Best Chance At NFT Millions (HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT)

nfts are serious business you guys get that by now one platform wearable is wiping the floor with competitors my researchers wanted me to make this the moonshot of the week about six weeks ago i wish i would have listened that would have definitely been a check mark but it has absolutely moon now find out more about this platform and how you can get the most sought after nft collectibles in history they're about to hit the market bitboy cards of course let's get it welcome to bitboy crypto my name is ben every day i show you how to make money in crypto today we're going to be bringing on an expert in nfts who has been in the game for quite a while mr ken bozak along with calling out scammers he is a blockchain gaming legend who is constantly innovating and we talk about some of that in this interview he definitely knows a thing or two about making money in this space as he has been all crypto all the time for several years now if there is a way to make an income with crypto passive or active he knows how to do it oh yeah and tonight as of right now we are officially launching our bitboy crypto nft collectible cards get your first glimpse of all the cards tonight as i show you exactly what they look like and how to buy them stay tuned for the middle of this interview is i'm going to give you guys a full lesson on using rory so let's get to the interview yo look it's going to [ __ ] scammer [Music] this guy right here he's [ __ ] scammer [Music] ken welcome what's up how goes it you stole my line how good is it go bro yeah not much man you know it's been a while i've seen you conferences have gotten crazy but let's i know you very well i know you can we're good friends um i've always supported everything that you do and you're about but there might be some viewers on the channel that don't know you so if you could just tell them how you got involved in bitcoin in just you know a few sentences uh how i kind of got involved is because the legacy industry didn't really want me i tried to invest in this snapchat ipo i found out what a credit investor was i saw what happened when it went public and then it dumped on on people that got to invest after the accredited investors so i kind of had like a little bit of a stigma towards it i was just like you know this isn't for me this is never really going to work out i i actually pulled out right then and there from like the banking system i was so turned off and i was gonna go into gold and silver and one of my friends said uh check out this digital gold thing bitcoin and that was during the ethereum ico and i saw that there's no kyc for this ico as there was at a kyc for the ipo and it just seemed you know i took it as an opportunity i'm an opportunistic person i experimented i dabbled because i was allowed to and uh six ish years later five ish years later i'm here survivor still here man a lot of people aren't here yeah that is unfortunate yeah i saw somebody the other day that would i mean just somebody on twitter that i had not seen in like a year and a half i was like man i saw this guy every day and you know you know when things get tough people leave they come back when things start looking better but um yeah i'm happy when they do though hopefully everybody comes back and and uh embraces you know they will i believe and one thing one thing that is going to get people more interested in cryptocurrency i believe in blockchain technology over the next year obviously is the price but i think one thing is going to contribute to the price are nfts and that's what we've been talking about a lot on the channel i know you're very involved in the nft world i see you've got like a splinterlands uh flag in the back back there they didn't give that to me as a sponsorship i actually went to one of their meetups and stole it so that's not a paid chill that's that might be evidence that's actually a backwards page shill i think somehow if you stole from them but the point is ken how did you first hear about uh nfts uh the crypto kitties launch i think that's how most people i know there's the uh crypto punks they get a lot of uh credit too but the cryptokitties community is really what caught my attention when i saw the possibilities of non-fungible tokens and the ability to you know breed or combined attributes from different non-fungibles to create a new unique non-fungible uh using smart contracts that was just like you know no-brainer this is gonna be amazing uh and it was just like you know i saw it sort of like pong when when crypto kitties came out you know i was like oh this is like you know day one atari level gaming stuff what's going to happen next though and that's where i see like you know cryptokitties being pong and what's happening now sort of like what's you know the xbox or sony playstation type of gaming on blockchain yeah it's it's really exciting to see uh you know how much things have progressed in just a few years i mean i remember when crypto kitties came out there were some people uh you know on twitter if you guys are you know know yeezy i don't know what he goes by now and uh randy marsh uh crypto randy marsh on twitter you know they they tried to put out something that was kind of similar