BEWARE!!! Binance & Tether Will Pop The Bitcoin Bubble!

Sooo, this channel is an outlier in the crypto 
YouTube space. The research is on another level,   I don’t try to do technical analysis and our 
Tyler Analysis beats the youtbers technicals a   majority of the time, and finally we uncover 
and investigate the nasty in the space.   So are you ready to hear, something that 
some might not want to listen to? Open   those ears and really pay attention. 
Because it’s time…for Chico Crypto! Sooo, if you have taken the time 
to really listen to this channel,   you would have heard a term I’ve 
coined and said, on many occasions.   That this cycle is the last HOORAH. 
Can I get a Hoorah (put hand to ear)? So what is the last hoorah!? Well bitcoin runs 
in 4 year cycles based on something called the   halving where the number of Bitcoin emitted 
to miners is cut in half.

Within these cycles,   we have a bull and bear markets, each takes 
about 2 years. And every one of these cycles   since Bitcoin’s creation in 2009 has a hoorah 
at the end of the bull market, the parabolic   run which happens near the middle of the cycle. 
Beginning of 2011 had it’s hoorah up to $29,   end of 2013 had it’s hoorah up to $1135, and of 
2017 had it’s hoorah up near 20 thousand dollars. Thus the hoorah is a cycle's peak…and 
pulling out this hoorah’s percent gains,   compared with the last cycle, at the end of 2017. 
You can see…We haven’t even got started….YET!!   There is still a lot of hoorah to go around. 
Can I get another Hoorah (put hand to the ear) We haven’t even started the parabola, which 
people are predicting to be around $100k   or even as high as $325k for this hoorah! Now going back to the chart of the , we can 
see that after the parabola peaks there is   a very significant crash.

AKA the bubble 
bursts! First cycle from $29 to $2 dollars,   a crash of over 93 percent! 2nd cycle peak $1135 
down to $176 bucks a dump of over 84 percent.   And finally the third one, from $19,461 to 
$3185 dollars. A smackdown of over 83 percent! This cycle will be no different, there will 
be another massive crash, 70 percent or above?   No Problem! If you didn’t know, we just had 
a mid-year crash, where the price went from   $63500 down to a low of about $30,000. 
A devastating fall of over 52 percent.   Soo, an over 70 percent crash for this cycle's 
bubble burst is extremely likely in my opinion. So will it be like the last two cycle’s falls 
of 83 and 84 percent? Those 2 are extremely   close to each other, so something like 80 to 
82 percent? You would think that with just a   first look…but actually I think this one will be 
different. That is why I call it the last hoorah! There are 2 entities, critical and crucial 
to the crypto markets who both could go   down in, resulting in the biggest crash 
since 2011.

Shoot, depending on what happens,   if they go down in succession, it could result 
in a crash that equals 2011, of over 93 percent! Who are the critical entities I’m talking about?   Well, the heart and the blood of the 
crypto markets. Binance and Tether… Sooo, I don’t mean Binance is the heart in a good 
way, I’m comparing it to how that organ functions.   Binance PUMPs many tokens in the crypto markets,   including what drives all tokens Bitcoin and the 
blood of it (Tether) is used to do just that! Checking out Coingecko, Binance yesterday was 
doing over 22.6 billion dollars in 24 hour volume.   The next 11 exchanges ranked 
don’t even come close to that   and actually all of those other top 11 combined 
only equally about 16.58 billion! Binance still   does over 6 billion dollars…even when you add 
up the other top 11 centralized exchanges.

Now what crypto do you think is basically apart 
of every top trading pair on the website? Bitcoin?   No! Binance’s own stablecoin BUSD? No! As we can 
see from those top pairs, the blood of the crypto   markets….Tether! And actual breakdown of Binance’s 
total volume shows its 86.2 percent Tether. Every   other currency on the Binance exchange, 
all other 333 coins including Bitcoin,   Ethereum, BUSD, and more only make up 
13.8 percent of the volume. That means   of Binance’s 24 hour volume which was over 22.6 
billion, 18.66 billion of that involved Tether.

So the Tether volume on Binance alone, is more 
than the top 11 other centralized exchanges,   who only do 16.58 billion, aka more volume than US 
dollars, Bitcoin, Ethereum, other fiat currencies,   combined across 11 of the top exchanges. 
Tether is the blood of Binance, but it’s   also the blood of the crypto markets. Going 
to Coingecko and the top 100 cryptocurrencies,   if we sort by 24 hour volume, we can see 
Tether jumps to the top. Over 62 billion   dollars traded with tether in just a day, 
and it’s next closest competitor Bitcoin,   only has over 34 billion. Only 91 percent 
more volume that Bitcoin…nothing to see there. So if Tether is the blood of crypto, and Binance 
is the heart…then Chico Crypto is the eyes! So let’s begin with Binance!! I’ve been on their 
snake of a trail for a long time…uncovering their   early pump and dumps, americans able to trade 
on their exchange, no KYC, crypto manipulation,   bullcrap charity, and love for power in these 
markets. And a lot of this continues to this day… Which has put them in HOT water 
with the good ole US of A.

