Best Crypto Project To Hold For Massive Gains (The NEXT Ethereum)

welcome back everybody to altcoin daily my name's 
austin i want to share this with you looking at   the state of the cryptocurrency market today we 
can see that bitcoin ethereum the market is in   much more of a cooldown phase we are dipping we 
are consolidating and this has been happening for   some time now obviously just an ebb and a flow 
of a healthy market yet despite this temporary   cooldown ethereum gas fees have almost never 
been higher there has to be a cryptocurrency   or cryptocurrencies aiming to solve this and in 
today's video that's exactly what i'm going to   share we're talking latest news involving xrp 
we're talking flow we're talking higher cap   altcoins as well as lower cap altcoins so check 
the timestamps down below in the video description   hit subscribe if you want to stay up to date 
on this crypto market and let's jump in i do   want to start off by saying though that i like 
ethereum i hold a lot of ethereum on bullish on   ethereum but is there such a thing as finding the 
next ethereum well let's talk about it the first   project aiming to solve this with nft creation at 
least turns out it's ripple ripple has launched   a 250 million dollar fund for nft creators here 
are the details ripple labs is launching a fund   for creators marketplaces and brands to explore 
new use cases for non-fungible tokens on its own   xrp ledger and the big question is why while the 
platform said it wanted to address concerns with   the minting of tokenized artwork including clunky 
user experiences high transaction fees and the   possible effects on the environment interesting 
so if you had to mint nfts either on the ethereum   network or the xrp network what would you choose 
i really would love to know your thoughts down   below in the comment section but in a direct 
quote from ripple as to why nfts we believe nfts   embody the promise of tokenization and represent 
a tipping point for its embrace by the mainstream   through this creator fund and the xrp ledger 
were excited to unleash a new utility for nfts   and accelerate the broader shift to tokenization 
so with 250 million dollars now at play   who gets access to that money first according to 
ripple it would be nft marketplaces including mint   nft and mintable and creative agencies would be 
among the first to have access to the fund with   the caveat that any proposed nft use case would 
be built on the xrp ledger giving creators an   opportunity to monetize their work so like i 
said give me your thoughts on this down below   but ripple and xrp are one of the cryptocurrencies 
aiming to be a better ethereum for the nft sector   nft marketplace at least next up an eth competitor 
that just scored a major partnership here comes   the nfl version of nba top shot nfts this is from 
dapper labs and of course the flow blockchain   flow cryptocurrency has partnered with the nfl 
and here are the details as to what the nfl   gets in return the nfl as well as the nfl players 
association will receive equity in dapper labs as   part of the deal and according to the sports 
business journal the digital licensing revenue   from these nfts on the flow blockchain generated 
for the players union by the deal will be second   only to what it makes from its partnership with ea 
sports maker of the popular madden video game wow   so this is a big deal great for flow great for 
the nfl and in a direct quote from dapper labs   commenting on their success they saw with the nba 
first they expect even more success with the nfl   and here's why when i think about the nba versus 
the nfl the nba really blaze the trail in a lot of   ways and they're willing to take some risks if you 
think about the nfl they don't always do it first   but they try and do it best so learning from the 
nba is very much in their playbook when we think   about the kind of products that we would build 
with other partners we think about customizing   it for those fan bases we can't just slap 
nfl players on nba top shot and make it work   i like that sentiment this will be very 
customizable and notice that the nba didn't choose   ethereum didn't choose polygon or cardano they 
chose dapper labs and that's very bullish for flow   next up let's talk about cryptocurrency energy 
a blockchain built to scale for a decentralized   future and we know they're a partner of the 
channel they also have energy swap which is   built to be a better unit swap which we 
did a walk through on a few months ago   i will link this down below for those of you 
looking for a cheaper alternative to uniswap   but what i want to talk about today and why they 
make this video is the underlying blockchain   how they're more scalable why they're more 
scalable and how they're built for mass   adoption and to do that i want to compare them to 
ethereum because we know for example ethereum's   tps transactions per second major room for 
improvement but tps is not the only issue as   more and more transactions are processed on chain 
the size of the chain data grows exponentially   this has resulted in a reduction of full nodes 
running the ethereum network in fact since the   peak of this most recent bulk run ethereum 
has seen a 60 reduction in nodes and that's   because of the terabytes on terabytes of data that 
these nodes have to sync as the blockchain grows   and these blockchains are only going to get bigger 
as mass adoption continues to happen now eth is   switching to sharding with eth2 sharding is an 
increasingly popular approach to solving this   scalability this is popular with polka dot 
and cosmos and other blockchains like this   as well sharding is breaking up the information 
on chain into smaller and smaller units to make   it more scalable but there are obvious trade-offs 
for example sharding breaks composability there's   also certain security risk trade-offs and we're 
