Become an Ethereum Millionaire (Turn $800 into $1 Million)

most people interested in cryptocurrency are interested for one reason and one reason only life-changing gains that produces financial freedom early retirement and for many of you for the first time ever girlfriends but the truth is many of the people who are reaping these benefits already bought into crypto a while back i've been here for years and i can tell you that the gains are sweet but have you missed the opportunity to become a millionaire in crypto can ethereum still make you a millionaire or have you completely missed out we answered those questions and more today let's get it bid swap is the hottest new way to trade tokens probably all the top decentralized exchanges biswap gets you the very best price and value for your trades bitswap is changing the game try it now at welcome to bitboy crypto my name is ben everyday on this channel i show you how to make money in cryptocurrency if you like money and crypto then make sure to hit that subscribe button and smash the like button so more people can find out about ethereum one way you could get some free crypto is by signing up for buy bit you can get a 500 deposit bonus by signing up at a vpn may be required depending upon where you live now after you sign up visit the link down below in the description sign up for the bitboy trading competition where we will be giving away a full bitcoin to the top traders in the competition you start trading with as little as 100 bucks for the competition and when so make sure to sign up today now in this video we are going to be discussing ethereum and hit all-time highs today and people are freaking out meanwhile they're also wondering how high will ethereum go then we'll be discussing a killer strategy you can use in order to make the most money possible some of it is a little risky so speculation warning but these are proven ways people have made money one guy literally turned 800 into a million over the summer this happened with the d5 craze now if you want to find out how he did it make sure to stay tuned all the way until the end of this video i believe lightning has the opportunity to strike twice with defy so you're definitely going to want to pay attention but we have to start with what is going on with the ethereum price and the further potential explosion for it as of this moment the price of ethereum is dipped back down under 1400 to 13.86 but by the time you watch this the price could be well above all-time highs or it could be back down below 1300 just keep in mind the actual current price of ethereum is not drastically important for where the price is heading in the relative short term and by that i mean in the next few weeks according to the coin market cap chart of ethereum it is now firmly at all-time highs but this is totally dependent upon which exchange you use as a reference point or an indicator coin market cap uses the weekly chart and aggregate prices but some exchanges showed higher prices for ethereum in 2018 than anything on coin market cap in general there were three prices people were honing in on 1448 which was the highest price any exchange showed during that time in 2018 1428 and then 1418 1428 is the general price most people use as the all-time high number earlier today the 1448 number was challenged and the 1418 price was definitely broken so was 14.28 i feel confident in saying most people consider the price of ethereum overnight to have hit a new all-time high but here's the thing just like we see with bitcoin i'm very confident that the prize of ethereum will set many new all-time highs over about the next three weeks and beyond we're seeing the price of ethereum break out the same way we saw the price of bitcoin break out once it pierced all-time highs this helps us to understand how our top crypto assets may perform once they break all-time highs the ethereum run is going to be an interesting case study to examine as we anticipate new all-time highs for other projects that were popular in 2017 and in january of 2018 during our last true altcoin season those projects to watch would include bitcoin cash litecoin cardano and others so you need to be paying close attention to ethereum over the next few days and weeks so checking out what bitcoin did when it broke all-time highs you would see that over a period of 24 days 23 days and 20 hours to be exact the price broke out a total of 113 percent for running into rejection at 42 000 and floundering for a bit we also though by the way have reason to believe that bitcoin is getting ready to break out again soon but that's for a different video remember that for all those guys that flip flop every other day when we tell you prices are on the move upwards since bitcoin is the only asset though we really have to compare ethereum 2 let's examine what ethereum could do if it follows a similar track here's a chart showing a likely path of ethereum and if you want to get excited then now's the time if aetherium follows this track the price of one ethereum will be over three thousand dollars before valentine's day by february 12th to be exact for me personally i'm going to actually be conservative on my next ethereum prediction let's go over my track record for big predictions i said early last year that the price of bitcoin would hit all-time highs on december 23rd of 2020 give or take a week exactly seven days before december 23rd on the 16th they're going to hit all-time highs for ethereum i said we would hit all-time highs on january 17th early on january 19th today literally less than 30 hours after i predicted ethereum hit all-time highs so you should probably listen to what i'm telling you here ethereum will be hitting 2500 by valentine's day this is the move that we have been anticipating and i've been talking about forever i expect bitcoin to be somewhere close to 50 000 by valentine's day meaning that ethereum will be climbing in its bitcoin percentage we've discussed if