with their price predictions there's nuggets of data in there why they are making that prediction so we like to focus on the data portion of it more than I would say their price prediction because the price prediction that's Clickbank you know your click baby and you know people want to click on a firm or get clicks for their channels but we just like to go to the data that's why I will put in headlines hundred thousand dollar Bitcoin but it says here crypto analyst Nicolas Merton says he believes bitcoin is firmly on a long term trajectory that will bring the leading cryptocurrency to 100 thousand dollars that's I like to see is like long-term trajectory not necessarily all its gonna go overnight it's it's moon time in a new episode of data โ€“ Merton takes a bird's eye look at bitcoins boom and bust over the cycles over the years by looking at the long term algorithmic chart of the brave new coin liquid index BLX which provides a reliable USD price of Bitcoin based on real time trading data Merton sees a likely timeline for the next run bull run so let's go through it let's see what he has to say if we take a look at the previous three clear cycles that we've had in crypto currency markets we can generally take into note that we've seen an expansion of about a year added to each and every cycle the first cycle was around 11 to 12 months in this case for Bitcoin afterwards from the bottom to the high just like we did with the previous cycle 24 months with the third cycle we have a thirty five month period from the bottom to the top roughly give or take almost three years there's no guarantee that history is going to repeat itself exactly there might be some big discrepancies this time around the macro-environment the halving might play out differently but we if we take a look here at the algorithmic growth and take into mind the significant lows and significant recent resistance we actually gonna line up quite nicely here to talk to a top of 100,000 give or take it might not be exactly even sometime in 2022 I mean it's easy to make price predictions in the future that are a couple years off but you know we're just going through the data and see what they have to say the dated โ€“ founder offers two key fundamental catalysts that can drive bitcoins rise to $100,000 okay let's hear it out and let's let's see what you guys think โ€“ what his thoughts are and again put in the comments section below what you think of his thoughts he says we haven't even seen the economic ramifications of the having event and the continued macro environment going into a higher state of fear these are things that can drive Bitcoin to that valuation okay I believe pretty consciously is in this case that $100,000 is quite reasonable Bitcoin over a trillion dollar market cap it's gonna be relatively reasonable in an environment where there's money fleeing from global bonds from global currencies from equities or property markets as we go as we enter into a longer drawn-out bear market through a potential depression ah that's a very very conservative ask in my opinion for a new emerging digital gold from Millennials and Gen Z a key point here is to focus on these longer-term timeframes and to be patient this is going to be a long journey but it's going to be a fun one I don't know about fun what's going on in the world right now but I understand what he's saying about why he's using the word fun but yeah the world is not fun right now although the future of the global economy is far from certain here here and I just underscore that it's far from certain crazy out there Merton says he believes that in the long run Bitcoin will benefit from the increasing intervention in the economy from the US Federal Reserve as investors look outside for equities for assets with a fixed monetary supply and the final quote here of this article is unlike the Fed which says we're going to do X and then we do Y Bitcoin has been chugging along if you need to process a transaction you can do it if you want to know that your money is going to be fixed in a system or your purchasing power is fixed into a system that isn't going to change the rules every five minutes Bitcoin does that bitcoin is the clear winner here interesting okay well we just wanted to take it his thoughts of why he thought long term that bitcoin could become a hundred thousand dollars of coin so let me know in the comments section below if you follow what he says if you believe in it if you don't believe in it let me know in the comment section below and again just because we're talking about Bitcoin on this video at the end of this video and have another video that plays after it it's called will Bitcoin dethrone the dollar as the global reserve currency so all this kind of ties together folks alright so the next article I want to go over the Bitcoin having searches break out with the biggest event in crypto just thirty days away I remember the Bitcoin having event is happening in May and I've actually done a video about the halving event I'll put that in the comment section below so you can check it out so let's go through this together the Bitcoin havening countdown has reached the one-month mark with estimates targeting 29 to 31 days left to go the halving event will reduce the amount of new