BEST 3 Coins to 100x Your Portfolio (TOP NFT Projects)

yeah i mean so there's a lot going on in nft space man it's hard to like wade through all the stuff you know because i i do think that there's a lot of stuff out there that uh you know it's kind of on that bubble edge we're like guys just a little bit overpriced right bitswap is the hottest new way to trade tokens crawling all the top decentralized exchanges bizwa will get you the very best price and value for your trades bitswap is changing the game try it now at welcome to bitboy crypto the largest crypto channel in all the interwebs my name is ben everyday on this channel i show you how to make money in cryptocurrency if you like money and crypto and even nfts make sure to hit that subscribe button and while you're at it go ahead and click the link down below to subscribe to crypto stash's channel our resident nft expert wait he doesn't live here today i sat down with crypto stash to talk about the top three nft projects set to blow up you're definitely going to want to watch this video until the very end all right let's jump into the interview hey guys i'm once again joined by my friend your friend crypto stash to come talk nfts he has got to be one of the biggest experts on nfts in the whole entire world he was talking about nfts when i was still calling people who play video games nerd what is true that's true i still call them that though yeah that's okay though you know i i there was a time where it was bad to be a nerd now that the nerds are the dudes making all the money here like in crypto and nfts and it's great and you know not just here but like gaming in general it's been a big thing and so just kind of see that that that shift paradigm shift is kind of funny right you know so what's that man i'm cool with that well i remember i remember a conversation i had with a guy one time and he explained to me that the cool kids are the nerds and the nerds are actually the cool kids so basically explaining that hey the nerds are the ones doing their school work going to school getting good grades making the money and the cool kids when you're in high school they're skipping school smoking the marijuanas okay and then what do they do they turn out to be losers okay so listen let's talk nfts you are the nft expert if you will and i went over from you yeah i i use quotations loosely i love it yeah yeah everyone is quote unquote expert no you really are though like i mean look let's call let's call things where they are you are an nft expert i look for you i look at you for nft guidance so what i want to know from you what are your top three nft projects right now yeah i mean so there's a lot going on in nft space man it's hard to like wade through all the stuff you know because i i do think that there's a lot of stuff out there that uh you know it's kind of on that bubble edge we're like guys just a little bit overpriced right yeah but uh yeah so i there i have uh three of my faves so well the first one i'll talk about real quick is uh phantasma i know that's one a coin you've talked about here on the channel before um and uh you know fantasma has been kind of crushing it man and it's it's one of the platforms i recommend a lot in particular to musicians who i've been consulting with about music like you know music nfts because they have a lot of great features for that uh but the big news that just dropped here recently is kevin smith is going to be launching his own line of nfts on phantasma uh and it's going to be around his new uh movie feature that he's doing kilroy and uh like other themed nfts around kind of like some of his classic characters jay and silent bob right so that's going to be i mean that that already i think in itself is some pretty big news and why i'm pretty bullish on on seoul uh in general seoul is the the the main token there for phantasma you know yeah well yeah funny story funny story you do know why they're using fantasma uh i i want to know why exactly let's hear it let's hear it because of me this is straight from the horse's mouth it's you it's you you did it it's your fault there you go so what happened was we're making it happen guys there you go i'm just saying so simcore uh the company that is kind of helping him with this stuff um the guy the main guy from simcoe he actually saw my fantasma video uh back i made probably about two to three months ago maybe somewhere around there and uh he was very impressed with what he saw and he investigated it he was like oh my god this is really legit so that video right there is actually you know it's just money to watch like kind of the unfolding of how things happen so yeah uh it was that video that really showed them that phantasm and i've been very bullish on fantasma for a long time yeah i mean that like that's one of the videos i get a lot of questions on because i did a video on uh how musicians can use phantasma to launch music nfts and i've been getting a ton of questions about that because people are really really interested and the platform has some really great features too and and the the development team behind it is a really solid development team uh they've really been pushing the the boundaries there so um yeah i'm definitely very bullish on seoul and uh you know staking it to get that kcal man that's how you do it you know that's how you do it so yeah that's that's the secondary token that they have so yeah okay so let's go with speaking a secondary what is your second top nft project right now so another one that i'm really bullish on and something i've been involved with uh for a little while is alien worlds tlm this is a brand new token that uh you know just hit binance launch pad and uh it is it is you know um it's an in-game cryptocurrency for this game called alien worlds and right now it's kind of just in a you know a bit of a beta state but you can mine there right now you can own land and they're adding a bunch of new features but this uh ingrain currency is essentially what you get as you mine right so you're playing this game you're mining and you're you're mining real world value because so it kind of completes this like play to earn yeah we talk about a lot of like play to earn nft games on my on my channel and so um right along with that so every day i'm just over there mining i have