BEST Bitcoin + Altcoins Price Prediction?! (BTC Bybit Trading + Analysis + Cryptocurrency News)

what's going on guys Patrick here bring
you a brand new video today we're gonna the killer video if you guys full of
information say we're gonna be talking about the most accurate bitcoin is all
coin price predictions we're also gonna be looking at some traits some technical
analysis as well as tons of other news that went on in the cryptocurrency space
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supply runs out now if we look at some technical analysis really quick we
fast-forward through that let's get into what you guys are probably instant and
that's exactly where the price is what exactly we can expect to see happening
next and what I see for Bitcoin in these short to mid-term well if you guys watch
what we've been seeing we actually had a third bounce off of this trendline which
did indicate that this is acting as support and that we are indeed following
the trendline and also very roughly drawn resistance up here you guys can
see the point where sort of we're looking at maybe where we would start to
at least look for bitcoins and maybe bounce off of that or if we break above
that again expect a bigger move right so that's on the daily timeframe
what exactly we are looking at now if we go into the for hourly notice on the
daily as well one thing before we move into the 4-hour one thing on the daily
well we talked about how you know no surprise came in from this red candle
and that we still had room to drop because of how far away we were from the
EMA ribbon look what happened next obviously I haven't I didn't I wasn't
able to upload due to the holidays and I think that came into the u.s.

