Best Tools for DeFi? Our Top Picks.

Hey Cadets, welcome back! The recent deployment 
of Uniswap V3 has been exciting… and since   they’ve fixed some, BUT NOT ALL of the gas 
fee issues, Ethereum has been on a rampage!   Vitalik just became the world’s youngest 
crypto billionaire, and the DeFi market   is growing faster than the mold in the roommate’s 
shower… Getting into DeFi can feel intimidating,   especially with all the different coins and 
applications, but worry not! Today we’re here   to go over some of our favorite tools that 
can make your DeFi journey a little easier. First of all, if you’re not using the Metamask 
wallet, you’re probably not doing DeFi right.   Metamask is THE gold standard for DeFi and 
serves as the gateway to all blockchain apps.   After all… The whole point of DeFi is to have 
decentralization, and Metamask allows you to   trade on exchanges, farms, and liquidity pools 
directly from your wallet! No more middlemen. With that being said, 1 inch is coming for that 
number 1 spot! The original DEX aggregator is   competing amongst the top exchanges already, and 
now, they’ve launched their new wallet on iOS.   I recently downloaded it, aaaand I’m not gonna 

It’s pretty sweet. They have their built   in DEX aggregator that works directly in the 
wallet app. It’s like Metamask plus Uniswap   all in one app. Watch out TrustWallet! With 
Binance Smart Chain support… this might just   be my new go-to mobile DEX. The user interface 
looks super sweet and is very user friendly. But what would DeFi be without some good charts?? 
That’s where DEXtools comes in. For all you   traders out there, they provide real-time 
data to create unique trading strategies,   and to help anticipate market movements! 
If you’re deep into DeFi like me,   you already know that finding a chart for newly 
listed projects has been a struggle.

DEXtools   provides support for both Ethereum and BSC 
projects along with pool and pair explorers. The last DeFi tool on our radar is 
Etherscan. For all you beginners,   Etherscan (and BSC scan) is the best blockchain 
explorer to trace all your transactions   and even snoop on your friend’s wallets. This 
means that if your transaction is taking FOREVER,   just hop on over to Etherscan 
to see what’s going on.

Shoutout to our friends over 
at Genesis Block! They’re the   premiere bitcoin and crypto trading desk 
in Hong Kong. If you’re ever in the area,   feel free to drop by one of their 3 locations 
to buy, sell, or trade bitcoin. If you’re new   to crypto or just looking to learn, they also 
have advisors that can help answer questions,   and they even have a regular bar to grab 
some drinks to meet some like-minded people. Alright Cadets! That’s all for now. 
Are there any other DeFi tools from   your arsenal you’d recommend? Let us know 
in the comments.

Until next time, HODL,   Secure your crypto, and may Satoshi 
and Vitalik be with you always!.

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