Best Polkadot Altcoins 2021 – Acala Network Token ACA – KARURA KAR – Top 10x Altcoin With Low Cap!

two beautiful dots on the d5 hub of 
polka dot and its test network kusama   let the chaos begin but just remember my gears 
has been nothing but profitable the future of   finance is being built right in front of our eyes 
and is being built on the blockchain and from my   point of view it's being built on ethereum but 
that doesn't mean that polka dot kusaman for   that matter cardano is less important as they are 
also a part of the ethereum ecosystem reason being   it's all going to be interoperable now if you 
want to do yourself a favor you watch this video   don't waste your time on watching useless videos 
promising or explaining something they don't know   about it's time to concentrate on polka 
dot and kosama as they are launching their   parachain auctions right now we have already 
been participating in the five first auctions   and we will continue to do so because it's been 
nothing but a home run now anyone who wants to be   a part of the future of finance should participate 
financial history is in the making before we start   i want to welcome you to crypto never sleeps in 
case you're new to this channel and you want to   stay on top of the crypto world well then 
please hit like smash subscribe so that you   can be notified about the usama and polkadot 
ecosystem furthermore also so that you can be   notified every time we upload new videos so that 
you can protect your wealth preserve your wealth   and ultimately increase your wealth my name is 
nico arachi and i am the host of this little show in case you are new to the polka dot and kusama 
ecosystem let me give you a 30 second introduction   polkadot and kosama will enable a completely 
decentralized web where users are in control   both networks are built to connect private and 
consortium change public and permissionless   networks oracles etc but polkadot and kosama what 
they really do is that they facilitate an internet   where independent blockchains can exchange 
information and transactions in a trustless way   via the relay chain kusama which is a kind of 
an experiment or test network is a scalable test   network of specialized blockchains built using 
substrate and nearly the same code base as polka   dot the network is an experimental development for 
teams who want to move fast and innovate on kosama   or simply just because they want to prepare 
for deployment of the main net on polka dot   both polka dot and kosama was founded in 2019 
by mr robin hood let's say mr dr garvin wood   who is the founder of polka dot and in case 
you don't know the co-founder and former   chief technical officer of ethereum now let's 
get into the reason you being here let's get down   to our kala and karura what are they well both 
of them are supposed to be and are going to be   the all-in-one defy hub on polka dot and kusama 
akala as well as karura is an ethereum compatible   platform for financial applications also called 
debs to use smart contracts or built-in protocols   with out-of-the-box cross-chain capabilities as 
well as robust security the platform also offers   a suite of financial applications including 
a trustless staking derivative liquid dot   a multi-collateralized stable 
coin backed by cross-chain assets   which would be either the ausd or the kusd for 
kubrura and of course an automated market maker   slash diesel decentralized exchange and all with 
very low micro gas fees that can be paid any token   just a native token doesn't have to be ethereum 
like when we do everything on the ethereum network   now let's get into some of the fine fine 
good news arura has already won a pair   chain auction for kosama but even better than 
that i have been able to participate in this   entire value chain that has been not only 
valuable but extraordinary profitable going   from first buying kusama at a low price then 
staking or giving my kusama tokens for the   karura crowd loan receiving my car tokens and now 
staking them actually farming them fifty percent   arura and fifty percent stable coin kusd at 114 
percent apy even better than that stacking my   kusama and my kusd at almost 500 percent apy 
but we will get down to that just in a moment   see akala and karura they're going to operate 
in parallel and serve the users of the polka   dot as well as the kosama community once kozama is 
bridged to polka dot karura and akala will also be   of course fully interoperable now the news of 
the recent news of karura is that it's been   now one month since karura won the first perichin 
slot on kusama with over 500 and 1 000 ksm tokens   contributed to its community backed proud loan i 
also did contribute a few all defy investors from   my point of view old or new should be extremely 
eager to gain full access to the network's   customized protocol which we're gonna look at in a 
second which includes includes the kusd stablecoin   the lksm which is basically the liquid osama token 
or liquid staking and also the automated market   maker style decentralized exchange is going 
to offer its first trustless trading pairs   and liquidity providing for all initiatives across 
the polka dot and obviously the kusama ecosystem   now with the 48-week network lease secured 
the karua team already has set into motion its   launch roadmap which is a strategic process of 
bringing karuva's customized e5 protocols online   to complement and inform each aspect of a healthy 
and scalable network certainly seems to me that   usama karura polkadot and akala are all in line 
with their roadmap it's all about executing and   implementing being transparent now i want to 
take you through what i have been able to do   since i bought my kusama tokens then actually 
contributed them to the crowd loan and then how   i've been able or how many coins that i received 
from karura which are called the car token   and then how i am currently staking them so 
originally let's assume we got the kosama tokens   everybody got some different prizes today they 
are at 239 but on the day that karupa won the   very chain auction kuzama was at 180 so just for 
purposes of calculation how much percentage we got   rewarded let's say 200 was it 180 but then if we 
were to stake it for a year we'll approximately   get 12 to 15 percent so i think 200 is good 
garu token is currently trading at 7.08 just   launched three weeks ago now we haven't gotten 
confirmed market cap but i think that is not such   a big deal at the moment so july 20th and anyone 
could purchase the kuruwa token at three dollars   and six cents so you would have made approximately 
a hundred percent profit i did buy a few more   you can see it is down now 17 percent from its 
all-time high even though i would not you know i   don't think that that is really has anything great 
to say now we can go into the karura website and   i just want to show you how to check it all in 
case you haven't participated or in the future   you can see it's pretty simple there it's very 
well displayed also what the vesting schedule is   so you receive your tokens but you cannot spend 
them all just when you receive them they will be   released over the 48 week time frame so let's go 
in and see how we can check rewards because it   was not sure how many we would actually get until 
the pair chain was over and it is also like that   with all the other hero chain auctions they put 
in here your wallet number and you can see that we   received 2772 car tokens 
and we had locked in 126 ksm   let's go and look at the app because we 
are actually making a real good thing here you go in great user experience so you can 
test it for yourself i think you should   so here is the is the dab and uh we are 
currently staking in two pools and we will   go here and see this is the there you can view 
your balance then you can mint you can swap you   can stake and you can earn this is where we are 
right now so we are in two pools we are staking   the kusd which is the stable coin and the ksm 
kosama and down there you can see we are staking   car and ksm and you can see that the current 
apr with loyalty is 166 percent i do know in   the beginning of the video i said 500 but 
you know that went down only the early bird   catches the worm but i would say 166 is very 
very good and with the car in ksm it's 71 percent   so just to give you a precise overview of the 
kuru return so the day of the crowd loan auction   one kusama had to value the 200 which 
is including one year staking reward   the price of the day i had the day was 
actually 180 us dollars but since you   were locking up your kusamas for one year 
you would also be able to earn some staking   so we take that in consideration so every kosama 
that you would contribute received 22 car tokens   and at today's value of one car at 7.23 would give 
you 159 dollars for every kusama that that day   we valued at 200 that basically means 
that you take 22 car tokens times   7.23 us dollars gives you 159.6 as i said which 
is 79 on top of every usama token invested that's it for me this time i do hope i 
brought you some kind of value i truly   believe i did because i have been able to bring 
myself a huge amount of value so in case i do   did please hit like smash subscribe and hit that 
notification bell as well because whenever a   flash crash appears well then i am here stay safe 
stay sound don't ask too many questions or think   it could lead to depression but 
as always i and kitty love you

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