Beck & Cutler vs Black Guards | The Renegade (Part 1) | TRON: Uprising

Why am I not surprised? So, you two wanna be a team?
Then be a team. – I suppose it could be worse.
– It's worse. Initiating light cycle challenge. Three of them, two of us.
Those odds aren't so bad. But they got bikes. – Do you trust me?
– Do I have a choice? When I give the word, pull as hard as you can. Now! Rider 2 down. Come on. Now this is more like it. Rider 1 deleted.
Advantage challenger. I bet you didn't know I'm a mechanic. A pretty good one too. Challengers victorious. Listen to them, sharing the
actions of two conspirators. This insolence will spread like
a plague if we don't end it now. So, end it! In all fairness to Paige, her plan almost worked. May I suggest an alternative, general?.

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