Behind the Seams: Sewcialites Block 1, Quotation Trunk Show, and more!

[Music] [Music] [Music] hey guys good morning i'm kimberly jolly from fat quarter shop today is september 25th 2020 and today is an exciting day because we are launching today our brand new social lights free sew along i'm going to talk a little bit about the sew along and then i have a big announcement so to sew along you can find the pattern one by lisa alexander called harmony you can find it everywhere on fat quarter shop so you can find it on our blog you can find it on our website you can find it in kimberly stitch squad which is a facebook group you can find it in the fat quarter shop group you can find it in the social lights lounge group so it is everywhere i've checked it's all working this morning a completely free pattern and we have binders and i'm going to show you kind of the files that you can get so the binders are going to sell out and we're going to keep getting more and more basically the reason it's slow is they have to package these so the binder is super nice and crystal put really nice page protectors in here for me this is a file you can download it has every block the date it's releasing and the designer we have a coloring sheet and peop we have a really good idea for next year based on some of the feedback we've seen in the group i don't want to tell the idea but it's going to be great it will help you not have to do so much work as you did this year but this is also available free we also have a section on the blog for just socialites and all of this information is on there and if you want to use triangles on a roll it will tell you based on the size of block that you're doing which triangle rolls triangles on a roll we will be using and here is block one so what i'm going to do is i'm going to take block one out and today i'm going to show you how to make the block and for this entire program i am going to do live demos on every single block and make every single block live so that's something that i think you guys have been asking for and one of the things that i'm going to be doing when i do that is i'm going to show my shortcuts so if you want to do it the way i do it you might not want to cut until you watch the video because i'm going to change things around i hope i don't confuse you but i'm just going to show you how i do it so download your pattern it's just print it out it's free it's in color and block one is two pages so there's the block and i'm going to show you kind of what i'm going to be using so here's my block ones so i decided to sew all of them so every block has already been made three times so this is the nine inch block the six inch block and the three inch block i used homestead by april rosenthal it ships in october so this isn't in the store yet but it will be soon so if you want to make yours exactly like mine i will have three quilts at the end and also at the end i'm going to show you how to do a specialty piece backing that you guys have also been asking about now this program goes all the way till june i want to show you on the back yeah for this program i'm recommending that you press open a lot of you hate that and if you hate it don't do it just figure out how you want to press for me there are so many points and especially with a three inch if you're doing the three inch you absolutely have to press open this block will not work if you don't press open because i tried and it doesn't work there's too many seams and too many bulks and your block would be bumpy it would be like boom boom boom it would it would not look good because i did try it when i did the first block i tried a couple of different things so if you're doing these two sizes you can press a different way i decided to press open when you press open you will want to use a shorter stitch length so if you normally use a two stitch length you would use a 1.5 so whatever you normally use just go down a little bit so i've made these and every week i'm going to show you these these three but for demo purposes i decided that i don't want another block the same exact fabric i'm going to make a fourth quilt so all hallows eve by joanna figueroa just came back in stock so i'm going to do the six inch size with this layer cake here are my fabrics for today and i wanted to show you these are starched so this is how they come off my rack i use um a rack from am us what do you call it lily drying rack so i starch it and i soak it all the way through i've got some videos on that i learned it from lisa bonjin and i put it on the rack and you will see it comes with the crease oh sorry that's okay and it's okay that it comes with the crease because i'm going to show you how you get it out but this is how it came off the rack and i'm going to show you everything from cutting the entire step what i will be using will be these creative grids mats from size two and a half to six and a half and i also have a seven and a half inch here that i'm going to need to use sometimes now last week you guys asked if i could sell a set of these so we are so the set is going to include the two and a half three and a half four and a half five and a half six and a half and that will be available on our website next wednesday yay and you will see that i have another ruler it's just a longer ruler i will use this but it will be rarely and that is because we're doing block by block and i'm going to show you how i can serve fabric and how i don't really do strips i cut more of square by square so that i have enough to make another block so there's that i want to show you that we're going to be using a design board you can buy these or you can make them we have a video on our channel on how to make them it's one of the very first videos we ever did with lori holt and i have my alpha bitties here because we're going to do a through f today these are my alphabities and i put them in this jar this jar is called kilners or kilner i cannot find more of them i wish i could because one broke i bought it on amazon from a company in the uk and i've had it for years and years and years and i have a couple of them so i already pulled out my alphabetties put them on my board so put this aside before you start put in a new blade so yesterday ashley put in an endurance blade for me so we're ready to go i do use endurance blade i feel like they do last longer if you are on a budget and you can't that's totally okay too just change your blade whatever your whatever blade you're using you'd want to change before we start and i got a fresh seam ripper and we're hoping that i don't have to use that today so i've left it in the package and hoping that i don't have to use it and we will also be using the brand new kimberly cuts mats to trim it is easier to see on these mats than these so what i'm going to do is kind of put my rulers over here so i can get to them and i'm gonna do the pattern okay more a little bit more there perfect thank you lily's fixing the camera so what we're going to do today we're going to make the six inch block and what i'm going to do is talk about the six inch block only make just the six inch block when we're done i'm gonna go back and tell you my tips for the three inch and the nine inch that are the same as the six inch but i think it would be too confusing for me to do all three at once so i've decided to just do the six inch so what i'll do to make it easy for me i'm gonna cover up the nine inch and i do this at home because i don't want to cut the wrong thing so for example if you have a lori holt book and it shows six inch and nine inch you just put a sticky and you can use the stickies over and over and then that way you don't accidentally cut the wrong thing don't ask how i know because i do it all the time so this is a trick we're going to focus on the six inch so before i start let's let me take any questions you have before i start the block because once i start the block it's going to be a bit are there any questions oh yes sorry okay mike on there okay funny comment from threadneedle hello cheating on my cross stitch to watch quilting oh thank you and i did forget to say i'm using our full color 2000 and we got a new machine lily found a machine or ashley who found the machine so a customer emailed us oh my gosh a customer thank you this machine is so good so i'm excited um to use a new machine yes she's in love with it i know i went home and i was like i need a new one for my house mine is really really old and there's really not a good um service tech for jukies in austin every place i've taken mine when they come back they just seem louder and just not they just don't know how to service them so i never get mine serviced so from abilene johnson if you don't have a lot of rulers what would you suggest for a beginner i would just get a six and a half by eighteen and a half inch ruler by creative grids and that will be plenty uh and there are more questions but they're more general questions so i'll save those for the end perfect okay so we're gonna start so we're gonna go to the upper camera and i'm gonna take my handy dandy notebook and you guys always ask how i do things so i'm going to show you the way i do it it does take longer the way i do it but um i'm going to teach you so i'm going to first read the pattern and decide what i'm cutting and how i'm cutting so fabric a is part of the hourglass and fabric d is part of the hourglass the math for an hourglass is you take the finished size of your hourglass add one and a quarter inches so for a two inch block it would this would finish it two inches because two inches three inches no two inches four inches six inches because you've got three sections right here it's finished two inch so you need to cut it three and a three and a quarter but we go up to three and a half so you're going to see that we're going to cut the a and the d3 and a half and we're going to trim it down that's going to save you time and accuracy so i'm going to cut those just like it's shown fabric b is this middle square so that's how i'm going to cut that and fabrics c and e are half square triangles so i we have written the pattern the traditional way because we don't want you to have to buy triangle paper if you don't want to if you look in the instructions there are three sizes the first one is for your three inch block your six inch block and your nine inch block so we will be working on this one it's one and a half so if it is unfinished one and a half you need it to be finished at one inches so i'm going to pull out my triangle paper i use triangles on a roll and it says one inch finished so instead of cutting c and e i'm going to use triangle paper so i'm going to put a little note there and do that f is just square so i'm going to cut that the same so i have kind of looked at my pattern analyzed it before i cut anything so now what i'm going to do is draw it out my drawing is