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talk about dot we're going to talk about joe rogan   we're going to talk about omi omi is my homie 
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what's going on in the world what's going on   in crypto we're living in such a unique time in 
u.s and world history this is unlike any other   time in the history of the world they continue to 
print money new all-time highs again in the stock   market the more money they print the higher the 
stocks go the more money they print the higher all   investable assets go including bitcoin including 
quality cryptocurrencies they're not slowing down   on the money printing anytime soon michael saylor 
has a bullish outlook when you say bullish outlook   i mean is there a price at which you would expect 
bitcoin to to continue to move higher toward that   and i realize it's very volatile asset class 
so it could be choppy but what is your outlook   well i mean our view is it'll be volatile 
because it's plugged into the entire crypto   market and it's new but it's going up forever um 
i've got a long-term view i think for the decade   bitcoin is going to be the strongest hardest uh 
you know most technically forward store of value   in the economy so we just have a long-term 
focus and we will continue to acquire it   quarter by quarter time to time either with 
cash flows or with debt or with equity just   depending upon market circumstances and what 
looks most accretive to our shareholders   let's get into altcoin news and actually let's 
start with a low-cap altcoin potential gem which   isn't in the ethereum ecosystem but instead is 
natively on the cardano ecosystem cardano-based d5   protocol ardonna has just completed a 10 million 
dollar raise from three aero capital and other   quality vcs and in the spectrum of more quality 
vcs to less quality vcs in my opinion the venture   capital that's backing ardhana is the more quality 
vcs which to me is bullish ardana a decentralized   finance protocol built on the cardano blockchain 
has just raised 10 million in strategic funding   three aero capital morningstar you can see the 
list right here of the venture capital that has   backed ardana to me you know there's trade-offs 
when venture capital backs certain projects   there's trade-offs when we see the more quality 
vcs to me that's bullish because it says to me   they're going to spend a lot of money getting 
this out there spreading awareness helping them   gain adoption and you know they're going to set 
them up for success ardana if you're unfamiliar is   building two key products a stable coin called 
dusd and a decentralized exchange dex called   danaswap the stablecoin will enable users to take 
loans against cardano ecosystem tokens such as ada   the dex on the other hand will let users trade 
tokens earn interest from dusd deposits and earn   rewards in our donna's native dana token for 
providing liquidity so it's great to see the   cardano ecosystem gaining traction ardan is not 
the only one by the way if you're interested in   learning more about cardano based tokens check 
out adolend check out spores check out d fire   ever since cardano became smart contract capable 
fully competing with ethereum its ecosystem is   getting built out in a big way now speaking of 
cryptocurrency projects looking towards ethereum   and trying to become just as successful with dapps 
big news for v chain v chains decks to launch   governance token and yield farming program it's 
a pretty big deal for vechain in my opinion the   v chain ecosystem is expanding at an incredible 
pace their first decks their first automated   market maker called vex will launch their 
governance token with the same ticker next week   on november 9th vechain holders november 9th in 
addition the team behind the decks announced that   they will roll out a yield farming program to be 
deployed at the same time as the governance token   the yield farming program for the vex vet pair 
could offer users a new opportunity to maximize   rewards i would suspect that money would be coming 
into the vechain ecosystem to try to get that   yield pretty cool to see v chain doing this also 
pretty cool to see what's going on with xrp to be   specific wrapped xrp to launch on the ethereum 
blockchain in december the xrp network still   appears to be innovating despite regulatory woes 
the info is this if all goes according to plan   wrapped xrp wxrp will be coming to the ethereum 
blockchain next month courtesy of   move is meant to enable ripple holders to interact 
with aspects of decentralized finance or d5 such   as executing smart contracts for use in borrowing 
and lending swapping for altcoins via their native   tokens because currently the xrp network can only 
handle sending receiving and holding xrp so xrp   is integrating with the ethereum ecosystem 
this is a big win for xrp i would say this is   an even bigger win for the ethereum ecosystem 
because we continue to see stuff like this happen   do we have any omi fans do we have any omi fans 
