BIG “Airdrop” Right Now!!! That Could Rival Uniswap!??

Be Fearful when others are greedy, and greedy when 
others are fearful…or something like that. Yeah,   we smelt FEAR in the markets as BITCOIN 
collapsed taking everything down with it.   The Rising sun of cryptocurrency fell & with a 
snap of the fingers & darkness took over. I just   want to remind you, dawn always returns & so does 
the light…because it’s time for Chico Crypto! Most will be turning bearish right about 
now especially if we have continued to dip,   I shoot these vids 24 hours in advance, I 
don’t know….but that doesn’t matter to me.   Up or down. I’m a fundamentalist who looks 
for opportunities even in falling markets.   Although I won’t short, because I like 
crypto & I wan’t it to succeed & don’t   like making money on something 
that is made to hurt asset prices.

So, I’m sure some of you are asking the question 
right about now: “How in the heck do you make   money in falling markets if you are not 
shorting with leverage or using options? Well you find hyped projects who are giving 
away their cryptocurrency for free through   an airdrop! And before we find out what it is,   we need to understand why I think 
this one could be successful… So, Ethereum needs to be scaled. It needs some 
layers to alleviate pressure to it’s main chain.   That is why you have seen those 
who are pushing that narrative,   even if they are really there to “HELP” 
pushing up…BSC, it moved up significantly,   using the wayback machine at the beginning of 
december it was sitting at spot #10 on coingecko,   and just over 4 billion in cap…Binance since 
december has only gained over 36 billion dollars   in market cap.

Up the #3 spot… and many of 
its dapps pushed up as well, following a   similar pattern, especially if it was a swapper. 
including it’s most popular swapper, pancake swap. Pancake swap at the beginning of december was 
sitting at spot #251 on coingecko, at just   over a 28 million dollar marketcap. Today, its 
rank #52 and a 1.683 billion dollar market cap…. Much WOW! Such gains for binance ecosystem 
holders…but Chico doesn’t want no part of that,   as with BS-C it’s as centralized as it gets with 
one entity controlling all nodes.

But that shows   a pattern, a narrative that could outflow into 
other projects who hold more decentralization. Xdai broke out as Binance broke last week… 
but there are still weird things going on with   xdai. They are becoming very friendly with BSC, 
officially completing a bridge to their chain   last week too & in xdai documentation they 
now fully promote the bridge with an example   of tokens that can be bridged….Tether 
USDT. What in the freak is going on?   Why Tether when you are xdai…where is the 
dai? We know binance loves Tether…not xdai… I’m still hodling my xdai, but it’s getting close 
to losing my grip. And this begins to lead us into   that airdrop. So I’m eyeing other layers that 
are not about to just bend the knee right away.   There bridge is focused on helping Ethereum 
1st, not bridging right away to BSC.

And Avalanche AVA is one of those 
projects, I have been eyeing.   And just like BSC since December it has 
been moving & a grooving. December 1st   AVAX was ranked #116 coin coingecko…today 
it has moved up significantly to rank #37… And now is the opportunity to obtain their 
BIG swapper. The Pangolin exchange…and   of course it comes from an airdrop. As we can 
see from their token distribution breakdown,   100 percent of the tokens 
are going to the community,   95 percent through liquidity mining and 
the initial 5 percent through an airdrop.

Scrolling down to the airdrop information. They 
said “The airdrop allocation will be distributed   on the basis of ownership of UNI and SUSHI. 
In order to claim the PNG in the airdrop,   UNI and SUSHI holders that had tokens on December 
7th, 2020 will need to call withdraw on a   distribution contract. This transaction must 
be from the same address that holds UNI/SUSHI   on Ethereum and must be sent within one month of 
Pangolin’s launch” with the steps to claim below. 1 month to claim & many of us received the 
uni airdrop, and held…which means that   wallet is eligible for this airdrop. Many of 
us used sushi by December 7th….those wallets   are eligible too. So since that is True, 
I’m gonna go through and show how to claim   this drop. And since Ethereum gas Fees 
are high…you may want to wait until   the gas fees are reasonable, especially if 
your claim of PNG isn’t that many tokens.

The example I'm showing today. Is for a wallet 
with 418 UNI tokens held in that wallet…So 1st   you need to add the avalanche network to metamask, 
easy to do, just click the networks as the top,   scroll down to custom RPC and enter the 
avalanche data in each respective box in   metamask…click save & you should be 
switched to the avalanche network…and   make sure you are connected to the 
wallet that held the UNI or Sushi… Now, go to the actual pangolin exchange, and of 
course links for everything and instructions are   below. If your on the avalanche network, and 
connected to the wallet with the UNI, when you   click on Airdrop, it should read how many you are 
able to claim. For this wallet, which had 418 UNI,   it gets 79 PNG tokens…but as you can see, 
to be able to claim them you need an actual   sushi or UNI token on the avalanche network. 
The UNI we have are still over on Ethereum.   So to claim we need to get at least 1 
in the wallet, on the avalanche network.

And to do this,you need to use the bridge….the 
avalanche ethereum bridge. But holy smackeral   the FEEs…like I said, some may want to wait. 
You need to switch back to the Ethereum network,   if you want to go from Ethereum to Avalanche, and 
then at the bridge connect to Metamask…switching   to 1 UNI to transfer to ourselves, the bridge fee 
is over .13 of an ETH or $226 dollars. YIKES…. So, what to do? Well, I decided to 
take a position in Pangolin…right   now, not just an airdrop, but a solid altcoin 
position…the larger the trade, the less of an   impact on the high gas fees right now. I see 
the narrative of BSC and it’s pancake swap,   thus I think for a better, more decentralized 
version of pancake, Pangolin might start moving. Especially when you check out the 
stats…liquidity and volume have   been surging since its launch, over 
200 million in liquidity and over 35   million in swapping volume…Pangolin is 
gaining steam and gaining steam quick.

So Crossing the bridge & getting into Pangolin,   what would be the easiest way of doing that. 
Well using the token explorer for the exchange,   we can see the top liquidity and volume pool is 
the PNG, wrapped AVAX pool. Thus the route I’m   taking is wrapping Ether, my liquidity, sending it 
across the bridge, swapping the wrapped Ether from   AVAX, and then making the 
Pangolin trade through that pool. But you do need that little 
bit of AVAX 1st for fees,   maybe a friend can help you out that hodls 
some, if not the only way to get it right now   it with centralized exchanges.

No matter 
what, you need a small amount of the tokens   for fees…they should have a faucet, 
just a recommendation Avalanche. Since fees are so low on Pangolin, 
it’s cheap to swap around,   from wrapped Ether to AVAX to Pangolin, or 
just straight through from the wrapped Ether   to Pangolin. It’s nothing like Ethereum, 
once you get over….but, if this is the   wallet that can claim the airdrop, all you 
need to do now, is take some wrapped ether,   avax, or pangolin and swap it for that 
one UNI or Sushi on the avalanche chain….

Or if you don’t have the liquidity, but can claim, 
wait for better gas prices…that’s all you can do   as it’s expensive to cross the 
bridge, no matter who you use…. So we here at Chico, we spot the narratives, 
we understand that even in downturns there   are opportunities in crypto. Airdrops, exchanges, 
swapping…it’s ramping up, but we here at Chico   try to make doing a backflip as easy as 
possible. Cheers I’ll see you next time!.

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