not going to get too in the weeds today on these   technical terms but i will link this down 
below for you to continue your own research   the question we have to answer is how does energy 
do it how does energy process all that data on   the base chain and keep the scalability well to 
do that let's compare it in one sense to solana   finally there are some blockchains such as solana 
which conduct all activity on a single layer   network energy has a similar approach of having a 
network of extremely powerful servers processing   transactions but rather than functioning solely 
on layer 1 energy has a similar system within   our layer 2 masternodes these will enable energy 
to also achieve tens of thousands of transactions   per second but with several major benefits 
versus single-layer blockchains so what are   these benefits dual layer architecture allows 
energies layer 1 to remain highly decentralized   with many more nodes as the requirements 
for running a layer 1 node are much lower   than the layer 2 supercomputers so the aim is 
to keep layer 1 as decentralized as possible   and energy is then able to keep our masternode 
layer master nodes lighter weight since they don't   have to contain all blockchain data our layer 1 
is responsible for storing all data while layer 2   enables near-instant confirmations and capacity 
to handle high volume so scalability is key   and of course they are compatible with ethereum 
which cannot be said for many other blockchains   a final critical point is that energy is evm 
compatible ethereum virtual machine compatible   energy's unique approach is that we are fully 
compatible with ethereum based technology   benefiting from nearly all improvements in 
applications built on ethereum while also   enabling a very high level of scalability 
and again just to drive this home as to how   all transactions can be processed almost instantly 
by energy's layer 2 network of masternodes   and then at every block the masternodes will then 
dump all the transactions to our layer 1 network   where all data is then ultimately stored so what 
do you think give me your thoughts down below in   the comment section the last thing i want to 
touch on is where does ethereum go from here   because ethereum's archive data chain is now over 
eight terabytes in size and while ethereum's chain   size is not yet at a critical point it will be 
soon that is a whole lot of data i will point   out that energy is solving this in a very unique 
way to solve this issue we are implementing a very   unique approach to archiving which will allow our 
active chain to maintain a manageable size while   ensuring that the archive data is maintained 
properly and remains accessible this approach   is snapshotting so in a sense i would say sort of 
like mina protocol taking a snapshot of the data   and then storing that snapshot each time our main 
chain energy's main chain reaches a maximum size   anywhere between 5 and 10 terabytes we will 
create a snapshot of the chain at that time   this snapshot will become a separate archive 
chain that is connected to the active chain via a   running hashed record of snapshots and in essence 
the big thing this solves is this will prevent   the centralization of the chain to a few large 
validators that have a disproportionate control   over the network a snapshot solves this so i will 
link this down below in the video description   check it out but in general energy the blockchain 
definitely a crypto to keep on the radar   and next up big news for eth competitor al grand 
al grant has just launched a virtual machine   to increase smart contract capabilities the 
upgrade promises to deliver negative carbon output   across the platform so they're saying that they 
plan to compete with eth be a better dapp platform   by offering smart contract capabilities that are 
better for the environment negative carbon output   blockchain platform algrand has today announced 
the launch of the algorand virtual machine or avm   a layer 1 protocol upgrade designed to enhance 
decentralized app scalability for developers   and organizations enable instant transaction 
finality and sustain a negative carbon output   also they are specifically making a play at 
developers in addition to these advancements   the avm will also give developers program tools 
to write smart contracts in either python or reach   a format similar to the multi-paradigm web page 
language javascript in a direct quote from elgrand   this avm upgrade allows for the development of 
complex smart contract based applications in d5   the nft marketplace web 3 and more we're 
already getting great feedback within the   al grand ecosystem and look forward to continuing 
this momentum so give me your thoughts down below   but generally speaking cool to see these upgrades 
cool to see this progress and we will have to keep   tabs to see which dapps are being developed on 
which platform and then where the users flock to   and next up although i don't have news 
specifically today to bring you in this video   we cover cardano all the time the ecosystem 
as well as the dapps being built definitely   a main contender in this smart contract space we 
know they just partnered with boost mobile dish   network ethiopia so the excitement for cardano is 
undeniable i would go even further on that list   and mention polygon and meter protocol two 
depth platforms that are clearly dominating   they've recently integrated together eth inner 
operators competitors to keep on the radar   and i guess let's wrap this up by you letting me 
know which death platform stood out to you down   below in the comments section like i said 
i am bullish on eath eth is not going away   but what eath quote unquote fails at or could do 
better at we are seeing these other platforms step   up and it's gonna be very interesting to see which 
one prevails and like always see you tomorrow

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