the ethereum price can get to even eight percent of the price of one bitcoin we could be looking at a twenty seven thousand dollar ethereum if bitcoin cooperates with ethereum at twenty five hundred dollars in bitcoin at fifty thousand dollars we would already be seeing that number double from where it was a couple weeks ago at two point five percent all the way to five percent of bitcoin's price if not higher okay so ethereum basically 2.5 xs in about a month pretty good but unless you had 400 000 in ethereum before that it won't make you a millionaire so how can you turn a small amount into a large fortune hold on and let us pause for a speculation warning speculation warning the following information could lead to you making massive amounts of money or losing all of your money and becoming homeless the answer to the million dollar question is d5 or decentralized finance we were making a killing over the summer with projects hitting the moon left and right decentralized finance is the future of not just ethereum but crypto in general and it makes sense cryptocurrency is a financial market and devi is the manifestation of blockchain in the financial sector so put two and two together and you get four four million dollars potentially but a quick look at divi pulse shows that there's 25 billion dollars locked up in d5 we examine a little bit further and break that down you see that that's actually about seven million eth locked up that's six percent of all aetherium locked up in d5 is pretty good but counting the ether locked up in validator nodes or e 2.0 number is actually a much higher percent this is great news for the ethereum price and the institutional run of fomo into ethereum we've talked about it for a long time hasn't even came close to happening yet but the deeper news and analysis here is that there's a ton of opportunity in d5 obviously looking at d5 blue chip coins like ave synthetics maker compound urine finance curve and others is a solid strategy we've been adding to our divi holdings like crazy lately and has been paying off but there are a lot of other strategies we can use to turn a little into a lot one less degenerate strategy than throwing all your money in random finance coins is to forecast the huge amount of problems the ethereum network is going to have if we truly are under round two of the d5 pump looking back at the ethereum pump over august last year you would have noticed the largest moves were coinciding with the d5 craze this was when things were absolutely exploding in defy and for ethereum i mean the price doubled in a few days very similar to what we've just seen over the last month but with this explosion came some harsh realities for ethereum it just can't scale as is gas fees were probably the ultimate factor in pushing the price of ethereum lower and popping round one of the d5 bubble gas fees were upwards of a hundred dollars per transaction for smaller traders that negates a lot of their profits so because of this we can see a huge opportunity bubbling up for the likes of cardano polka dot cosmos binding at smart chain tezos and others the glaring weakness of ethereum at the peak of the next device swell will likely leave opportunity for other protocols and platforms to pump on the speculation that they could fix the eath gas problems but the most degenerate way people can turn a little into a lot over the next few months will be by betting on super small and new finance coins now before we get into how one trader turned 800 into a million i want to explain what we will be doing on this channel during this time over the last device run we covered a ton of those smaller high gain yielding projects some of them were even sponsored but on this next run we're not going to be focusing on those really really small coins a ton again as you'll see looking at this story to make life-changing money though you do have to take big risks on getting rug pulled but we just feel like our responsibility in this space on this channel has grown so much over the last year can't take the risk of letting people get wrecked even though it is part of the game those losses are baked in to the big gains people get so if you're a small finance coin don't be contacting this channel we won't be covering them unless they are blue chippers like ave synthetics etc but this guy razer or atrazer eats on twitter posted a thread on how he turned 800 into a million dollars you can visit his twitter account to see the entire thread but here's the deal this guy's been in crypto a while so he gets the game he understands it but in august of this year razer started with 1.8 eat and ended it with over 500 each by flipping coins in the d5 space by the end of the month he started piling in 50 to 100 eath and anything that could go up something familiar to me many of those projects though he lost money on due to rug pull scams these are huge in the space and i personally felt victim drug pulls and yield farming projects would dump the minerals to the two to six figures in the last d5 run so i get it and i told you guys then if you want to make money in this divide craze you have to build in huge losses to your profit strategy while i lost a lot of these scams and bad projects the ones that hit made me much more money than the ones that exit it so the long and short of it is that you have to have balls of steel and be willing to take big losses to cash out the biggest gains but just remember it comes with risk so if you're a risk adverse you just park yourself and eat and watch the gains come in you'll likely get a girlfriend by valentine's day i guess there's a first time for everything but guys where do you think eath is heading to also do you think that we are heading to round two of the device race drop your predictions for that down below and also don't forget to smash the like button for us on your way out that's all i got be blessed bible [Music] you

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