Bitcoin entering the circulating supply by dropping the mining rewards by 50% the event has triggered increasing interest as central bank's resort to money printing to counter the economic blow of the coronavirus Bitcoin having countdown bitcoins having price chart and Bitcoin having clock are all currently trending on Google as breakout searches in the United's in predictions Bitcoin having price prediction and Bitcoin having 2020 are also break out searches worldwide so a lot of people are searching you know they're so uncertain with the economic uncertainty going on that they're looking for alternate places to put their money such as Bitcoin and they're hearing about this happening and having that's happening then these are the searches that are happening in Google Trends so around the globe sylvania santolina Switzerland Singapore in the Netherlands lead the world in Bitcoin having searches according to Google Trends with South Africa and Venezuela rounding out the top 10 Bitcoin has a fixed supply of 20 1 million units and that number can't be adjusted by any central authority unlike what's going on with the central banks around the world with their just printing money โ€“ the monetary policy levers that central banks can change at will to maintain objectives and control the financial system the Bitcoin network which relies on mathematics and cryptography to secure transactions stands in stark contrast to the status quo supporters say Bitcoin will prove itself itself as a viable alternative to world currencies central bankers and politicians by creating a sound form of money against a backdrop of quantitative easing which code for just printing money the high volatile and decentralized asset remains resistance to supply surged with an uptick in interest the Bitcoin having is expected to add supply pressure when it begins next month around mate 11 how the halving will affect price is largely disputed with some analysts saying that the halving will have little to no impact since the event has already been priced in that's true I was agreeing with it's probably already priced in a month or so ago but the uncertainty the Goron the world well not having happens around May 11th who knows what's gonna happen James Todaro head of research at trade bloc anticipates a price increase and his quote is following the bitcoin having miners estimate a break-even cost will rise from 7,000 today to 12,000 to 15,000 for per per BTC after I would not be surprised if we see Bitcoin prices rise above these levels so that miners remain profitable interesting that's a very straightforward way to kind of look at it interesting so we'll follow that let me know in the comments section below is well what you think is gonna happen after the halving event in May alright so crypto ennals Plan B who popularized the stock to flow model to predict the price of Bitcoin breaks down why he believes the BTC is on a trajectory to the upside when he says to maintain 7,000 dollars since October of 2017 Bitcoin must have had about 400 million dollars of new cash inflow every for the last 2.5 years okay that's 30 D days times 24 hours times six blocks times 12.5 BTC times 7,000 assuming all trading zero-sum game okay after the halving we only need 200 million dollars per month to keep the seven thousand dollar level if 400 million stays then rock it okay interesting way to look at it in the long term the founder of social capital and former Facebook executive chairman says bitcoin will either moon or die giving the king coin a five to ten percent chance of soaring to millions of dollars and I'm gonna get right into him next actually so we'll get into him next it says billionaire investor says Bitcoin will be worth millions or 0 and here are the two paths ahead so Chamath here says he needs chairman of the spaceflight company Virgin Galactic and founder of venture capital firm social capital thinks bitcoin could one day be worth millions of dollars if the global economy sputters in an interview with Morgan Creek Digital co-founder Anthony pump Lian oh the former Facebook executive and current owner he's a minority owner by the way cuz I live near the Golden State Warriors and there's some other owners they're involved too he's not the current owner there's a home ownership group anyway notes that the BTC is currently far too volatile to replace fiat currency and he says right now I think what you're seeing is that it's a still speculative instrument and it's too speculative for it to be reliable if you're going to make the case that it should replace fiat currency well one thing you have to look at is the volatility of the US dollar and you can't replace it with something that's 9 sigma more volatile it doesn't work however he says and he first bought BTC in 2013 and at one time owned almost 5% of the active circulation my goodness I wonder what his how much he owns now I don't want him to tell me I'm just curious because if he owns any percentage of that product isn't 5% now and he's already a billionaire you a trillionaire geez if it mooned he thinks that if the traditional economic infrastructure implodes beat see could emerge as a quasi gold standard I mean if the United States dollar plummets in value and the global economy follows the path of