Or at
least in the u.s. there were holidays not sure depending on where you are
things might have been a little different but overall we had a very big
red candle we came right back into the EMA ribbon which is obviously acting as
support and we bounced right off that that would this trend line that we
talked about coming in around the same place acted as very strong support and
we saw a very clear balance which made it a very easy trade for everybody that
was in it for those who were watching out now the for our early paints a
little bit different picture the daily obviously had been above the EMA ribbon
for a very long time obviously it's at the beginning of the
year the for our Lea had been above it since the end of January and just
recently on the 15th of February we had our break below right the first break
since the end of January since the 26th of January we had the break below that
and then we also saw the crossover things were looking a little more
bearish didn't last long but if you were able to catch some of these jobs
entering at the resistance and catching these jobs you would have made a lot of
money if you were able to play this in the short term but if you just waited
again looking at the daily you were able to catch the bounce off of the support
as well this is the trade that we were in and we were able to secure a log now
we also had a short and before the secure profits but not talking much
about that let's focus on where we're headed right now we are obviously a ways
above the EMA ribbon meaning we do have space obviously for a little bit of a
cool off and even on the one-hour chart this would be even clearer you'll see
that we bounce off of the EMA ribbon here as well acted a support bounced up
and trying to see some more bullish momentum now if I were to have to guess
now with finance maintenance that came in just recently and everything going on
it is a much more volatile and risky time my opinion where manipulation it's
easier to manipulate and it's possible that we are going to see something come
into play so I am keeping an eye out for that that if I had to guess my overall
sentiment is a little more bearish on the short-term than anything else and I
don't mean bearish as if we're gonna break below the support or go
down to $8,000 7,000 dollars although possible I don't really think that's
where we're headed next to me at least when I say bearish short-term means
there's an opportunity for Bitcoin to go from 10,000 250 ish down into the
$10,000 level maybe even nine thousand nine hundred dollar level again going
into the EMA ribbon acting a support and then bouncing above from there if we go
to the for our again very clear we have that room to drop to stay above the EMA
ribbon still so if we come all the way down into the ten thousand nine thousand
eight US and nine thousand nine hundred dollar level there is still room for us
to see that move so that's just what I'm looking at in the shorter timeframe
midterm everything looks overall very bullish of course we have to stay
cautious because there is a lot manipulation in the space it's possible
to manipulate it does happen although some people try to believe it doesn't
and try to say it doesn't it's there it happens we have to play with what the
information we are given and what the market gives us so as of right now
things are looking more bullish than bearish which I'm sure makes a lot of
people happy right obviously that is a good sign if you are in the market and
you are holding your crypto now this is a very interesting price prediction this
came in from Angelo BTC was got around 150,000 followers on Twitter and it's
basically known for being one of the most accurate bit-bit Mex traders right
I believe he was in the leader board for some of the top they were for the top
bid mixture I believe he might have been number one for some time don't quote me
on that specifically but the point is he made a lot of money on Betamax think I
won't point was like three thousand over three thousand Bitcoin a lot more
Bitcoin that I have probably a lot more big Quinn than a majority if you guys
have he's doing very very well now what he said he's obviously qual calls
himself a semi-retired crypto trader I believe he trades more of the bigger
picture of things he talked recently about picking up more Bitcoin or at
least logging Bitcoin at around the $7,500 level Possible's well maybe even
the $6,000 level he talked about before we went down to 6400 so he overall has
been relatively accurate now this is his minimum take profits as we approach 2021
so this means pretty much in 2020 these are his minimum
take profits that's $30,000 for Bitcoin right and I opened up the Bitcoin price
we can take a look up here 10100 48 that's pretty much a 3x move
for Bitcoin in the year 2020 mind you this is 2023 X for Bitcoin he said $500
for aetherium aetherium currently is at 281 so it's a little bit under a 2 X
move from aetherium he talked about x RP being at $1 his minimum take profit for
only the year 2020 $1 for x RP if we go here x RP it's a little over a 3x as
well and last but not least Tasos which i've told you guys over and over again
that i thought was a very good crypto if you were able to pick it up underneath
$1.00 then congratulations there were some price movements here that did allow
us to pick up under $1 at the end of 2019 and even know yeah just at the end
of 2019 I was mistaken it was a dollar and 20 or a dollar 30 cents early
January 2020 before the big all coin explosions bring it up to three dollars
and eighty-eight cents which where it's where it's at right now right obviously
maybe his tweet did help that a little bit I'm not a hundred percent sure but
three dollars eighty eight he says ten dollars so again just under close to a
three X of 2 to 3 X for that price as well so clearly he's very bullish on
Bitcoin mind you or on in crypto in general and on the market he's very
bullish thinking the markets going to perform very well in 2020 and mind you
this is his minimum take profits right minimum so he probably has levels above
that as well where if we hit those and he takes profit there he is looking to
scale out and take profit along the way as well because that's what normally
good traders do they buy in in pieces they sell in pieces that way it allows
them to dollar cost average their entry but also average out there buys so that
or their cells to their take profits so that they can maximize and minimize the
risk but also maximize their profit so that's what he's looking at
very interesting price fiction again I don't usually talk about people's price
predictions and stuff like that on the channel but since he was ranked like I
said I believe he was number one for some time on Big Macs for trading I
think we got to give him the benefit of the doubt I think we got to add his
diction in here if he's the top trader or one of the top traders he's probably
been more accurate than he has been wrong now if you look at the overall
market really quickly job back under a three hundred billion dollar market
let's give it a refresh to see exactly where we are right now yeah
just under three hundred billion dollars a green day however because bitcoin is
up three percent so that obviously dragon all coins up pulling the old
coins up we are seeing a much more green than red day in the market a BBC coin
twenty four percent it is up we're seeing I caught up seventeen Tasos again
a very good cryptocurrency we just talked about it up 14.3% see a maker
engine is up we'll talk a little bit about that in just a second but by far a
much more green than red day in the market with the biggest loser being Mona
coin down 23% then waxed and horizon swipe so on so on but you guys can tell
it's a small amount of kryptos in the red much more green than red that again
bullish news we talked about how things were looking more bullish we talked
about bullish price predictions we talked about how overall things were
looking bullish the only bearish should I believe situations were a few gaps
that have been filled and that's not necessarily a lot of bearish attention
of course with multiple with manipulation we never know exactly how
things are going to work especially during volatile times like maintenances
and everything like that we are keeping an eye out but definitely long term mid
to long term things are looking much more bullish than bears in the gorgeo
the Golden Cross did actually come in as well last time this happened bitcoins
price jumped 165 percent in two months are we gonna see a hundred sixty-five
percent again I hope so I'm sure a lot of you guys would agree
that be absolutely insane however it is a little less likely just
because I happened once does not mean it's going to happen again usually we
like to take one thing that happened once again and we've seen the history
bright the trends the patterns that happen we take that we add in our own
technical analysis we add our own view of what's happening before we make any
claims like that but hey if he goes up 165 percent in two months I'm not gonna
be complaining hopefully you guys aren't complaining and hopefully we're all in a
long at that time hopefully if you're using by bit if
you're using bit mechs whatever it is there are links down below to the either
of those if you want to sign up hopefully we're in a long hopefully we
have 5 X 10 X maybe even a little more leverage in if we do go up a hundred
sixty-five percent because I would not be complaining now last but not least
engine we haven't talked about them in some time but as you guys know it is one
of my favorite if you've been watching the channel for some time you know it's
one of my favorite all coins out there they've launched their game development
platform on aetherium so continuing to come out with more stuff continuing to
do better and better good news for engine good news for
people again who are following the project and think it's going to do well
I've been in engine for a very very long time I got in when it was very very
cheap I sold some at the run up that it had
and then picked some more up at the bottom where I thought was the bottom of
course dollar cost averaging my way down and again it's been doing very very well
so I'm very happy with how engine's performing and I'm happy to see them
continue to absolutely kill it and lead the way in terms in my opinion leave the
way in all coins it's one of the most developed oh it's doing the most in
terms of all coins and I always love to see that but guys that's gonna be up
this video hopefully you guys did enjoy if you did don't forget to leave a
thumbs up and leave a comment down below letting me know what you think make sure
you check back on Friday acceso we're gonna be uploading again but guys thank
you so much for watching I'll see you guys on Friday for another video

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