horrible ask anybody who works here these are my diagrams they're horrible so i'm going to think about my background and i'm going to think about how i'm going to cut it so i waste the least amount so first i'll cut a three and a half inch here and a three and a half inch here and i'll cut it two and a half inch here three six seven eight nine and a half so i'm gonna cut nine and a half here and then i'm going to do the next section will be my triangle paper that's how i'm going to cut that so this is my background and the reason i'm doing that is i'm going to save all of this for later another block and then i'm going to draw the print which is the pink but today we're sewing it orange the same thing two three and a half four two inches so here i'm gonna do that is going to be triangle paper so that's going to go over here so this will be triangle paper and then we'll cut some one and a half inch squares here see how many we get and whatever we don't get we'll get from down here so i will be able to save a large part probably half of the layer cake if i cut this the way that i've drawn now this is obviously an extra step you don't have to do this this is the way that i do it because i really think it out before i cut are there any questions before i go on okay good so what i'm going to do is put this aside bring my iron out and this is starch so you can see it's this is how you can tell your fabric is starch correctly it stands up and it makes a tint so i am going to just iron it and that i do use steam but because i have starched my fabric has already pre-shrunk so it will not shrink anymore but before i do anything i'm going to just iron both of these and then i'm going to show you how they shrunk people are asking if the first you cut your yardage into a 10 inch square so on this one there are fabric requirements that lily can pop up real quick and on the six inch block you can make the blocks with a layer cake so the reason i cut this into ten inch square is because the yardage just arrived yesterday and because the yardage arrived yesterday i used part of the layer cake background because that's what i had what i will do is probably cut it into half yard sections or fat quarters or 10 inches so you'll see what i do next week it'll just kind of depend but this was all i had but you do not have to do it that way so when i'm looking at my pattern both a and d are three and a half inch squares so i can keep this stacked but before i cut i want to show you how the layer cake looks this is ten inches and this is now nine and three quarters or nine and a half so you will see that on the layer cake one size does not shrink and one side does and that is with all fabric when you start one side will shrink and one side will not so because i have to cut two three and a half inch squares from both fabrics i spilt on my alphabetties i am going to so i have this i'll put it over here i'm going to cut using the square ruler now you could cut a strip and do it that way but i'm just going to show you how i do it and the reason i do it this way is i have very little waste so there's one set the next set i will do right here this is why i should be using my new mat but i do cut towards myself if you're new please don't do that i have never cut myself doing that so and i'm going to try to show you guys every week exactly what i do at home so i'm going to try not to change anything so that you see what i do so the first two are a's and i will scratch out what i cut that's just the way that i do it and then these two are d's and i'm going to scratch out what i cut and now i've got to do the triangle paper so since it's together i'm going to go ahead and do the triangle paper and it says four two inch squares so you're going to cut four off of here to replace the two inch squares so i use washi tape to hold it down hold it open and i've got this so i'm going to cut four so what i will do is cut and when you're using triangle paper you want to cut exactly on the line if you don't cut exactly on the line it will not be accurate you will get triangles that come out a different size and then i've got these two also and i'm going to cut those and then these you can save you can just put it on there and just washi tape it down and i've used this washi tape probably 20 times so it could fall off so here's my four take your fabrics put them right sides together and actually i'm seeing a crease here that i don't want to have to worry about so instead i'm going to put it on this corner instead of what i had originally planned and then i'm going to pin it in place i'm going to i do use a lot of pins after it's pinned and right sides together i'm going to cut around so this is c and f and my c is here so there we go so i can put that aside and i'm also going to cross them out so now i've got one left a two and a half inch square from my background so i will separate the fabrics and i will use this so that's not going to work that's not going to work so my closest section is right here so i will put it as close to the edge as i can i'll go ahead and use the small mat do you know where the small mat is oh here it is it's right here sorry it's okay so you can see it better so i just go right here so i cut as little as possible off and this will be your fabric b so i will put that on here and i will cross it off now i will keep all of this i'm not going to trim anything off off i'm going to keep this and use it in a future block like if i need a two and a half inch square or something i've got plenty of room that's also why i like to use these rulers is i know by placing it on top what really fits so i will put this in my little box and i don't need it anymore unless i make a mistake now i will go to my print and it says four two inch squares so to cut the four two inch squares i will take a four and a half inch ruler and i'm going to cut right there so i will cut two sides i will save all of this put it in my box now so i'm gonna cut so i've got two four two inch squares so first i'm gonna start with a four inch square because two plus two is four so now i've got a perfectly square four inch block i'm going to put my ruler on the two inch line and cut and when i take this off i'm going to be careful so that nothing has moved i'm going to rotate and i'm going to cut right there these will be my fabric ease and you can see that when i do this i don't keep them in alphabetical order i just keep them wherever it will fit so now i will move my rulers kind of out of the way and we're going to start sewing so i've cut everything i'm going to find a friction pin so a friction pin can be controversial and i'll just talk about well first i'll go back to this so you can see that i didn't cut exactly like this and that's okay the whole point of this is to make sure that i have thought out what i'm gonna cut and i have enough so if you start with a smaller piece like maybe a five by ten or something like this you can draw it out if you would like so now i can put this away i don't need this anymore and the first step is to do the triangle paper so with the triangle paper you're going to stitch on your dotted line you're going to use a foot that has a little bit open so i'll show you the foot i'm going to use this one came with the machine oh it's tight new machine oh my goodness it's not going to come off oh what in the world oh my gosh it's because it came like this oh there it goes sorry it's new they had that screwed on tight whoa i was like whoa so this is the foot i'm using because i can see when i'm stitching i can see my dotted lines so i stitch directly on the dotted lines so i'm going to do that and i'm going to do it fast like i do at home now go to half an in half so if you started a 2 stitch with a 1.5 or 1.2 so just make it smaller [Applause] and you could do it where you follow the line and rotate i usually don't do that [Applause] so triangle paper usually has an arrow i just ignore them [Applause] [Applause] so [Applause] [Applause] so now i have stitched on my dotted lines we're going to cut apart so just cut directly on the line so i'm going to keep cutting but i'm happy to answer any questions while i cut because i think i can do both so if there's any questions lily yeah uh a lot of people have been wondering what brand or what model juicy that is tl-2010q and ashley will put a link to it an amazon link to it yes yes okay and wilma evans has asked when using triangle paper the paper is measured to the finished size and the pattern includes a quarter inch so will the block be smaller and how do you compensate for that okay so triangles on a roll you look at whatever your unfinished size is in your pattern this is one and a half take half an inch off that's the finished size you need to start with and if it says two inches you would measure and it's one in seven it's actually one and seven eighths but we made the instructions bigger so you can trim down and we do have a triangle paper sheet that is got the cheat numbers on it yes so let's link to that and that will probably help you to take the paper off i crease back so actually i don't do this anymore because my kids do it i have trained them very well on how to do the paper now obviously if i just had a little bit i wouldn't but i will usually do six or seven blocks at a time sometimes even eight do all the triangle paper at once and then they have to pull all eight all at once so they like it though and then it's just going to pull right off triangles on a roll paper um is my favorite and sometimes there's a little piece that stays that's okay and then at home i usually just throw this on the floor because then i get on my knees and pick everything up all we want because it saves time so now these are done we're going to press them open and while i'm pressing i can answer questions um kathy blacklock is there a reason for making a fresh cut on one side as opposed to using the edge of the previously cut piece it's easier than trying to line up the ruler edge on that previous cut line i always i always um just create a new a new cut that's just kind of how i do it um so when i'm pressing first i press the scene i press what do you call it that i do that i'm doing uh setting your seams setting my seam sorry you set your seam and then you press we're going to press to one side either side it doesn't matter because i'm pressing open now of course when you're at home you can do it however you would like these small blocks would be really hard to do without pressing open lots of people are saying thanks for doing this that they're learning a lot oh my gosh i'm so nervous about doing it um okay so now before i press open i'm going to cut the little dog ears off because if you do it after you have to cut four times instead of two times and so i'll do that real quick and then i literally take these and throw them on the floor like i said i just make a big pile on my