debasement he argues that BTC would solidify its new status if that doesn't happen he sees BTC going to zero ah he calls Bitcoin a binary investment and says the current economic climate gives the leading cryptocurrency a five to ten percent chance of reaching the million dollar level and this quote here is I've always thought of Bitcoin is very binary investment whether it goes from 80 to 80 thousand to six thousand to three thousand thirteen thousand doesn't matter this is either zero or two millions because what we will do is create a quasi gold standard it'll create an index except instead of having to own gold or gold is owned by central banks it is an instrument that has value that is determined by and between its participants and is owned by everybody but now if the probabilities one was 1% that will be valuable unfortunately now the probability is probably 5 or 10% so that's from this billionaire who made his money it looks like on Facebook so those continue long we're still talking about Bitcoin here folks but not just Bitcoin coinbase reveals most popular crypto assets in the week in the wake of the recent crash coinbase is revealing a look behind the curtain at which assets were the most popular among crypto buyers after the market crash on March 12th according to an internal data released by the exchange more than half of total deposits and trades on the platform on March 12 and 13 were for the king of crypto Bitcoin in aetherium and XRP came in second and third respectively in the exchange says relative newcomers T's O's and chain-link were also favoured as were litecoin in Bitcoin cash so Bitcoin continues to rain so again I just remind you at the end of this video I will be having the next video be will Bitcoin dethrone the dollar as the global reserve currency so or just kind of building up to it because of all these articles about Bitcoin and what people are thinking about Bitcoin and what people are putting money into it what these institutional investors are getting ready to do next here galaxy digital CEO says he's buying bitcoin as the global money printing Porgy ramps up Mike Novogratz the chief executive officer of crypto merchant bank galaxy digital says he's buying Bitcoin while governments around the globe indulge in a money-printing spree to combat the financial crisis it's true all these central banks around the world are just printing money to try to head off the potential depression in an interview on CNBC's Squawk Box the billionaire investor reveals why he remains bullish on the king coin despite the economic downturn and his quote is I have a big Bitcoin position I continue to add to it because I think it's an amazing environment for both being long on gold and long on Bitcoin Novogratz says he continues to buy stocks he admits he recently bought Starbucks but he is more opera optimistic about his investments and non stock assets he's also cautious of the effects of what he calls a money-printing orgy happening worldwide as government's today to take measures to curb the economic impact of the corona virus epidemic his quote here is Nancy Pelosi came out today talked about another trillion dollars of stimulus money is growing on trees right now but I learned when I was a little kid that money doesn't really grow on trees we have a global money printing orgy going on it maybe it's necessary but at one point that comes home to roost so I think hard assets are gonna be going to be a big buy gold in Bitcoin are my two favorites he says so you know another reason to be investing in Bitcoin will Bitcoin dethrone the dollar as the global reserve currency so it'll continue to be a question again within this video I my next video is about that all right so ten billion dollar wealth advisor says bit coin and crypto assets are poised to surge as the new economic era emerges nigel green chief executive and founder of the international financial consultancy giant de vere group says bitcoins upcoming having in global macro factors are set catalyzed a new crypto bull run and again in comment section below I'm gonna put a link to my other video I did about the Bitcoin having Green says Bitcoin calvings which effectively cut the new supply of BTC entering the market in half have created tremendous and buying pressure in the past and he sees no reason to think that 2020 having will be any different but this time Green tells the financial mirror that he believes Bitcoin will also be bolstered by an economic environment that's favorable for crypto currencies and his quotes are we're moving towards an era of zero interest rates this reduces the incentive to keep fiat currency in addition rate cuts typically lead to higher inflation which reduces the purchasing power of traditional currencies therefore Bitcoin and other decentralized cryptocurrency x' become more attractive and the price will adjust upwards accordingly in a new blog post Green argues that the pandemic may suffocate mean many sectors of the economy but it will also create new opportunities for investors and his quote is savvy investors are now actively seeking out these new world sectors and businesses so as to accumulate and safeguard their wealth according to Green Silicon Valley giants such as Apple Facebook Amazon alphabet may still