like kind of some collectible cards it was called crypto all-stars or something there were a lot of copycats trying to be like crypto kids at the time but it was too early but now things are really really really poppin and the question everybody wants to know i mean ken let's be honest everybody wants to know one specific question when it comes to nfts how can they make money with them yeah yeah i think that's where you know it started with right i mean it was that's why everybody copied things that were successful like crypto kitties because cryptokitties was so profitable uh and they wanted to copy that i i think it's providing utility honestly i mean collectibles because of the sake of scarcity like art and stuff that's cool the utility is art factor but i think utility outside of scarcity and outside of it just being art where it's like a playable card game or an asset in a game itself like you know a car for for a video game or something i think that is if you really want to get into nfts and make something out of it build something that's going to provide utility while while utilizing nft technology or invest in nft technology that's utilized in blockchain platform gaming where you know there's some reason somebody really wants it outside of oh there's only five of these and they look really pretty somebody might just take a screenshot of it if they can't afford it right but if you can utilize it in a blockchain game it's not like you can take a screenshot and just throw it into fortnight you know it's not going to be accepted yeah yeah well i can tell you you know and i've said this on the channel several times for me the thing that really hammers home i think if you're if you're not a parent of someone that plays video games you might or or you're super involved in video games yourself you don't understand the way the new generation looks at things my kids would rather have me buy them v bucks on fortnite so they can buy skins of whatever the latest season on fortnite is you know they're doing x-men right now so they wanted me to help them buy wolverine or whatever my kids would rather have that than anything physical right right same same here nowadays i mean a lot of the things that i like to collect are digital whether it be a movie or an album that i'm downloading you know or something like that it's most of the stuff i own is now digital a lot of the stuff you know most of the stuff i physically own will fit into two boxes and i could take it on the go uh but my if i had my physical uh versions of all my digital bowls it would probably look like i'm hoarding yeah so good thing they're tokenized so you guys heard that ken is very similar to my children so i am basically his daddy bit daddy a bit daddy yeah so uh yeah i definitely see a big future now here's a question i wanted to ask you um in regards to we're gonna take a look in just a few minutes at the rari platform and something really excited i've got i've got this launching i want to get your opinion you're gonna be the first person outside of my team who has seen these first person want to get your opinion on some enough teas we're putting out here on the channel we're really excited about because i mean a lot of people know they've always started out as a comic book character you know that's what bible is so it lines up so well this is so perfect for the channel okay but my question to you before we get there is now it seems like everybody wants to put out their own nfts you know what i'm saying i mean rari is a platform that it allows anybody i mean you know there are you know some girls who are putting selfies out and stuff like that uh that were getting so there were some people that were putting out selfies of girls that they didn't even own um on twitter or on uh rari as well from you know ashtoshi on twitter i know she had some comments about that um but do you do do you kind of even though everything is based on rarity and scarcity can you see the nft market getting oversaturated due to people like wanting to make money and things i even think the over saturation is a benefit counterfeiting is probably going to be a positive side effect or a positive in general uh say you you know i create these nfts they're scarce people buy them there's no no real engagement after somebody buys it they don't want to resell it so there's nothing on the market for anybody that's interested to purchase due to the scarcity i think that will incentivize counterfeiting where you see people take a screenshot and do what you know we've seen done with a lot of people's photos where they don't own it but they're tokenizing it anyway if you see somebody selling photos of you on the blockchain and it's not you wouldn't that motivate you to then say hey well if i did this myself obviously there's a market for it so i think that that that's another benefit that would come from counterfeiting and we see this in the legacy industries you know more fake gucci bags are bought every day than real gucci bags you know the the knockoff market for like louis vuitton makes more money in a daily basis than the actual brand louis vuitton i think when i was in when i was in middle school you know we had focus yeah yeah yeah and we buy me the flea market for 10 bucks you know yeah oakley's are way out