floor and then i get on my hands and knees kind of scoop it all up throw in the trash and then i vacuum but actually i don't vacuum my son peyton vacuums he is the back he loves to vacuum he knows more about our um so yeah i would normally just throw this on the floor but since i'm at work i'll put in the trash so now i will go back and press open i will first finger press and then put the iron if you are scared of burning yourself which will happen you could always use lori's seam press roller oh sorry what did i say oh no you're good it's the if you search it on our website it's quick press seam roller yeah that but i always do it this way with my iron and yes i do burn myself but it usually goes away pretty quick i think my hands are used to it it's like the other day i burned myself on a video with a hot glue gun oh my gosh that took three days to go away it had like a white like i don't know if it was a blister but like a white bubble on my finger oh yeah like the beginnings of the blister yeah all right gabriel fuentes was asking if you have issues with your seam coming undone when you pull the paper off no because i stitch with a really small steam stitch allowance and i use a brand new needle and it doesn't pull off if it's pulling off you need to do a shorter stitch length uh and can you remind all of us what that stitch length was okay so it really varies from machine to machine so the one at home i use a 1.0 but i got this new machine yesterday and it stitches different so on this one i'm using a 1.5 so whatever you normally stitch at just go down about a 0.5 or more and then judy matthews wants to know if the triangle paper is recyclable yeah it's paper and laurie said that you were testing me to see if i know my sewing terms and i get an a plus thank you oh i'm testing lily that's funny so now what i'm gonna do is i'm gonna do the next step and i'm gonna lay all of these out the way the pattern has so this is what we're doing right here let's see and then i'm going to add my e's or my f's i think i put the wrong i might have put the wrong did i cut these wrong f oh i cut these wrong these are supposed to be one and a half i got them wrong oh no that's okay that's typical this happens telling you this happens when you're cutting so i cut this wrong because i was probably nervous so i need these to be one and a half instead of two so i just stack all four and cut and that's going to happen at home with you guys too like it just happens and there's no reason to get frustrated you just re-look at your pattern recut and then you'll put these here and i cut the wrong amount too it was supposed to be eight so there we go mistake number two so i needed eight one and a half who knows what i was cutting i was cutting something else so now i take this little piece one and a half plus one and a half is three so i will start with a three inch square i'm still going to save this because you can still get one and a half from this so i always cut a squ if i need to do four i'm going to cut a square and then sub cut from that so three inches i might have to just start throwing stuff on the floor trying to be neat okay then i will do one and a half and one and a half yay yay for mistakes right yeah people say that they're really happy you're keeping it real and that it's actually refreshing to see um you know people being human on camera yeah i mean you everyone makes mistakes so so now i've laid out four units and i kind of keep them separate so i'm following the pattern before i sew anything i'm gonna make sure the two whites are in the center so two whites two whites two whites two whites then we're gonna chain piece so i'm gonna change my foot to a quarter inch foot and i'm gonna chain piece so i'm gonna chain piece i'm gonna go down here and i'm gonna keep sewing down here keep sewing down here keep sewing down here keep sewing so i'm gonna have a big chain and at the end i'll show you how to how to go from there and cut so i and at home i would have had a design board for this but for this i'm just going to do it this way so change your stitch length to like whatever's normal so i'm gonna do a 2.0 [Applause] and chain piecing means you don't cut your thread the key is to keep stay in order so that's the first unit keep going and i can answer questions uh what size needle are you using 80-1-2 and we put a new needle in also it's a universal needle oh yeah sorry um and i use schmitz that's the brand i use yes from barba julia what is setting a seam and why do it so setting the seam is i will show you in the next section but you set your iron flap on your seam before you press it it kind of locks in your thread stitches so when you press to one side it will press nicer and flatter [Applause] from melb0810 is a triangle paper a special kind of paper which you can just cut with your fabric rotary blade i use my fabric rotary blade some people don't but i do but it's um triangles on a roll is the brand i use i also own that company now because i loved it so much i bought it it's also thinner paper so i think it doesn't um right ruin your blades yes fast so now i'm going to leave it all chained together and we're going to press so this is setting your seam just setting your iron on it making sure to not rock it like that so first you just set it and then i'm going to press all of them one way and then we're going to press open so first i will press towards the print that is not a half square triangle because it will go nicer and this is how i do it at home keep it all together saves time this one looks funny so this one looks funny i got to do something with this one no it just looks funny i guess it's fine so now i will turn it over and press the whole thing open all at once so everything's upside down now and i'm going to move this slightly so i don't burn myself because i don't have a lot of room between here so i literally just press open and doing it this way kind of keeps all the seams behind me flat because it keeps the iron on there longer the key to this is just to not rock your not rock your iron so everything is nice and flat now i'm going to cut apart my units so i'm going to cut apart one two three four and i will show you now how that looks so now you don't have to line them up because they're connected this one something's wrong with it i'm going to fix it you can tell that something's wrong with it so i think my seam is off so i'm going to redo the seam real quick i'm redid my seam i'm going to re-iron it flat so now we're just gonna sew these closed what i do before i go to the machine can we zoom in a lot here yeah is at this point i have to cut this this thread so that i can see what i'm doing thanks so what i do is i make sure that they're butted up like the orange and the orange and the white and the white and i put a pin and i pinned straight down to keep that in place and then i will pin at the end and this is where i'm going to start i don't need a pin there so i pin a lot i love my pins my pins got discontinued i'm devastated and ashley found me an extra one and brought it to me and i almost cried because i can't find the ones that i found to replace they're not they're not exactly the same and you get used to something it's just like i got used to my starch you get used to something it's hard to change i'm kind of a creature of habit also ashley says it's okay if you put the scraps on the floor we can pick them well that's just rude i need to get i need to i need i don't know i need to figure something out no at home um i'll just sew for like i mean if i'm only gonna sew for like five minutes i'm not gonna throw it on the floor but if i'm sewing for eight hours it's quicker to just throw those on the floor and then pick them up later my kids like to pick them up they think it's funny but i mean usually i do it so then i just have these here if i was at home i would have them on a design board but since we're doing demos i wanted to have fewer things so now i'm going to just put these in the machine and use a quarter inch seam and i'm going to chain piece so i'm not cutting them apart and i usually have this it has a magnet some people don't want a magnet next to their machine um this machine is not computerized so i've never had an issue with it it's more of a manual industrial you know it doesn't have like a computer in it like a i don't know how to explain it but yeah yeah it's not computerized yeah it's just a plain machine so if you have a computer machine you might not want to do that and then it's a magnet so it just picks them up and put it back here and in my sewing room i have three of these one is on my cutting table one is on my sewing machine to right here and then one is where i sit kind of to the left so i've got them everywhere because i'm always using them now i'll probably um just iron these set the seams can you push it up a little bit oh yeah thank you and then here just to any side oh can we zoom out because i can't get the iron oh yeah the iron is going to hit the machine sorry hold that no that's okay so press to any side and doing all this chain piecing and ironing with chain piecing it does take a while to get used to so if you try this at home it doesn't work don't give up just keep trying you just have to kind of get used to it so those look good now if any of these points did not match i would unrip my seam and do it again if you're at home and you don't mind that a seam does not match do not rip it out that's just what i do now i flip it over and i'm going to press them open so again use my fingers and just go you want to make sure when you're pressing open that you have the iron on it long enough for it to stay the one thing i forgot to bring that we might have in here lily is one of those clappers oh yes because i would like to show that and i forgot is it over here oh it is oh my gosh lily thank you yeah so i found out about these now i know these are not new it's not a new invention but to me it's a new invention it is awesome so i have these i put them on my windowsill and if i feel like i've got two like if you get something that's super bulky now first you have to have the heat on them it doesn't work if you don't have the heat then you put this right on there and i'm going to let that sit while we do the next step and when i come back it's going to be even flatter than it already is so let me put some heat on there and leave it flat there's a small this one's called the quilter's clapper and this one's called a tailor's clapper they're made by riley blake and i love them so that's going to sit and now we're going to do the next step which is hourglass so again your math if you're doing this if you're doing a pattern at home what if it doesn't say trim on your step like the way crystal did it where it says trim then just when with your pattern add a quarter inch when you cut your squares because then you can trim but if you look