Best New Projects All In One Place (Huge YFDAI Announcement)

[Music] rug pull scams happen every day scammers tell you they got a great token that you can make gains on so you put some heath on uniswap then the rug gets pulled right out from under you these fraudsters yank the liquidity off the market and you're the one left holding the bag and it happens more than you might think you may hear about a few big ones per week but yfdy research revealed there are 34 rug pull scams on average every day that's 34 scams and at these low lifes anywhere from 100 to 1 000 eath per hit if you don't think these are the same people running these scams over and over again i got some oceanfront property in arizona to sell you they know what they're doing decentralized exchanges are awesome because they allow you to do trades immediately and with your own custody of your crypto but the catch-22 with decentralization is that it's freeing but with freedom comes responsibility and that responsibility means you are responsible for your own safety and financial security true decentralization allows scammers period you have to be able to dodge them and avoid their tactics but yfdy has a different solution it's a hybrid exchange called safe swap once the projects get listed it works about the same as the decks but the listing process is the secret sauce to weed out the scammers and promote the truly good projects out there listen in because you could get some money yourself if you know some good projects the sales team of say swap is you yfdi has set aside fifty thousand dollars to give to people in the community who can help them connect with legit projects that are doing good in the space and want to get listed all you have to do is join the yfdi global sales team in order to get started and get your piece of that 50k you spend all your time researching gyms anyways am i right but here is the thing we always talk about how bad rug pull scams are for users who lose money and it's bad what about the projects who are getting prepared to list or run token sales right after huge rug pulls the high number of these fraudulent projects looks bad it reflects badly on the rest of cryptocurrency makes people more hesitant overall to invest in low-cap projects but that's not the only disadvantage new projects have if they get listed on the wrong exchange for example they can suffer from no marketing support no listing policy and a lack of control they can get de-listed for nothing at all in some cases safe swap solves all of these problems and allows top projects with big potential to be associated with other legit projects doing good instead of being associated with scammers their commitment to cleaning up the space is part of the reason why i became an advisor for yfdi and i haven't stopped talking about it since wipe die is now taking applications for safe swap listings so if you know of a project that fits the description say swap is looking for make sure to join the telegram group and make the connection to give you a head start on weeding through projects you can check out the listing criteria on the screen any good project out there can easily meet these qualifications wide die measures longevity activity trading stats proper planning and most importantly it verifies the team find a project that's a good fit and you could get 500 bucks if they get listed the listing v to get on safe swap is 5 000 a flat fee so you don't have to worry about getting scammed to get on exchange we hear about that all the time but don't take my word for it here's the wife die team themselves telling you about safe swap welcome to the yfdi safe swap exchange setting the new standard in security transparency and trust safeswap is yfdi's proprietary exchange where approved projects will receive the marketing support to stand out without the clutter of illegitimate projects centralized exchanges have held the monopoly for too long security breaches high fees along with a lack of control have been the pain point for projects for far too long choosing the wrong exchange can be costly in many ways wouldn't it be great if there was an exchange where illegitimate projects were excluded full marketing support was provided fees were low and fixed and full control is retained by the project and their users say hello to die safe swap where the listing policy excludes illegitimate projects allowing quality projects like yours to stand out giving you an instant seal of approval where you receive full marketing support and your project is promoted to millions of potential users where the listing fee is low fixed and fair and where you as a project retain full control always the cost to list is just five thousand dollars of your native token which is used for farming and staking to create liquidity and grow your user base isn't it time your project listed on safe swap to list your project needs to have been listed on an exchange for three months not be anonymous or be willing to provide kyc have a detailed website a comprehensive white paper a clear road map active github active social media a minimum of a thousand wallet holders a daily trading volume in excess of five hundred thousand dollars and be listed on coin market cap or coin gecko and when we say comprehensive marketing we mean it your project listing will be featured by bitboy cryptowendio and new kids on the blockchain with a combined reach of well over 200 000 loyal subscribers we will advertise the listing using yfdi's preferred telegram channel partners with over 1.6 million members staking and farming will provide instant wallet holders and liquidity on the safe swap exchange we will provide you advertising directly on the exchange itself free of charge and of course by listing on yfdi safe swap you gain instant access to our internal marketing team and partners dexes are growing in volume rapidly and safe swap is poised to capitalize on this yfdi is a licensed financial service provider ensuring your listing is in safe hands by listing your project on safe swap you will gain security transparency and trust let's list your project the right way and change the industry for the better together apply today either by speaking to one of our representatives or via www dot [Music] you

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