of our range i i know the focaly's too well and that's the thing that oakley's didn't mind that though they said that was people that couldn't afford the on bland name yeah again still advertise for them now there are companies that i think may be turned off by this and a legacy you know comparison is like tommy hilfiger and like american eagle back you know a few years ago had a big campaign about please stop giving our clothes to like goodwill because homeless people are wearing american as oh remember that yeah tommy hilfiger was like we don't want to damaged our brand by seeing homeless people so yeah again that that going in there could be some brand recognition damage where people are counterfeiting bit boy cards and it's hard to tell the difference of which is a legit and which is a fake now i have to go look at the blockchain see who minted it and stuff like that really dig into the gucci bag and make sure that the scenes are are legit scenes that's where i think there could be a conflict but i also i think there's more benefit from from knockoffs than not yeah well i mean that's where vechain comes in handy they're going to sew those little trackers into those clothes you know that was awesome i know i've been waiting i've been waiting for that i want i want to get a beanie baby with one of those in it and get the world's first organization listen i worked at mcdonald's when i was 15 and uh it was when the beanie babies was at their peak a lot of people know i say being a a famous person in cryptocurrency is like being the most famous collector at a beanie baby conference you know so when i was 15 i worked at uh at uh mcdonald's when they we had the mini beanie babies and the happy meals oh my gosh dude people are so crazy about those we had a rule you could only buy 10 but you could get in the line and go back around in the drive through and buy 10 more on another transaction we have people who sit there all day i mean in eight hours it'd all be gone you know the line will be wrapped around the building like three times for some beating babies yeah we don't have time to get into it but if you're interested and you're watching this google the uh history of the beanie baby scam it is amazing oh i gotta get in on that scam i don't like this game in crypto but i'd be in a baby scam all day well you have to know your enemy right so know what a scam is to know what a scam is and to look at the beanie baby scam and how that happened you could look at the nft market and use the same information to kind of feel out this new collectibles concept yeah well my beanie baby enemy is tabasco the bulls that's the only one i remember uh joe listen let's let's jump into this okay i want to show you okay so the first thing i'm going to show you is just a screenshot of our bitboy crypto page on rory so you don't get to see any of the cards yet okay but these are some of our characters okay so we got uh you know the banker we've got fomo the monkey we've got bit boy dr fudd and hoddle this is the bit boy dartmouth yeah the tortoise you know you know you you got to make it happen so say so here we are about to debut right now we are going to debut the uh bit boy cards that are going to be for sale on rory now these are going to be a print of five we're looking at at the next series of these uh gonna be actually on uh you know we'll talk about in a little bit maybe on on wax so let me let me pull up the cards themselves get your opinion oh bro bro yeah dude these are these aren't it has uh it has banksy vibes i really like it yeah so we've got the black and white editions um these are kind of the more uh the upgraded ones you know the color ones are the regular ones like these are the five original characters of the we're calling this the bit boy dark series so this is more like actual uh comic book characters uh this is of course hoddle the turtle up here he's bitboy's sidekick you know he helped he's slow he's methodical uh then we got bitboy that's got definitely more of an actual you know superhero vibe to him these days uh we got the banker he's kind of the big villain uh dr fudd he's got a newspaper that gives him power and then of course we got foma the monkey he's just kind of a he's a degenerate crackhead you know trying to make that money on anything uh once it pops so so what do you think what are your first thoughts on the bit boy collection here i i think i stand by my first uh gun instinct and i think the tortoise is my favorite okay i love hoddle um yeah but bitboy bro you got like the dr manhattan look going i love it we're making all the different coins around you and stuff that is awesome yeah is that what uni or uni yes yeah dang right what dude uniswap is what gives me my power you know unit swap is the is my number one superpower so it makes perfect sense so it looks like there's only 20 of 20 of each of them uh okay so there are uh 20 of 20 of each of these prints okay or each of these mints uh but we also have one more that's going to be even more rare that we're only going to have 10 of like i said this is the initial thing you guys got to understand bit boy crypto launched as a cartoon series it launched as a comic book kind of vibe uh it wasn't supposed to be me sitting here telling you guys news every day um so the channel