at our pattern and it says trim you don't have to cut bigger here so we've already cut bigger here because crystal figured this in the math for you so you're going to take your a and d and i'm going to make sure they are lined up and again because we're trimming it doesn't have to be 100 accurate here take a ruler and cut from corner to corner i think i'm going to get something here where my rotary cutter can just stay right here like a tray or something now that i'm doing this okay okay so now i'm going to do the same thing i did before i'm going to line them up into groups so i'm going to line them up on my table right sides together and i'm going to do all four so i at home will do this on a large design board i will not stack them on top of each other that is one thing i don't do because when i do that i find that i do make mistakes so just lay these out just like your pattern right here and you just kind of want your lights and darks to oppose and from here i'm going to stitch down stitch down stitch down and stitch down without cutting my thread that's called chain piecing and i'm going to go from left to right and i can answer questions [Applause] from marilyn g will there be nine and nine and a half inch triangle paper no that's too big so that our largest our largest that we're doing is seven inches with if you're not going to use triangle paper just cut your fabric a little bit bigger like a quarter inch and trim down and we do have lots of members and super chats that have been coming in so i'm going to go through a few perfect uh katherine h is a new member let's join right before the live stream welcome catherine here i'll cut the front camera too there we go um and shirley connor is a new member welcome shirley thank you and patricia hamilton new member welcome patricia and another new member linda testino welcome linda thank you and then we had a super chat from valeria bauer for 19.99 thank you so much valeria and she put the little pair that is looking at itself in the mirror and says thanks for being you thank you she she does a super chat every time thank you you don't have to thank you so thank you all right more new members jennifer schultz welcome jennifer and mona stork welcome mana or mona sorry and joanne quickenden welcome joanne [Applause] new member susan black welcome susan yay okay and then another new member plasma girl that's a cool username welcome plasmagirl i'm gonna go back to our top camera there so now i'll cut these apart and i'm gonna i'm gonna basically do this the same way i did the other so lily can keep talking and you'll just see that i'm doing the same exact thing i did earlier except that now it's coming off the mat so but i'm still gonna do the same thing but yeah lily you can talk okay uh new member sarah alexander welcome sarah yay yay and then i will address real quick uh membership is a youtube thing uh it is similar to a patreon where uh you pay 4.99 a month to get extra perks behind the scenes stuff absolutely not required or necessary um it just helps us pay for the production of our videos um everything that goes into it the equipment the staffing and yeah so thanks for everyone who is a member um like i said it is on youtube only and we had a super chat from deb keller for 4.99 and deb says fat quarter shop is awesome thank you deb and then another new member that joined is crafting a planned life another great username i love all these creative usernames so welcome crafting to plan live and then me asia osb gave us a super chat for 4.99 and she says kimberly you are taking us to church today so here is my offering i'll pass the basket thank you oh my gosh that's hilarious well it gets even better oh sorry bonita nance gave us a five dollar super chat and bonita says in the pew got the basket and adding five dollars who's next oh oh my gosh you guys that sounds like a song it could be a song i'm gonna teach you the truth is a song but i know i was like there's something like that okay so now the again i've got four i'm just gonna cut apart between these and at this point you're gonna see you've got these little tails hanging off or dog ears or whatever you want to call them don't worry about those we'll do that later again i'm going to cut this as i go pin just like i did and do the same thing so making sure it matches and pinning and we're gonna hope that i don't have to open that brand new seam ripper that's my goal for today because i do use a very small stitch and when you use a small stitch it is much harder to unpick don't ask how i know especially if it's a border have you ever got a border on your quilt realize it's the wrong direction and have to unpick a hundred something inches that's never fun okay a few more super chats here from sally nagle for 4.99 uh sally says in the pew oh thanks sally uh and the next super chat is from candy kerr and candy gave us five dollars and says in the pew learning so much thank you okay so now we're gonna go to the front camera and i'm just gonna sew these and lily can talk well so thanks again chain piece i don't cut apart now this machine does have let me explain well let me see this machine if i can explain it right it has a cutter so when i'm done i cut and how you cut is you tap this side so this is the way you would go forward you tap this and it cuts it off and that saves me time because it's one less thing that i have to do [Applause] and our next super chat was from susan summers thank you susan for 4.99 thank you [Applause] and then sunshinegirl74 gave us a super chat also for 4.99 and they say in the pew q loving this thank you another thing that i forgot to mention is as okay so as i get to this pin i get as close to the pin pull it out but i try not to ever sew over a pen i used to sew over them until one of them broke and kind of flew in the so i don't sew over my pins some people do like barb and mary from me and my sister they sew over their pins so whatever works for you that's just what i do so same thing i'm just doing the same thing set my seam press to one side press open and then we're gonna trim and then we're gonna put the block together kim fuller wants to know what water you put in the oliso iron i use spring water it's really inexpensive and you buy it by the jug on the instructions for the eliso it says not to use distilled water i used to use that and then a customer emailed and said told me so i use like spring water i find that if i use the water from my sink that the water i don't want to say gets dirty but sometimes it'll spit brown because there's calcium in it or i mean i don't really know the reason why i just know that i have better results and it's super inexpensive it's like 99 cents a jug and then you can recycle the um you can recycle it so i'm going to cut these apart and then we're going to trim them down so it says trim two for this one two and a half this is the most important part so what you'll do i like to use the two and a half inch ruler if you don't have this type of ruler you can use a regular ruler and divide it in half so two and a half divided by two is one point two five so you need to this needs to be you need to cut one point two five from the center so the creative grids rulers are all i use i place it on there can we zoom in yeah my head might get in there but i want to show thank you that's good so when you've got it i've got my line all the way across this point matches right there and this point matches my intersection and this circle in the center is right on that on that um intersection so i cut two sides and then cut the other sides so now you have a perfect block and so anytime you're at home doing any type of pattern that does an hourglass just add a quarter inch if you want a little bit more to cut off you would cut just add 3 8 of an inch or something so that's just a trick i like to make mine bigger and trimmed down i would never make an hourglass and not trim it down no matter what size it was so i'm gonna do this one and then i will show you i can show you how if you don't have a ruler like this what you can do and i usually cut faster but i have to cut pretty far away so it's harder so let me find a ruler that will work with that okay so pretend you don't have a two and a half inch ruler you take a ruler like this that has a 45 degree line like i said this should be two and a half inches okay two and a half inches divided by two is not 1.25 it's something else oh it is 1.25 yeah so you need to be 1.25 from the center but you have to put this line on your intersection and then your 1.25 is here and it just is going to take longer so you do one cut rotate you put your 45 degree line again but you have to line up this line also so you kind of have to finagle it a little bit so straight up here 1.25 and do that all the way around now when you get to here you can just do two and a half so you just want to make sure you're here i don't have the best results when i do this i'm more likely to make a mistake so we're hoping that we didn't make a mistake here yeah we didn't so you're going to see though that it's not 100 perfect i'm a little bit off here and that's because i see how i have a little bit extra it's much harder to get these results doing this but that is how you do it so again line it up match the corners my ruler keeps moving because it's a smaller ruler when i do something with like a four and a half inch ruler it's not going to move but the smaller rulers will move more often so now we can put our block together i'm going to take a little break and lily's going to talk for a second so i can have a little break and i'll be back and we'll do the block if i can get out sorry i locked myself in here that's funny you did all right guys give me one sec to get up there intermission music oh man she really did block yourself up here okay hi everyone my name is lily even though my shirt says otherwise um it's an isle of lucy t-shirt so i'm gonna talk to you guys about journey of nebula in our next intermission uh because i have a couple things to show you all about that but right now let's see let's just talk about uh channel memberships for youtube i see you guys asking more questions about them uh so as i mentioned it is like a monthly membership totally optional i don't want anyone ever to feel like they have to pay to get our content um it's just extra things like coupons and free patterns that are usually paid on our website and we've been doing every two weeks we do like a members only video where kimberly will show either new fabric or something coming up or we'll do like a q a and just get like a preview of things before anyone else gets to see them for our members it is 4.99 a month we have a video where i talk about um how to join on an apple device because apple will try to charge you more than that um yeah those are our channel memberships uh i've seen you guys asking about the walking foot on the jukie