Beck Flirts With Paige | Welcome Home | TRON: Uprising

Don't make a scene.   Who are you? Let's just say I'm part of a growing
resistance movement in Argon. And we could use someone with your talents.   I am not interested. Look, no one defects from Tesler's army
and gets away with it. Without my help, you don't stand…  – What is it?
– Don't. One of Tesler's soldiers just entered the bar. You're clear. Keep a lookout. We can't just sit here. Your disguise. Forget it, there's no time. Go. Take the stairs. Paige. – How've you been?
– What? It's me, Beck. Don't you remember? Come on, don't be like that.

Me, you, the games. We talked. I talked to a lot of programs. But we had something. You were putting me in light cuffs.   I smiled, you didn't. I said the cuffs were too tight,
you said you didn't care. Is that supposed to be funny? Maybe this will jog your memory. "One goes free! One goes free!"  Oh, you. I remember now. Your disc skills were acquit for an immature. Don't feel bad. I'm sure you excel at your real job. Tell me, do you find waste disposal satisfying? Now who think she's funny. For your information, I'm uh…

I'm an architect. I'm sure your friends are proud. Now move along, architect. I've got a job to do. Pavel..

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