Beginner Trading | Swapping Tutorial On Honeyswap | 2020

Hello and welcome back to another tutorial on tech tips in this video, And I'll cover the basics of switching icons on changing honey, and making sure you watch through to the end, stay tuned! Hi guys so the first thing I want to talk about is x-dai so x-dai is The stable currency is in the swap for honey, and this is related to owning the US dollar, so what does that mean, Let's check for example honey if I trade or swap x Dai 1 or 1 US dollar, I'll get At 0.00088 honey and the current trading price that I will get will be 1132.61 x Dai or USD, so if we want to exchange currency, so if we're selling honey For our example, we're gonna click right here and then x dai is already selected as you can see Guys, honey here equals 1.92 US cents x 1.992 x Day Now, the next thing I want to point out here is what these coins do and mean tokens, let's give For example, you clearly understand what honey is, but I just want to give an example of what you say, For example, the ant, if you want to know what and the currency or what the ant is on you Do some research on who is issuing that coin or what happens as you guys see It actually stands for the Aragon Network Token and the Aragon Network where the honey exchange resides so much This would be a great example of doing some research on what each currency is, this is the basics of a dosh tip To trade in the honey exchange and if you want to see how I set up my monitors, check this out Here, I am just making multiple monitors of the same thing so we have two monitors And I can actually trade back and forth if I want between coins, so I'm selling an ant and for that matter, I'm selling xdai and that's just a very simple example and yet Also if you want to take a look at Analytics and open Analyzes here Now you have a complete trading setup ready to go and you can check back and see what your favorite pair is Or what you're trying to trade, and if you've got this far, I'll give ya Very great advice guys when you are trading so for this example I'm going to substitute honey For x dai this is clearly the maximum amount I ever want to sell because Honey is always going up so what I want to do here is I want to press the swap and now I'm not actually switching the coin so if I I'd like to see a change in price so I'm waiting for an updated rate so this can also go up or down That way you can really wait and see if you think it's a great price to buy it so I'll wait Turn this screen around a bit until we see a change in price and I'll resume the video And there we have you guys as you can see the price updated so technically it could Take this as a reminder or a sell and by a trigger and now all I do is accept as you can see Hey guys the price change and I can confirm the swap and there you guys have it if you guys are Want to know how to benefit or provide cash and make honey or plant in honey for you guys My video can be checked up there higher it will be linked further if you haven't Bring your Ethereum online, I'm going to link to the new video for the decentralized citizen About how to get around please check out ethereum and stay informed like sign up for goodbye now

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