as well uh i don't think kimberly has tested the one that came with this jukie and otherwise she um doesn't really use the walking foot very much on here oh thanks laurie i see that you said that you love my shirt thank you so much uh yeah i got this from a store called unique vintage i think it's in uh los angeles uh yes i'm obsessed with i love lucy so that is why and let's see super chats i'll break super chess down for you guys real quick as well um both super chats and channel memberships are both on our youtube um facebook doesn't offer those things for us right now so it's all centralized in our youtube channel it's also easier to get content out to you guys that way as well but a super chat is we call it a virtual tip jar uh so everyone who's giving us a super chat right now again not necessary in any way it is the kindness of all of y'all souls to give us a super chat so instead of being like a monthly fee like the membership it's just like a one-time uh quote-unquote donation uh that comes to our youtube channel and again help support production of our videos and everything um we do a lot of video here if you guys watch our youtube channel and don't forget to subscribe to our youtube channel helps us out a lot if you do and kimberly is back in the room so i will hand this back over to her her music i totally blocked myself in maybe i won't do that next week okay so now we got to put the block together so this is when i always use the design board i usually have a large small medium out in my house i usually have them everywhere and the great thing about my little jug that i have or jar is ta-da i'm done i put them back in save them for next week so now i'm going to follow my pattern and put it together and the reason i like a design board is it will stay on your fabric so another tip is if you're traveling when you can travel again but when you're traveling say you're going to your friend's house and y'all are going to sew you could lay out your blocks put another design board on top lay out the next block put your design board or your cut fabric and then what lori does is she puts a big rubber band around it then you can travel and everything stays what so i'm just following this is easy to mess up so i'm following so the way that i check this is i know that i need a solid in each corner so i've got a solid here and i've got solids here and then the way i think about it is it makes a big circle so this goes the circle on the outside and then this you need the whites on the outside whites on the top and bottom and it looks right so at this point i will go to the sewing machine and i'm going to stitch down here but i'm going to pin as i go instead of pinning right now i pin as i go so i will do the first one pin i usually pin just at the bottom there's no intersections to pin and i'm just going to go straight down using the quarter inch seam and as you're stitching just make sure on the bottom and the top you try to keep your press seams still open [Applause] and this one i don't feel like i really need to pin because it lined up perfectly so i don't feel like i need a pin there [Applause] and again i'm chain piecing [Applause] now what you could do is you could keep adding if you wanted this block is really small so i won't do that but if i'm working on a 12 inch block i will sew this and then sew this because there's not as many seams in the way but because this is a smaller block and especially doing the if you're doing three inch you'll want to iron now and that's personal preference that's just what i do so i'll do the same thing i'll keep it chained set my seam press to one side then press open are there any questions lily yes from carol schmidt well pressing the seams open on a small block help with piecing it will help it lie flat it will not help with your piecing but it will lie flat so when there's all these bulk seams and some of the blocks this block is it's level let's see what level we gave it we gave it intermediate the advanced blocks there's just not enough room for the seams it's easier to do the press pressed open once you have more experience though but it will make it look flatter and nicer instead of bulky now see i did this seam and look at it it's all crooked so i just kind of move it and repress it and then a few people were wondering um why you're not using leaders and enders for this block oh i never use leadership enders there's been times in my life when i do but i hardly ever like i haven't used those in years i don't do that i showed it in the beginner series because that's something that beginners like to do but i don't do it ever and it's this machine it starts with the i don't know i just don't feel like i need it it doesn't this doesn't um gather up i've had machines where it will kind of gather up i've never had any problems with this machine so i just don't so again i make sure i've got them going the right way and just i'm going to cut these apart now so that because if you started chaining if you started chain piecing this would be hanging off so i cut it apart after i ironed so that i don't have a lot of bulk on my machine so again just pin and stitch and a few people are wondering if you pressed open on the nine inch block i did it's up to you you can definitely press to one side on the nine inch block on this six inch block you could do either the three inch block you can't i did all of mine at the same time so when i showed you the three pink ones i did all of them at the same time so i made like um so like when i made these i did three design boards and stacked them and so i would do cut this put it on one design board cut this put it on one design board cut this put it on one design board but as i did each step i did it three times and so it's easier to press open and it looks pretty it makes me happy and if you don't like to press open you don't have to you can do whatever you want to do totally you don't have to do it the way i do it there's nobody that's going to know anyway when it's all put together so my grandma when she when she died she had made all the i used to give her scraps from five quarter shot everyone there i don't even think in the quilts there's one seam that meets it's okay nobody cares they're in every one of my uncle's houses in my house and my uncle's house my mom's house nobody cares because she couldn't see like she had um glaucoma so she had really bad vision so she just did whatever my uncles have no idea they don't care so that's what i mean do whatever you want to do now i'm going to put this on here i'm going to put i i'm going to iron that kind of put this down real quick let it sit answer a couple questions that way it stays nice and flat before i assemble it there was a funny conversation happening where sandy taylor said kimberly says she wants to be laurie i want to be kimberly oh and then teresa said to sandy taylor i want to be lily or ashley so much i do different if i were young again oh my gosh i would never want to be young again i would never want to be lily sage ever you couldn't pay me you can pay me a million dollars i'd be like no i'm not going back i was an idiot when i was her age i mean i don't know no i couldn't go back and be her age i would like to have my um weight and everything from that age but no not my brain so here i have three rows and i'm just gonna sew them together so i'm gonna pin so you can see that right here and right here these meet up so what i will do i call it poke a pen i just made that up like 10 years ago i put the pin right where can you zoom a tiny tiny bit i'll move all this mess out of my way thanks so i put that pin right in the intersection where the point is so exactly where the point is push it in i find the point on the next one and i push it in so it's exactly in the pin now you want it you want your pin to stand up like that hold it in place and pin you can pin twice or once i'm going to pin my entire row we're going to hope it meets and if it doesn't we will pick it out and do it again so again in the point and you want to have thin thin pins when you do this because if you do it with thick pins you're gonna start pulling out seams okay [Applause] now i'm going to look and that matches and see that is a little bit off lily's looking but it's like look if you go like this it'll look better so i'm just gonna go over that seam like a tiny tiny bit and then i'm gonna show you a mistake i see on the back that i'm [Applause] gonna okay that looks better now i got to get on my seam ripper that i didn't want to get out it's okay and i'm going to show you what i do now when i stitched i accidentally made this go one direction and i don't like that because when i iron it's going to be a big old bump so i'm not going to stitch the whole thing out i just put my my seam ripper right there do that and i'm going to go over that real quick [Applause] and now it's flat again i've got some extra threads i'll get off the one thing about the jukey is it cuts the thread super super thin so you don't have a lot of bulk on the back but i do as i go i kind of take that off so i'm going to press thanks so when you look at this you can prep i'm going to press this open ultimately but your first press should be where it's easier so when you lie this down does it go easier this way or does it go easier this way and you will feel it it will go way easier that way because there's less bulk so i will always press to the side that's easiest first and when it is a row i'm gonna really press it with my fingers first and i really get this iron right on top of those intersect right seams i guess right on top i nothing drives me crazier lily will tell you than if i see a quilt that has a duck pleat a duck fleet i can see it a mile away it'll look like that and if you want duck plates that's fine i don't so that's the way i get rid of them and i really press down i don't want my block to be floppy press open and right here i forgot to cut cut my little seam if you've got a like something connected you want to unconnect it so that you don't have a thread going between each side and i'm going to let that really sit fix this it's that same one that wants to go the other way so let it sit and then put this down i'm gonna let that sit a little bit sue sweeney said did she say duck pleat i made that word up but yes a duck pleat quack quack yeah i made it up so to me that just means that okay you can see my intersection it's flat some people quilt and they don't iron it flat so then it's like that and then like if gina quilts over it it's funky and you can feel it makes a 3d when you don't need a 3d yes it's like when it's not pressed right at the seam and it overlapped right it's like you press it but you leave you don't press it all the way down okay so then i go back to my design board and make sure i've got it right sometimes you might do this and you don't want to do that so that's