offer possible positive opportunities for investments as well as supermarkets healthcare and pharmaceutical companies delivery brands and electronic manufacturers Devere group currently has 18,000 clients around the world with more than 10 billion assets under advice and administration so their big big player next deutsche bank for tweets provocative bitcoin image tied to fiat currencies so researchers at deutsche bank are predicting that in addition to the far-reaching consequences that the corona virus pandemic will have on global economy it may transform how central bank's interact with money forcing a pivot to digital cash on April 3rd Germany's largest bank tweeted and image of a Bitcoin symbol at the center of a digital network linking several fiat currencies including the euro the yen the British Pound and the US dollar according to the researchers the quote is the kovat 19 pandemic is accelerating the rise of central bank digital currencies as many government's see the handling of cash as a potential risk factor this will likely add two calls to move towards digital cash according to Deutsche Bank research a once-in-a-century pathogen demands once-in-a-century solutions an obvious place to start is to accelerate the inevitable shift towards digital cash now I've done actually a couple videos about about the digital dollar project I'll put that in the comment section below as well she could check those out because it's an interesting look at what's happening in the United States the banks researchers referenced an article entitled The Cove in nineteen cash out co-authored by Marion labore and macros strategist at Deutsche Bank a fellow at Harvard's Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs and Sasson Silva a doctoral candidate fellow at Harvard the authors of the cash out reports state that the pandemics silver lining could be a move towards ditching physical cash in adopting digital currencies and that's true look what's happy in the knighted States now the government and they passed that bill to give stimulus checks to to the people in United States and they just no ones some perceived any money yet because they don't have a process in place a quick way to get the money out the court here is in fact kovat 19 might turn out to be the catalyst that finally brings digital payments fully into the mainstream not surprisingly the digital payments industry is already focusing on the opportunities created by the crisis the crisis is projected to steer Britain's economy towards its greatest recession in a century any research note issued on Monday Deutsche Bank says the economic jolt from mock downs could spark a 13 percent drop for the United before the UK economy in the second quarter the researchers note for now we expect growth of kovat 19 cases to pee mid-april should this prove optimistic the hit to the economy will likely be more acute than anticipated as central bankers tried to navigate the fallout and way new ways of moving money around the globe some industry leaders warned that he moved towards digital currencies is troublesome melt Mandi Mears the chief strategy officer at coin chair says cryptocurrency enthusiasts should think twice before praising a digital dollar that could give the US government a direct pipeline to private financial data donggu CEO raka GaN then tech group says france's move towards a central bank digital currency comes with a major caveat it's no surprise that France has also thrown its hat in the ring to be the first to create a CB DC or central bank digital currency since China's announcement global powers seem to be starting to recognize the inherent advantages of crypto a country which can correctly implement a CB DC will benefit from a currency which is totally borderless efficient and immutable one thing banks need to be careful of is centralizing these currencies out of existence the founding principle of crypto was decentralization so banks need to ensure they don't lose sight of the benefits associated with with decentralization otherwise they risk pouring valuable time resources into simply creating another fiat currency so true and I've done some videos about CBD C's as well so I'll put those in the comments section below so that's wrapping up the video folks so thank you for tuning in the next video that's gonna be coming is will Bitcoin dethrone the dollar as the global reserve currency so just click on that video if you want to watch that one because it's pretty thought-provoking so thanks again for tuning in to cryptocurrency portal I value all your comments so put your comments in the comment section below it really gets a discussion going and if you like this video please fast that thumbs up button it really helps out the channel helps me out helps out with those Google algorithms and if you're already subscribed to the channel thank you very much I appreciate you if you're not a subscriber yet hopefully I've earned your trust and have given you value and I would be honored with your subscription to the channel so thanks again for tuning in to the cryptocurrency portal and your next video is will Bitcoin dethrone the dollar as the global reserve currency so thank you and talk to you soon [Music] you

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