omi nft fans in the audience today let me know   in the comments huge partnership vivi partners 
with united states postal service for exclusive   nfts this is a big partnership thanks to vv's 
latest partnership stamp collections are hitting   the blockchain vivi the company behind ecami 
ami is the token announced today that they've   entered into a partnership with the united states 
postal service the usps as part of the agreement   vv will release the first ever official usps 
digital collectible stamps on the blockchain   this is huge for omi and ecome and vivi in 
my opinion because this comes on the back of   earlier this year vivi announced a partnership 
with the biggest of media conglomerates disney   basically disney owns everything marvel star 
wars pixar espn small towns steamboats etc etc   so this is good for omi this is good for vivi 
this is great for the united states postal   service let's talk about eath scaling solution 
loop ring and a potential huge partnership   loop rings token which is on the ethereum 
network surges on rumors of gamestop nft alliance   loop rings token is up more than 200 percent over 
the last week on reports that ethereum scaling   solution will power gamestop's nft marketplace 
so it's already a fact that gamestop is creating   their own ethereum based marketplace as you know 
it's expensive right now to transact nfts on an   ethereum marketplace so what's the move you got to 
go with an ethereum scaling solution in this case   loop ring is what is rumored this would be a huge 
deal for loop ring and if it's not loopering maybe   it's matic maybe it's something else but gamestop 
is working with ethereum and this is cool to see   ethereum has already busted past all-time highs 
bitcoin very close to busting past all-time highs   what else solana actually at all-time highs solana 
flips fellow ethereum rival cardano as solana   near's all-time high and it has hit its lana is 
now the fifth largest crypto asset by market cap   because this comes on the back of solana's budding 
ecosystem for every reason people like eth for   very similar reasons for the utility factor that's 
why solana is doing so well solana's secondary nft   sales reach half a billion dollars in three months 
to be specific cryptoslam has ranked solana as the   fourth best nft blockchain behind ethereum behind 
ronin behind wax in terms of 24-hour sales volume   so solana really nipping at the heels trying 
to be the best at what it's doing solana   has flipped ship solana has flipped xrp solana 
has flipped dot and now solana has flipped ada   is ethereum next let me know what you think about 
this in the comments below solana compared to ada   compared to eth how do you see it speaking of dot 
however dot to me looks bullish we've been talking   about this for a while polka dot breaks new highs 
kusama surges on parachain developments polka dot   and kusama have resumed their uptrends helped by 
promising developments surrounding cross chain   interoperability of course the big date tomorrow 
november 4th is the day that polka dot holders   that parachain auctions are likely to begin 
and we've been reporting to you on polka   dots since it first launched so make sure 
you subscribe to our channel before we get   to lower cap altcoins let's take 60 seconds 
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that being said let's get to some low cap   altcoins this case secret network and not so low 
cap cosmos the news is this quentin tarantino   is breaking into the nft game apparently he will 
be launching nfts with secret or unreleased video   footage from pulp fiction and some of his other 
classics so you know that's cool for fans for   crypto holders what's he using he's using 
the secret network which is built on cosmos   so that's the information do with that what you 
will my question to you is for a new person coming   into the space today what's the best crypto that 
they should start with what should they buy first   i say bitcoin understand bitcoin first and then 
understand ethereum but after that which coin   what do you think they should be looking into let 
me know in the comments below i'll be looking at   your comments to see if i agree you know there 
was a time a year or two ago when everybody was   waiting for joe rogan to drop his bitcoin podcast 
he hadn't done a bitcoin podcast since 2016 with   andreas antonopoulos and everybody was waiting for 
him to do it again now at this point i think you   know if you were to do a bitcoin podcast there's 
no way you won't talk about ethereum nfts d5 alt   coins it seems inevitable perhaps it'll be 
the market top anyway we're waiting for this   is it as big a deal now that bitcoin and crypto 
is so mainstream who knows as a fan i'm waiting   for this checking on bitcoin consolidating your 
all-time highs what a wick bounced right back   checking on ethereum it made a new all-time high 
bullish consolidation if i ever saw it that being   said my friends i will see you tomorrow subscribe 
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