why having a design board is helpful and at home i do carry it from my sewing table to my ironing board and back it keeps it where i don't make any mistakes before you sew that final seam a few people were just trying to make sure you sewed it right so can we double check that real quick that um i think they were saying the center block might not have been correct i just want to make sure before you do your final scene it's right to me so let me well let me compare it to this one because i've been burning a lot of times okay so let's put this here so it's going one two three four five six seven eight one two three four five six seven eight these go this way you think it's right lily i think it's right i think it's good okay yeah i just wanted to quadruple check yeah because i do make mistakes okay so i think it's right we're gonna hope it's right so i'll put that together i'm gonna do the same thing with the pinning foca pen gosh i hope it's right i'm pretty sure it is okay let me know if y'all have any questions while i'm pinning this yes we have tons of super chats so i'm gonna go through those yes uh from teresa even house uh she gave us five dollars and she put a little fox that says bravo oh thank you little foxy fox and then barbara daniels gave us a super chat for 4.99 and she says awesome thank you barbara thank you and then we had a new member lily guzman welcome lily namesake thank you let's cut the front camera there and then we got a ten dollar super chat from linda hester for ten dollars oh sorry he said ten dollars um i figured this is tithing on today's purchase thank you for going over and above every time thank you thank you linda we i mean i read every comment you guys write and i think this is what you guys want us to see me and i just think it's kind of crazy that y'all want to see me do a blog but if you want to see me do a blog i do block oh look it's perfect okay confetti cannon for perfect yes so now i'm going to iron this but yeah i can keep answering questions okay okay next super chat is from jennifer meese for 9.99 and jennifer says passing the basket again oh thank you i love this uh analogy we got going on here so again here i'm gonna go press first okay when you lay it down you can just do this or this it's gonna tell you which direction it goes if it's that way you know it's not easy to press if you do this and it lays you know you can press that way easier so it's kind of like because that first seam getting it flat is you want to go the direction with the least resistance and that's how i at home like this one's easy for me to tell because this is a solid and it's not you know but sometimes it's not and that's what i do is i lay it down in whichever way the wind blows basically whichever way it lays or lies and you can tell when i iron i really take my time i don't go fast i go fast on the machine but not on the ironing board but that's my favorite part my favorite part is to cut and to press i could just cut quilts all day long i need like a kimberly that'll just sew so i don't really like that part i mean i do but not it's i just don't like it as much okay so see right there it did it again so again just get your seam roller so now i'm going to trim the block there's two different ways you can trim and i'm going to talk to you about both and then tell you what i do so what i used to do is what i'll show you first i used to take a square creative grids ruler place it on here and trim around but i don't like that i don't feel like i get the best results because i feel like i might cut something off so instead what i do now i'm going to put these in my basket you think we should zoom in a tiny bit yeah sorry it will be the last time we have to zoom in one of the reasons well i need to do it on my blue mat so you can see thank you so what i will do i do each side one at a time one of the reasons i use creative grids is because of the lines on every ruler they have on one side there's dotted you can see the dots and one side it's just dashes like white dashes but i can really see these dots right here so whenever i'm cutting i use this side of the ruler i put it on the edge and i'm lining up here here and it's just a tiny bit that i'm going to trim off but you want to be sorry quarter inch away quarter inch away from your points that's the most important part and then lining this up trim and then i rotate now this one i will line up at the top and i will line up at the intersections and i go pretty slow so this one's a little bit got a little bit more so it's that one block that i was telling you was a little bit funny so i've got it lined up here and i'm going to trim and i've got a quarter inch and a quarter inch and you can tell right here it's not perfect it's not a perfect square on that edge it's fine it will um it will be fine when i put it in the quilt so again top edge quarter inch away top edge again now everyone cuts different so you can cut however you want this is just what i do now i'm going to show you something that's going to make you feel better now that i put it up okay my block's not six and a half it's six and three eighths so my block six and three eighths it's not six and a half everything will be fine it will work out in the end when we put it together if you look at this one they're probably not even the same size see this one that i made at home on a different day is six and a half so when i'm at home apparently oh yeah that's exactly six and a half so when i'm at home apparently i sew more accurately but that's okay because that's where i'm more you know more comfortable i'm not on camera but your block when i first started my blocks were always a quarter inch exactly shorter it's okay it's gonna work out don't worry about it it's fine if you have two blocks like one of your like say block one is big block two comes out smaller it's fine it's all gonna work out in the end so at the end don't feel so much pressure to have an exact block because you're not going to have one because i don't i mean there we go so you can see the difference on different days maybe i was in a better mood one day than the other maybe i had more time on one day than the other maybe just whatever so don't feel like you have to do that now what i'm going to do now i'm going to talk through a couple of things and then i know there's a lot of questions so the first thing is if you're i'm going to talk about the three inch so if you're going to make this three inch block and you want to use triangle paper you would use half inch finished which doesn't exist so what i did is i used one inch finish which is right here when it was done i used a ruler this ruler this two and a half inch ruler and i trimmed it down so i still use triangle paper but it wasted but that's okay it's faster for me to do triangle paper and trim down after so you would use half inch doesn't exist that i know of unless you can find some if and then so you would use half inch finish triangle paper which doesn't exist so use one inch do the entire step then trim down to what it says right here which is one by one you would do all of the other steps exactly the same because crystal wrote the pattern where you can trim down and it tells you your trimmed down size on the pattern if you're going to do the nine inch block you would use one and a half inch finished triangle paper to do the triangles and you would do the rest of the block exactly the same way and that is my block one it is again called harmony lisa alexander from moda is the one who designed it it is completely free on our blog we have fabric requirements and everything you need and if you join late don't worry you'll be able to catch up it's going to be one block a week through june of 2021 so now i can answer any questions all right a few people are suggesting perhaps the difference came from it being two different machines and how this one's newer oh yeah it could be yeah and the quarter inch foot is different the one i have at home is different okay and then i think there was some confusion at the beginning um since you were using a layer cake but i think in our fabric requirements it says to use a fat quarter for the six inch so if you could explain that so what i'm going to do is i am going to use one one square for each and instead of so if you're doing it in a larger if you're doing you can use okay if you're using the fat quarters you use each fat quarter twice so i'm going to do it where i use the 10 inch squares once and if i have a bigger piece like i need more than a 10 inch square i will pick one in the layer cake that has duplicates and the only reason i'm using a layer cake is because that's what i had that came in last week and i prep everything for the weekend and on monday i finished prepping for a friday's live stream because i think about the live stream all week what i need to add i don't want to do it last minute but that's all i had so and i could have got a fat quarter bundle but i can i can make it work with a layer cake from thread needle is it better to pin than use wonder clips and patchwork so in patchwork i only use pins i use wonder clips for binding only okay and we do have tons of super chat so i'm gonna get through a few more here before moving on uh from sandra angstrad uh five dollars and sandra says pass the basket thanks fat quarter shot for being so awesome so scw thank you thanks sandra and then our next super chat is from sandy k for five dollars and sandy says kimberly thank you for these great instructions passing the basket again thank you so i hope you guys like this if you don't i will listen to your feedback you can ask lily i try to listen all feedback i tell her the worst thing i could do is say no and that's fine that's true okay and then super chat from trisha and now for five dollars trisha says oh figured it out uh push the dollar sign duh passing the plate oh on the little thing yeah on how to do a super chat that was very cute thank you trisha um new member fran richards welcome fran thank you and then super chat from deb summers for 4.99 and deb says thank you fat quarter shop for all you do i'm in the pew too thank you that's funny okay um and then there are more super chats but we can save those for a little later in the show okay so what we're gonna are there any more questions on social lights not at the moment okay so what i'm going to do is i'm going to put the social lights away i'm going to take a break we're going to have to reset the um set real quick to move everything and then we will be right back and i will if you have questions on socialize later i can also still answer them but we're gonna just reset the set real quick [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] all right everyone kimberly's gone to the bathroom real quick she'll be right back and to answer real quick a few of you guys are asking about the payment method for our youtube channel