is really geared for this and what we want to do is actually you know build out on that and make this you know like a like a big ego uh you know a big ecosystem that may not be the right word but um you know an actual comic book world with characters and stories and the whole thing um so there's really no limit to how many of these characters uh we can make and we can do different series this is the dark series we might have one that's more kind of like the traditional characters you guys may have seen before on the channel the bitboy logo and things like that but you know we want to do some different things well ken right now what i want to do these are launching during this video during this video right now these are launched you guys can actually go to app well they're not real can not right now when the video posts you're fomo right now you're fomo the monkey over here bro this is you you're a degenerate exactly me this is instead of a banana you've got bit boy in your hand that sounded weird so you want to go you guys want to go to that's how you pull up wearable and i'm going to show you guys right now we're going to take a pause and i'm going to show you guys a tutorial on how you guys can buy these cards right now all right guys i am here on uh you can also go to and you can get here from there so i want to show you guys a couple of things this is a very artistic site there's a lot of art on here you guys will have the chance to buy the bitboy collectible cards on here and one thing you guys need to be thinking about is no one is buying uh these collectibles well maybe some people are but most people are not buying these collectibles because they really think like hey this is super cool what people do is they look it let's look at this one right here kobe.e now it's spelled with a c but you see the supply is seven out of ten okay there's only ten of these ever made it's worth point three nine eight a lot of people aren't going to buy this because they think it's cool and they want to let it sit around they're doing that because hey there's only 10 of these and i've got one of them and the value of this at .39 eath i'm hoping the value is going to go up but the actual you know not the intrinsic value of the ethereum but the actual value of the card will go up so they can sell it on a marketplace and make a profit so you guys see the bit boy cards are going to be coming in at one eighth and one point five each you may look at that and say like i would never pay that much money for a card or whatever you might say but you gotta look at in terms of the scarcity of those cards in the platform that i have and in the future hopefully those are gonna be worth a lot more money down the road so uh when you look at the platform you you of course see the explore um and you guys can see uh all of the different cards here you can see there's some weird stuff on here hopefully we won't get down that far uh there's some weird stuff on here but there's some cool stuff on here like look we got a lambo we've got satan i mean everybody loves satan it's kind of a joke but i like this one jurassic hottle this one's pretty cool um so that's what you do what you you click through these and when you find one you want to buy you click on it it shows you the owner the creator and look full version that's pretty cool i like that i'm a big kobe fan you click buy down here you have to connect your wallet obviously so you'd hit connect wallet you connect through metamask fortmatic wallet connect and wallet link and you just buy it and it goes in your metamask wallet so pretty cool you can go to my collectibles and see the ones that you own you got to connect your wallet um you go to the marketplace there's also frequently asked questions i suggest you guys go to this frequently asked questions it talks all about nfts what erc721s are governance the rari token when you buy these you also pick up rari so this is a token price has moon lately so you may want to get involved with that you can also check them out on twitter discord telegram and instagram i would show you guys exactly how to buy the bitboy collectible by the time of this recording they're not out they're only out immediately following this video you guys head on over to let's try to get on the leaderboard and see how many of these things we can get um and go from there all right guys so hope you guys enjoyed that tutorial showing you guys how to use rory how you guys can get the new uh bit boy collection ken says they're two scares so that tells you right there yeah hey these things are going to be going like hotcakes so make sure you guys jump on yeah don't be slow and wait till you i'll tell you this wait until you see the last collection we have which is going to be uh they're going to be animated cards they are like the holographics oh yeah they're so sick but we don't want to release them yet we want to we want to let this get some traction um and things like that but you actually are a big fan of wax so tell us a little bit about wax um because that's something we're actually considering is after we do this first run on rari is maybe actually trying to work with tops or work with uh work with wax to try to actually get a real bit boy series where people can buy packs and things so so what