HOORAH!! In May of this year, it was announced that Binance 
was being probed by US Federal agencies. As we can   see down in the bloomberg article it says “Binance 
Holdings Ltd. is under investigation by the   Justice Department and Internal Revenue Service, 
ensnaring the world’s biggest cryptocurrency   exchange in U.S. efforts to root out illicit 
activity that’s thrived in the red-hot but mostly   unregulated market.As part of the inquiry, 
officials who probe money laundering and tax   offenses have sought information from individuals 
with insight into Binance’s business, according   to people with knowledge of the matter who asked 
not to be named because the probe is confidential” When this news came out, I knew that this 
wasn’t going to end up good for them. BitMEX,   the former heart of the crypto markets, who 
dominated during the last cycle had the same thing   happen to them…just a probe, but just over a year 
later their founders were charged with illegally   operating a derivatives exchange & 
anti money laundering violations.

So what do you think happened since May? Binance 
was able to squirm their way out of this one?   Haven’t heard much about it huh? Well last month, 
this news didn’t get airtime. It was announced   September 17th that the probe had expanded. The 
Bloomberg article states “ U.S. investigations   into Binance Holdings Ltd. have expanded, with 
authorities now examining possible insider trading   and market manipulation.The review involves 
Commodity Futures Trading Commission   investigators, who in recent weeks have 
been reaching out to potential witnesses. The Commodity Futures Trading 
Commission….The CFTC…why   is this agency important? Well if you go 
back to who charged BitMEX, it was the CFTC!! So, things are not looking good for Binance, 
and I’m predicting they will be charged,   things are happening just like they happened 
to BitMEX.

This will be the catalyst for this   cycle’s Bubble to POP! But what will 
be the reason for it to dip 93 percent? That comes down to Tether USDT! The blood of the 
crypto markets will bleed the crypto markets.   I’ve also been on Tether’s trail for a long time, 
covering who is really behind the exchange, the   web of secrecy with their banking relations, the 
downfall of those relations, their battle with the   New York AG, the mystery of the 1:1 usd backing of 
each USDT, their involvement with China and more… Now, I could go down that entire 
rabbit hole one more time,   but it would take me multiple videos, so 
if you want to learn about the history,   I’ve included a group of the most 
important Tether video’s below.

But just 4 days ago, the news started to swirl 
once again. Bloomberg dropped an article titled   “Anyone Seen Tether’s Billions?”…which 
is a details piece of Tether’s history,   it’s banking relations, and aks 
the question…where is the money!?   That is included below too, 
if you want to check it out! But here is the piece from the article we need 
to look at. The author states “After I returned   to the U.S., I obtained a document showing a 
detailed account of Tether Holdings’ reserves.   It said they include billions of dollars 
of short-term loans to large Chinese   companies—something money-market funds 
avoid. And that was before one of the   country’s largest property developers, 
China Evergrande Group, started to collapse.   I also learned that Tether had made loans worth 
billions of dollars to other crypto companies,   with Bitcoin as collateral. Tether has denied 
holding any Evergrande debt, but Hoegner,   Tether’s lawyer, declined to say whether 
Tether had other Chinese commercial paper.” So what does this mean!? An Evergrande default 
could lead to China real estate default,   and economic bubble POP like never before. 
Think China’s real estate crisis, and economic   crisis like the US had in 2008.

This means the 
commercial paper, even if it’s not Evergrande,   is unlikely to be repaid by the Chinese 
Companies Tether is involved with.   This leads to Tether default…aka the bottom 
of the bubble POP…Bitcoin down 93 percent. And you know what is SUS, suspicious as 
can be…following the bloomberg report,   Tether’s mysterious CEO, Jean-Louis van der Velde 
deleted his Twitter, erasing his social presence.   And here is his last tweet, 
screenshotted before it went   offline. He said “another financial enslaved 
dying magazine trying to come up with some   Tether FUD in order to bring in some bucks and 
delay it’s extinction for a few more days, stay   tuned. Well stay tuned to what from you? You’ve 
disappeared. Cheers I’ll see you next time!.

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