memberships and for super chats the way that works for channel memberships it's a recurring payment that happens automatically um for super chats since it's a one time thing it just uses whatever payment method you have saved on your youtube so since youtube is owned by google whatever account you use for google and whatever payment methods you have on there whether that be a credit card or paypal sorry i can't breathe or anything like that then it'll just pull from that main one and you can edit all of that in your google account settings and kimberly's back brigitte um sent us quills that she made for her quotation collection so i'm very excited because i'm going to get to show you those now that collection pre-cuts and yardage are not in stock yet but they will be in october so this is like a little preview so the first one is called prism it is a the patterns are all available now it is it uses a layer cake and then background and other you know other prints but it's layer cake friendly it's 73 inches square and we're going to try to hold it ashley's going to help me okay i don't know how it's so big if you guys could put like the bottom of it on the table oh i think that'll help okay good yes everyone this is ashley say hi ashley okay so i think you should zoom oh well no it's fine i think we should zoom out on that on the top yeah cause now it's just showing a tiny yeah okay awesome thanks and i can tell that she didn't just use quotations she also has some of her modern backgrounds that have um that are in here and some of the modern backgrounds have been discontinued but a lot of them are still in stock so that's the front and the quilting on this is amazing it's custom and then we'll flip and do the back i guess because the back is fancy oh my back so the back is fancy she used spotted a yellow spotted we are going to have spotted fat quarter bundles back in stock in november some of the spotteds are now out of stock and as soon as they're back in stock we're gonna have lots of bundles so she used spotted here and then she pieced some blacks over here to kind of use her scraps for her back so so pretty so pretty and lots of um lots of points the next one is called play a card this one is more beginner friendly it uses two charm packs of quotation and five yards of a cream from the quotation line and we sell her patterns both as paper and pdf and this one is 87 inches square so this is going to be heavier ashley i don't know how we're going to do it okay so first we're going to just hold it and then we're going to try to put on the table because this it's so heavy okay also zen chic uh brigitte is in the chat oh joining us thank you so let us know if there's anything you want us to say about these i love the quilting whoever does her quilting it is amazing and then the back is she just did a white it looks like a bella solid but look at this beautiful quilting it's so awesome i love it i love fancy quilting i'm too scared to do it online the next one is my favorite out of all of these it's called zen cabin so it's like a modern take on a traditional cabin and 65 inches square it uses a jelly roll and two yards of quotation graph it would graphite which is a spotted which will be in stock with quotation so spotted is a basic and i'll show it to you up close so do we need to put on the table lily uh yes please okay i need to grow five inches okay so there we go let's put it up high so this one looks really fun and it would be a way to use if you have a leftover also of something really big pieces left over and so this piece right here is your spotted so let me hold it up so you can see that it's got dots and there's two different color sorry two different colored dots and spotted comes in about 30 skus and we're gonna have it back in stock soon but look how easy this is look lily you could make this yeah why don't you just make it and bring it next week okay yeah i'll do that yeah it looks so easy and fun oh my gosh i love that dot i do actually want to make it though i just can't quilt okay we'll make it and then it can be your intermission okay on the back oh sorry sorry i should have said so on the back she has gray solid bella solid and then she has one print that goes all the way down it's text and so she probably cut that length of fabric because there's not a division in it so it's just got inspiring words down with a gray bella solid and then we have cross-it which is more of an art quilt which i would be way too scared to ever make it is 85 inches square me and ashley are gonna die we're gonna we're gonna be out of breath we're good for the day yeah my workout it uses one jelly roll or one honey bun and then it's spotted 1660-87 for the background so this one's big okay first i'm gonna fall over okay we'll put this on the table now oh my goodness it's cause i have my shoes on okay oh that's so cool can you see it good yes okay and then i'm gonna show you the back is the solid bella and look at the quilting so i think the quilting is um custom and not paragraph but it's just basically yeah uh zen chic was letting us know the quilting is done by rachel hauser from stitched in color okay good she does an amazing job so you guys send some quilts to her look at how pretty it is okay so those are the big ones thank you ashley yes let me know if there's any questions on these because i have some smaller ones yes okay thank you while i wait for questions to roll in ashley everyone says they love how your mask matches your shirt oh she likes pink yeah she likes pink okay uh also while we wait for questions i'll go through some earlier super chats okay uh from aaron palmer for five dollars uh erin says love the live streams friday highlight for me thank you thank you erin um and then a new member that we had that had joined before the live stream is dreamers homestead welcome dreamers homestead thank you and then another new member is jean cameron welcome jean and then uh we got a five dollar super chat from bonnie eisenhower thank you bonnie and bonnie says i've been quilting for over 25 years and still learning thank you kimberly yes you can always learn and i think the best thing about quilting is you can try something and if you don't like it just don't do it again but one thing that uh if you're trying something to know if you really like it the rule is you do it 10 times that's something that i've learned with my kids is you try it 10 times and then you'll know if you that's how many times it takes to know if you really really like it but if i don't like something like starting off i just i don't do that 10 10 times rule but i use that rule in my house because i'll say well you have to try that food 10 times to know because that's that's like a it's actually like a scientific thing oh that's funny i do three strikes and you're out oh for food for your taste buds it's it's all about that's for food it's not really for other things but i make it go to everything but it's your taste buds it takes 10 times because we're trying to get christopher to eat more different things because he eats cheese and bread so he's branching out and he we write down how many times he tries it and if he hates it he does like after the 10 it's like okay you don't have to do it again yeah he didn't enjoy it we just want him to eat like a few more vegetables so this next one is called splash down it is a free pattern from maywood studios if you wanted to make this you would use four inch triangles paper four inch triangle paper if you didn't want to do the traditional way and on the back it's a white bella solid and she used this binding and a lot of the quilts so it's really nice it's very halloween too since halloween is coming the next one is a mini quilt free tutorial on zen chic's youtube so um lily has lily and ashley have put a link to it so if you want to make this it's free she used quotation and then this print right here is your spotted so this is a free video and i love the back i guess i should put it that way though so that one's free the next one is a pillow it's called plus pillow and it is a pattern and on the back i love i've never seen a pillow opening like this i really like it it's really cool because it's like they put two tabs here but they're fat tabs or long tabs so like when you start a zipper they just made a big tab right there i looked at it yesterday to try to figure it out the next one is the compass block pillow this is not the cross this is the cross stitch pillow so this one was made from heidi at fabric mutt and that is her blog fabric mutt it is a free tutorial and it's really cute so we have also linked to her blog to show you um how to get to it the next one is the compass block pillow and this one is part of moda block head so i have talked a lot about moto block heads and this is one of the patterns that zen chic had and part of motor block heads it is block number 19 and it uses foundation paper and you print the foundation paper it's completely free and she put four of the blocks together and then her back is a zipper and poke it up the next one is from sotak handmade how do you say it lily i think it's sotek or sotek correct me if i'm wrong anyone who knows how to pronounce that correctly and we linked to her blog on this and we don't have these leather handles but i found some denise found some on etsy and ashley linked to them so leather handles and then there's quotation on the inside also so pretty yes this next set is a zipper pouch set of three by noodle head she is a fabric designer for robert kaufman her most recent collection is called drift drift lists and this blog post is amazing i looked at it yesterday it's completely free but it has photos of every step and it stepped out to where somebody like me could actually make it because i do struggle with bags you will never see me make a bag live i know that because i definitely don't know what i'm doing so again noodle heads blog and also all of these fabrics are different so some are rubber kaufman some are like made in australia hand hand block printed and this one is quotation but there are some other fabrics that are not quotation but on the blog well actually okay all of these are made out of quotation her tutorial uses different fabrics but it's really nice because she links to what those fabrics are and really nice photos on where you can like really do it and then we have a quilt as you go boxy pouch this is from pink stitches blog and this is the one that also has really good photos and she put a really nice homemade label there i like the little handle on it yeah it's like and so she just did a patchwork so those are what we have that's made out of quotations so we wanted to do like a quotation trunk show and just show you how amazing that fabric is sometimes um it's better to see stuff in person like made up because you can like really see how it like comes together so let me know if