a whole set up you can buy different nfts you get different uh you know different amounts of of tlm or you can actually mine nfts themselves so some places that you go uh you know on these different planets uh you can actually mine an nft so you're not only getting tlm but you're also getting nfts too and that's just kind of the tip of the iceberg with this game and uh tlm is the in-game currency so uh definitely one of these and they they just kind of completed this bridge this like wax to ethereum to binance bridge uh with it with an announcement of this binance launch pool so uh you know some pretty big stuff there so you can stake and get uh quite a bit of tlm right now on that platform well a lot of people know on this channel we love aliens so alien worlds i love that definitely yeah aliens yeah tlm yeah right so i said alien world so aliens worlds is that is uh elliott's worlds what i'm not sure what you're saying i'm saying aliens world exactly yeah aliens just like i'm saying the hell we love l.a.t yes atlan's we love that uh but i mean this is a project that's got a lot of hype i mean it goes on bindings on trout i mean if you go and look at the gains from those projects they do extremely well why because they're vetted very well to become a project that launches on the launch pad and we were looking at some of those today i mean uh you know the do you know the number one project from the bindings launchpad the number one ever no i don't know i don't know oh go ahead guess i'll just say is is it my it's not my neighbor alice right that was one of the most recent ones that they did that was a big one well that one's a very that one's very early i mean that's uh very recent so it's going to take a while to catch up to some of these ones that have launched a while but the number one is elrond el ryan's actually oh hell rhonda they've got several other good ones i was looking at some of that today so yeah yeah i've been i've been on most of the launch pad so since they started that the whole launch pool launch pad thing so i've been i've been uh you know taking advantage of that definitely yeah finance i love that and i think that uh alien world's is getting a lot of hype i'm seeing a lot of people searching for it everywhere so you guys can go search it alien world all right so let's go with number three what is your number three top nft project right now so number three i'm actually gonna come with uh our fox red fox labs you know this is you know the the main cryptocurrency behind the very popular wax based game cogs and so cogs is kind of like uh it's kind of like pogs yeah so pogs is you know i don't know if you remember that that old-school game when you were a kid like mel caps right so it's kind of like that but the digital version and but there's so many different uh you know different borders and things that you can collect in this nft kind of game and then what you can do is you can stake them right into what they call tubes so just like you put pogs in a tube back in the day they have these tubes that you can stake right and so by staking these cogs you actually are allotted a certain amount of our fox that they've allocated for the staking period of their you know nfts and so that window's actually opening up here on the 24th and uh this is one of the last windows to be able to get staking done so i think a big rush on that and our fox too is as a currency you know is going to be given out for this this stake uh so anything where i can you know stash my crypto stake things away you know what i'm saying and earn some passive income i'm all about and rfox has a ton of other things in the works beyond just what's going on with their cogs and the staking and things like that too so funny story about that when i have a funny story with every one of these projects this one was actually shilled to me by a member of my community uh back over the summer and if you know anything about rvex labs or our fox lab excuse me well make sure i say what we're talking about correctly if you know anything about our fox labs then you know that it has exploded and uh that's one i'm still kicking myself over today well the reason why i didn't buy it uh was i i was going to but it was strictly because it wasn't on uniswap it was uh not on a deck at the time and so i had to go sign up for an account somewhere i didn't want to sign up so unfortunately i missed out on that one but red fox labs definitely won to be super bullish on well stash yeah thank you so much for coming on today uh talking a little phantasma a little red fox labs or rfox labs a little alien world man stash your crypto up in those alien saucers uh so anything else you want to leave us with today uh about nfts uh yeah i mean you know i i got some pretty cool stuff coming to the blockchain as well i have an upcoming project uh based around my secret agent stash gaming show uh so i'm gonna be dropping some nfts there and i'm actually doing in a collab with a pretty famous musician we're gonna be doing uh a drop of that nft i've been working as a cool animated piece too so definitely look for some of those things here come pretty soon awesome uh you guys make sure to go subscribe to crypto channel we'll have the link down below uh last just real quick last question are you going to do a secret stash episode dressed as cupid as mark cuban cupid oh as cupid oh as cupid that's a good one i've not done i've not done cupid as a disguise you know i i have there's over 21 disguises they're going to be in this this nft set and i have over that amount of disguises that i've worn uh on my on my show yeah but that's not one of them man i've never been able to do the only one i've worn that's not the only one i've seen you i've seen in the rabbit one too the easter bunny [Laughter] i take the best of every channel what can i love it though i love it man yeah all right guys well make sure to go subscribe to stash we love stash we you definitely want to check out his stuff he puts out he's like true crypto creator uh all in on crypto love that about him so guys make sure to do that and let me know who else you want to see us talk to on this channel and let us know what you think about our picks today that's all i got be [Music] blessed [Music] you

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