BEST Bear Market Proof Coins (3 Smartest Crypto Investments)

bitcoin dominance is up the bitcoin price not so much after a pretty insane week for bitcoin and not in the good way the altcoin market is looking less like winnie the pooh strolling through the woods but more like when leonardo dicaprio met that bear in the revenant almost all the alts have taken a significant hit from their recent highs but what if i told you there were some projects that seem to be carrying bear spray don't play dead let's get it welcome to bitboy crypto home of the bit squad the largest crypto community and all the interwebs my name is ben every day on this channel i show you how to make money in crypto if you like money and crypto then make sure to hit that subscribe button in this video we're going to look at three coins that have somehow defied the odds holding up insanely well in spite of recent volatility these are three bear proof altcoins you're going to want to know about if you already hold these tokens congratulations if you don't now is not the time to fomo in do your research like watching this video take stock of your portfolio before making any moves remember this isn't financial advice it's financial opinions picking the right projects at the right time can mitigate against some of the damage when things go south onto kodiak island first up is the explosive t fuel the utility token providing gas power to the theta network looking at the t fuel chart alone you'd be forgiven for thinking the rest of the market was in a sustained and healthy uptrend why is t-fuel dough continue to rocket in spite of everything well it almost certainly has something to do with the imminent launch of the theta 3.0 mainnet if you've been following theta and tval for a while you'll know that the launch of the 2.0 main net in 2020 saw an insane price rally only a year later history looks set to rhyme the hotly anticipated 3.0 mainnet launch will see the deployment of what are being called elite edge nodes not only will these allow the theta network to reach next level streaming speeds they'll also introduce t fuel burning as well as staking this means that with every d fuel payment which includes network transactions and smart contract fees the elite edge nodes will burn and permanently remove 25 percent from circulation as theta's edge network continues to see increased adoption this will lead to a slow steady and significant reduction of the t fuel supply supply and demand folks it works every time and hey since the rest of the market has turned into bear food for the moment we should be watching quality nature shows and comedies instead of obsessing over the charts 24 7.

Next on the list is hbar the native and energy efficient token of hedera public network after its parabolic ascent in the first few months of 2021 hbar has certainly seen a healthy retracement however inbanks are top three because of how well it's held up during the short-term bear market when a lot of the other altcoins were seeing 20 percent 30 even 40 losses in the last week h bar was clocking in at a modest nine percent drop in price nothing goes up in a straight line and after a period of consolidation hbar appears to have successfully tested support in around 16 cents this might be some way off from its all-time high but put that in perspective hbar went on a staggering 1300 run between january and march of this year which means this kind of pullback was not only expected but necessary before making the next leg up for those of you who are unfamiliar with the hedera network started in 2012 by a couple of math doctors that work for carnegie mellon and the u.s missile defense force the chief scientist dr lehman baird develop a super energy-efficient public ledger using something called hashgraph consensus to achieve tremendous speed and security with minimal bandwidth consumption it's called hashgraph and not hedera hash block because it's based off of a technology called dag or directed a cyclic graph for the nerds in the house you can learn more about the unique mechanics of dag by checking out the video in the link above but the end result is a lightning fast secure technology capable of processing up to 100 000 transactions per second moreover adera prides itself in being one of the greenest most sustainable systems on the market this is underpinned by their tech as well as being fundamental to their ethos it's no surprise then that it's attracted some major and i do mean major companies to the hedera governing council which is tasked with overseeing governance on the platform i'm talking boeing google ibm lg the big boys and look even chain link whoever won by betting against those guys such high caliber collaborations and hbar's robust performance in recent weeks adair looks to be poised and ready to make another big move once the markets start to recover last but not least is quant relative newcomer to crypto starting up back in 2019 the quant token has seen basically no price action for most of its life only to catch a big leg up in january with apparently no signs of stopping just look at this chart that's an insane amount of upward movement despite the huge swings we've seen this year just today the day we're recording this on friday quan is hitting its all-time high in the face of the downward pressure from the cme quarterly closures what's making quant do so well well quantity is offering something new to crypto an api gateway for distributed ledgers businesses are able to take the distributed ledger part of blockchain technology and integrate it into their systems this is still in its infancy but a business may use a distributed ledger technology or dlt to process data within their own organization for example if mcdonald's used their own version of v-chain to manage their milkshake machines and to stop them from always breaking down especially towards clothes it would live in a closed milkshake machine system but maybe that system would need to integrate with other mcdonald's logistics blockchains that are fully crypto that's where quant would come in quan has a technology called overledger the process is payments on the bitcoin ethereum and ripple networks this allows a company to keep their old internal payment systems while updating their customer facing payment portals it's kind of like a universal layer 2 payment system that settles its accounts on the layer 1 networks at specific intervals the best part about quant is that they want to make dapps ubiquitous and have the various blockchain texts fade into the background no user cares about tzpip or dns they just want their tick tocks to load as soon as they swipe that's where some of the blockchain technology universe is headed and the sooner the better dlt tech is a small business now only making up about 3 billion in market value but that's expected to explode by 2025 and hit a market value of 39 billion across the whole industry so while quant was in hibernation looks like now it's time for distributed ledger technology let us know your thoughts about the three altcoins that i've covered in the video today make sure to give us some price predictions or let us know about other coins that you think are bear market proof hit that like button and hit the subscribe button if you haven't done so already it keeps this crypto content ahead of the youtube censorship algorithm really helps out the channel that's all i got be blessed [Music] you

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