there's any questions on any of those yeah uh i'm gonna let questions roll in for that as well uh big thank you to uh brigitte from zen cheek for uh letting us borrow all her beautiful projects and super chats there's so many thank you guys so much so we're going to go through more of those uh from debbie worthen for 4.99 debbie says looking forward to making six inch blocks to go with my tula sampler blocks there's more than one way to conquer a ufo put two projects together yes thank you creative uh we have a new member jen giroux welcome jen thank you and then we had a super chat from fran richards for five dollars and fran says watching from sydney australia at 1am who will be sewing my block later today oh thank you so much thank you from judy hampton for five dollars judy says great video thank you thank you judy and then we got a five dollar super chat from gail stale for oh sorry i already said for five dollars and gail says great that you do these for us thanks thank you we're also going to for the charity quilt that is hanging behind me it is called serendipity thank you guys so much we're at over five thousand dollars and this is going to start in um 2021 and we're gonna add a live stream to our lineup and i'm going to show you how to cut all of the pieces for your row because we kind of did it in rows and how to piece one block so i'm going to do it along with you so it's going to be another super long live stream that is um corey can't usually we have the designer of the fabric come and do the tutorials just so that you have somebody different than me um but she's i'm not going to travel right now so that's how we're going to do it this year it will probably go back to the old way in the following years but that's what we're going to try to do this year and our suggested donation is 50 for the use of the pattern there is a quilt kit and a backing set available for sale the bag that i had earlier which is right here is also in stock and there is this beautiful butterfly charm that you can put on your bag the fabric is spring brook by cory yoder the background is thatched by robin pickens and so that is our serendipity qal it is so exciting that we're going to do that and i'm excited that we're going to do all the cutting and everything also for those video live stream tutorials they will be starting in february of next year yeah and they won't be on a friday they'll have they'll be a different day because there's no way i can do the socialites and the serendipity in one video i'll probably fall over the next thing i wanted to talk about was stitch pink so um i'm going to show you the quilt one more time and this is oh go back to that that was my scraps on my floor so that is what i talk about when i say i throw scraps on the floor that's what my floor looks like after eight hours but you can see the scraps are big enough where you can just take it and like look grab them all together in a ball and throw them out so the stitch pink quilt is a 2020 quilt along in support of moda's virtual awareness raising event which will last through october it starts october 1st and they're gonna put one block up every day for 31 days so if you want to make this that is great we have a quilt kit but if you want to make it with your scraps definitely do that the quilt we that is shown right here was sewn with moda grunge basics it finishes at 64 by 76 and if we run out of kits we will make more and there's more information on our blog about this and there is a lot of information on moda's blog and there's also information on moda fabrics united notions facebook page okay and let's see more super chats um oh my goodness oh wait new member first connie millett welcome connie thank you yay and then super chat from shelly heron for 4.99 and shelley says love everything you guys do thank you so much thank you thank you uh five dollar super chat from deborah weidrich thank you debra thank you oh and deborah says love fat quarter shop thank you we love you too yay and then we got a 1999 super chat from janet buster thank you she has a whole row in the pew she has a whole row that's funny thank you so much so i just the last thing i'm going to show you today um is this amazing fabric it's by fig tree for moda and it got reprinted it is so rare for moda to reprint a group and this one is christmas figs too and i thought showing you a half yard bundle would be good because you could really see the color range but this just came in this week and i have made a quilt out of this but i'm i'm not sure if it's going to sell out again but i just wanted to show you guys because we in may a lot of you were upset that we sold out so i want to let you know we have it back in and then all hallows eve also came in yesterday and this is the one that i'm going to be doing for the socialites so as you saw i did orange so i'm probably going to do part of them orange part of them gray and i might or might not use the black and i might pull some skews from my stash that are orange and i might use different backgrounds i'm kind of just going to play it by ear but this is back in stock and it just came back yesterday so i wanted to let you know guys know that i'm happy to answer any questions if there's any questions and any you know definitely like the video any kind of suggestions you want to give me for next time i know that i was kind of messy on the table i've got to figure out a way to like have everything in a certain spot i will improve on that but other than that definitely leave me comments on what you liked you know so i can keep changing the channel lily and i can keep changing the channel to what you guys are looking for never evolving it uh let's see connie nicholaitis says can you explain again about the charity prices the donation versus the kit okay so for the quilt kit you're paying for the quilt kit and that's just for the fabric and in your kit you get the instructions for the entire sew along printed so you get that before everybody else because it releases every two weeks for free on our blog you don't actually have to buy anything at all you can use your own fabric if you want to we kevin and i donate twenty thousand dollars and we just do a lump sum instead of trying to say we sold a hundred kids you know a hundred times this this dollar amount we don't do all that we just say 20 000 is what we can afford to give that is way more than the money that we make from the bags the kits and everything else so we give 20 000 and we just ask if you want to donate you can donate a dollar you can donate whatever you want anything is appreciated it goes directly to make a wish and throughout the year we will show photos of kids that have wishes granted you will notice that we haven't shown any for several months and that is because most of the wishes are children who want to travel and right now that's not um possible so that's why you haven't seen any and also we can't go to the wish grantings anymore so the only reason you're not seeing things we're still granting wishes it's just a different time in the world right now all right then some questions we had earlier from barbara bryant can someone help me i'm doing the l'oreal farm sampler and there's some embroidery and some blocks do you embroider it first or wait till it's quilted glory embroiders it first from steno stitches i'm curious if kimberly makes quilts for her own bed no i have them hanging in my bedroom though so i have some hanging and i don't because i have a dog that sleeps in my bed and i also have a husband that sleeps in the bed and i also have two children who somehow come in my bed in the middle of the night and i just don't want like everything ruined but i have them i display them on two couches i have a lot of i probably have four three or four quilt racks or ladders so let's see the letter anyway there's a ladder that we hang quilts on so i have in my house several ladders i have i keep them in buckets throughout my house i just don't put them on my bed because i prefer to not wash them very frequently and i don't want my dog to get them dirty from bianca tyler on cross stitch patterns do you have pre-done packages for floss or do i need to order patterns first then the floss for the serendipity i think in general she's asking so we do all of it so sometimes we have kits you can buy the pattern and the floss sometimes we have floss kits that go with patterns sometimes we don't but we do list when you click into the pattern if you scroll down we do list exactly what the author of the pattern used or calls for so it kind of depends we do a lot less kits in cross stitch because a lot of people are they like different cloth and some people like dmc some people like aura floss some people like linen some people like ada so it's not like quilt fabric where you there's one variety there's like 10 varieties so that's why we do less kits because it's easier for you to customize yourself okay um and then i didn't show my journey to nebula earlier i don't know if you just want to show it real quick yeah you know what i'm gonna go and lily's gonna end the show how about that yes let's do that lily's gonna end the show so let me move these and then get find my mask so you guys have a great weekend i gotta find my mask though okay so i'll see you guys next week and lily's gonna show you all her amazing stuff oh my gosh okay um so just real quick it's my journey to nebula let me cut to uh top camera here okay this is my basket where i'm keeping everything oh i should take my mask off and this was seaside from last week uses the sidekick ruler and i don't know if you've seen this kimberly this is my seaside she's busy wow i like her yes that is my seaside runner finished that last week um i'm more confident on the binding thanks to um that crosstalk tutorial you did for the binding the other day oh so thank you she had to help me on the on the video i couldn't figure out how to join the strip so lily had to come do it and i had to just copy what she did which is funny because then i learned it from you oh and i get i get nervous when i have to do stuff i don't like to and then um this week we were doing lucky charm we were supposed to do the piecing this week but i'm a little behind so i just finished all my cutting and my layout so this is kind of how i've leaved out roughly how my lucky charm pillow is going to look i am using the liana fabric collection from kimberly kai of ruby star society and then these little leftovers are actually going to go um on the sides here of the pillow so i'm going to spread these out on those edges to square it up and this pattern uses the hexamore ruler from jaybird yeah there she is okay yes and yeah that's our show thanks everyone uh thanks for letting me wrap up the show kimberly and see y'all next week again end screen end screen okay how did you do it you

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