do you see of the advantages of wax compared to something like rory well first off i think tops would probably be interested in doing a big boy card series with tops i don't see why not they worked with like will shatner and stuff like that when it comes to it so just yeah wax make that happen but uh i i prefer wax nfts over pretty much any other blockchains non-fungible tokens uh due to the i mean free trade you know there's no trading fees unlike with ethereum everything's got that gas fee creating your own nft on wax is you know anybody can do it within 60 seconds and their own channel right yeah yeah their own chain so yeah what they're doing is really cool because they kind of use the ethereum to raise funds do what they do with their ico then build their own blockchain to do specific niche which was nfts and gaming which ethereum does a lot of things but wax has a niche in nfts that's what they're folk they're coming from opie skins which is a legacy game in-game content you know asset trading platform before opening blockchain yeah i mean they don't see a reason to keep it up because that's the past that's keeping blockbuster running while you're netflix now uh so what wax is doing is really cool because i saw the bad crypto podcast they just released an nft where anybody buys this nft they do airdrops every month and i bought one of their nfts and then i tokenized that nft and made a membership so i basically have their airdrop and then i created a way for multiple people to get involved in this one airdrop by making a shared asset basically so i took this one membership made 20 shares of it 20 people can get a five percent cut of what's possible from this lottery all because of tokenomics and and wax blockchain makes it possible i partnered with chibi fighters global or chibi global to do this but it's just the ability to do things with air dropping and giving imagine how much money it would cost to do an air drop with you know ethereum erc uh nfts like what so much yeah it's i mean it costs 70 to buy a three dollar skin you know in an ethereum blockchain game right now so a lot of the things i'm looking at and and the difference i see between uh wearable and wax is sort of like a art gallery or a museum and like a gift store you know like waxes to get shot where you're gonna get the knickknacks and the things but you're going to go to wearable for the prestige art for the the scarce things and i think that's where it really sets the difference you know especially with like you know the cost of production on ethereum to make an nft you have to think about you know the artist paying for that expensive paintbrush the really high-end paint and that really expensive quality canvas that is the ethereum blockchain as opposed to being able to put out dozens of nfts basically for free on wax it does become kind of spammy it's hard that counterfeiting on on wax is a lot more incentivized than on ethereum because of the cost so the cost on ethereum to you know make a counterfeit bitboy card that's gonna that's gonna be expensive but if you were on wax which would happen to my nft the day after i released my nft somebody basically copied it and sold fake copy nfts because it's hard to tell the difference when you can just do it basically for free so there's a spam accountability problem i think but wax is doing a lot with uh ethereum as far as like the d5 nft world goes and i think rare really kicked that off yeah i mean it's gotten people excited and wearable is a coin that my research team uh you know had been pushing for a while they wanted me to make it one of my moon shots of the week a couple you know about a month ago and i didn't and now i'm kicking myself for not doing it because it's crushed it ever since so it's been a good month for rare and that's because it provides true utility with the utility token and that's what i think people have to look for especially with nfps again utility nfps utility tokens uh and things like that are really what i think are gonna take off yeah so when when we come out with bitboy the gathering the game i mean that's you know it's like magic the gathering but bit boy it's like not nerdy though oh you love me i'm not nerdy all right ken well thank you so much for joining us today uh obviously you're one of my favorite people definitely appreciate you coming on the show uh just real quick tell everybody where they can find you at uh kenneth bozak on twitter and my swag is at if you want to pick up some crypto swag uh i have a discord you can find somewhere on twitter and stuff and yeah i try to be everywhere just hit me up and just check out wax and my nfts by my entities awesome all right guys we will talk to you later killer interview with one of the most committed guys in crypto you guys make sure to head on over to the app to find the bitboy collectible cards they launched at the moment this video was released the cost is one each for the original versions and 1.5 each for the black and white ones there's only 20 of each available so you're gonna want to make sure head over there scoop some cards and then hopefully they'll moon and you can make that money because you know rarity you feel me that's all i got be blessed bit boy out [Music] you

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