BEST Low Cap Crypto Gem of 2021 (Blockchain Gaming & NFT Token)

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Today, we're going to be covering Phantasma. It's a project we looked at over the summer that
went on an absolute tear after our coverage of it. Recently, the Phantasma team reached out to me
and asked for me to take a second look at what they're doing and I was shocked at how
much gaming development they've done.

But I would like to say a special thank you
to SOUL for sponsoring this video. And for anyone who is interested, this is in fact the coin I teased a few days ago
on the livestream that is available on KuCoin. So let's dive in. Phantasma is pitched as a fast, secure and scalable
blockchain solution for gaming, NFTs and dApps. The blockchain is powered
by a dual token structure, the governance token (SOUL) and the energy token (KCAL), which allows for interoperability with other blockchains
while maintaining a decentralized governance system. Phantasma supports tri-chain interoperability between
Phantasma and Neo and Phantasma and Ethereum, although the cross-chain capability between
Neo and Ethereum isn't quite possible yet.

Phantasma enables smart NFTs, infused NFTs,
multilayered NFTs with very cheap minting. So cheap, you might be able to find them
by the register at a Mexican restaurant. So, what are smart NFTs? With typical NFTs, you can purchase as an in-game item,
crypto collectibles, exclusive music releases, a ticket to an event, land titles and so much more. Smart NFTs build on the original use
cases of digital non-fungible tokens, take things to the next stage by adding
properties like time-based access and infusing the NFTs with other assets. Last year, at the PAX online gaming conference, GOATi Entertainment debuted the world's first
time-based NFT in their RTS racing game, 22 Racing Series. This NFT gave attendees the ability to play
the game for a short period of time in beta. The game 22 Racing Series is one of the first
games to utilize Phantasma's chain for NFTs. 22 Racing Series isn't just another NFT game though. The game is featured on the infamous gaming
platforms Steam, PS4 and Xbox One. 22 Racing Series allows its users to buy and trade
vehicles or make assets to sell or license, while the non-fungible tokens gives you
ownership control and flexibility.

Cars themselves are actually a combination
of these multi-layered smart NFTs consisting of 25 or more individual NFTs
to create a hypercar within the game. This takes the infusing or fusion of NFTs like the
breeding of CryptoKitties to a whole new level. For those who don't understand the concept, it's essentially the combining of NFTs to create
cars within the game that you can then race. But it doesn't end there. Smart NFTs also allow the infusion of other digital
assets into an NFT by giving artists and developers the ability to create NFTs infused with
Ethereum, KCAL or SOUL as examples. In addition, these NFTs can also be combined
with each other as previously mentioned which creates unlimited possibilities. Oh, and you're not limited to a single asset. You can put a little SOUL, a tiny bit of ETH,
a hint of Neo infused into just one NFT. Users can burn the original NFT
releasing the assets to the user's wallet. The game itself allows both free-to-race
and pay-to-play tournaments, where you can compete against others. 22 Racing Series is actually a game in partnership
with big name brands like SteelSeries and AMD Radeon.

Phantasma makes this easy with cross-chain
NFT marketplace called GhostMarket, which has a uMint NFT Factory to mint NFTs with a single click and without
any coding skills necessary. And that's good because you don't know how to code. What's more, the network fees are so low that
you can mint 100 NFTs in a single transaction for a total of approximately $5 worth of KCAL. That includes the fees for using
the GhostMarket service. But wait, there's even more. NFTs that are minted on GhostMarket
can hold both ROM and RAM data. The ROM is immutable storage which can never
be altered after the NFT has been minted, while the RAM can be reconfigured, as example,
when your character levels up in a game.

These smart NFTs even enable artists
and developers to program a royalty, which enables an artist the ability to receive a percentage
from every second hand sale of the NFT. While the focus has been gaming in this video, the NFT marketplace allows musicians
to mint NFTs of their new tracks as well. Additionally, 22 Racing Series isn't the only planned game. Phantasma's blockchain also has a gaming
hub built on top of it called Pavillion, which is integrated with Steam. The Pavillion application is available both as a web version
and a native app downloadable on your computer.

The integration allows developers to sell their
game to customers on either just Steam or on both Steam and Pavillion, and to take advantage of the blockchain backend
by delivering NFT assets to both. NFT assets can be anything from game licenses
to mods, expansion packs and in-game items on Pavillion. NFTs correlate 1:1 with in-game inventory.
Publishers are able to offer everything from games, to mods, to expansion packs
and in-game inventory items as both blockchain assets and regular
items purchasable on Steam. Just imagine if Fortnite or one of those other
popular games implements NFTs for users. Such a system could be huge. Phantasma is the top platform
that can actually deliver that to reality. So let's talk just a little bit about
the tokenomics of SOUL. Phantasma also has an innovative staking mechanism
besides its advanced non-fungible tokens.

Phantasma staking is lucrative, offering up to 15% for choosing to lock up
50,000 SOUL at the time of this recording. Don't worry, if you can't afford 50,000 SOUL, you will still receive 0.002 KCAL
a day for each staked SOUL. However, if you can reach 50,000 SOUL, you will receive 100 KCAL a day and an additional
SOUL from a pool of 125,000 SOUL tokens a month. Hey, offering up your SOUL I guess ain't that bad. Further though, the interest rate
can go up to 18% a year.

If you hold 50,000 SOUL,
you're known as a SOUL Master. And there are currently 792 SOUL
Masters staking on Phantasma. This means there's 39,600,000 SOUL locked up. According to CoinGecko,
there's a total of almost 100 million SOUL and a circulating supply of 96,730,000. This means there's almost half of SOUL
locked up in SOUL Master nodes, and that's just the ones counted as SOUL
Masters locking up 50,000 SOUL tokens. That's a lot of SOUL talk. However, that's just what's shown on CoinGecko. Further inspection shows that the SOUL NEP5 or
NEO tokens has a zero supply which means infinite. And the Phantasma Explorer shows the same. One last audit, the Ethereum-based Etherscan
shows a max supply of 1.588 million SOUL.

So it's assumed that SOUL has no max supply. That doesn't mean that it can't have any value
the way that its NFT system is designed. For example, look at Steemit or Hive,
which have no max supply in NFTs. Okay, so you're excited about SOUL.
Where can you get it? Well, you can purchase SOUL and KCAL
on a number of exchanges, KuCoin, as mentioned earlier, Uniswap,, Bilaxy and HotBit,
to name a few. If you want to check out KuCoin,
you can do that by visiting We are a big fan of KuCoin.
We like a lot of low cap gems there. Let me know what you guys think about Phantasma
though and drop a price prediction down below.

That's all I got. Be blessed. BitBoy out.

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