Beau Garrett Talks TRON: LEGACY (Part 1 of 2)

so tell me a little bit about your character Jem is a program in the world's wrong kind of an emotionless robotic type but a little curious about this Tamlyn character and what he represents the what is how the world is so I think there's that a dual you know personality and then the cast is so phenomenal and that's what was it what was it like what was the onset chemistry between everyone everyone was so excited and willing to work jump into this world and I mean such so you just learn I mean watching Michael she said words a lot but it was kind of like a fascinating sorry that's okay to see just how I mean that the true test of someone who has my talent is like how unpredictable they can be and how they can keep seems too fresh and bonds are made a change and with one roof line and make it different every time and it's always how it has to be but if the human nature is his name all the time great people get caught up in like I have to do it this way yes no I thought I should do it I know Michael was like watching him I was amazed all the time like who's next he's saying you know and everyone brought that like you know caliber of talent everything they did so you just kind of like I would just felt so lucky to watch there's been a lot of talk about the technology you know with the shooting and wake up with the film what's impressed you most I guess some you know I'm not savvy when it comes technology whatsoever I wasn't like didn't have I had dial-up up until like seven years ago which of am is right five years ago six years ago and just I just have an old computer still I so for me I think the most impressive thing was the surprising thing really was the amount people it takes to create create to create this world to work with these cameras like it's such a special tape it's much like it's not just like the best and the most incredible and like the most different type of thing that's what it watching it was just how do you that's what it takes to do that what does that do not – in that – and like it's my load the intelligence of these people and the creativity and innovative I mean I was just like a you know watching everything and like trying to understand it right right well um what's your comic-con experience been like this first one this very first one I get to go on the floor of doing that today which I'm really excited about everyone's been I only can compare it to things I know like for me maybe comic-con is chella is like my god like my and that's like it's universal language is universal a little oh you know music is universal and here it's like the love of film and science and technology is universal and it connects everybody and there's no like there's a judgement everyone's free to express themselves and like frolic and you know be who they are and I think that is such a rare and beautiful thing to see you know and that's what I loved watching the most it's just like that's how I grew up it was like in a little hippie community where you paint it and yeah that's awesome where did you grow up I grew up in Jamaica Canyon I don't know if you know it's like a little it's in that layer but it's kind of this strange interesting artistic community well if there's no like my neighborhood block hanging out right weird houses thought of spiders and so you know strange people about the street think I'll never know you know nudist colonies everything going back to yeah you think if you love anything cook yesterday about how a lot of the club music they used yeah oh my god no they'd play it while your shame I mean it's like you know you hear is that song and he just like anything in your life that maybe not going right it's like it's a brought to the forefront you're like what about that and you play the staff when music that it's so like it gets in your bones it really does I don't have you saw the clip I have you say that but it really does get underneath your skin you know and that kind of beat I love beets I love like drunk I mean I'm a big charter bass man I love that kind of like grip like house music arise and I love that kind of music that kind of comes up from the bottom and brings you up and I feel like I mean some music just kinda brings you down so hearing that music on set like this and doing these scenes where it's choreographed movements and walking and what have you it's like you're in it they're so in it right you know in there that I mean it was such a perfect choice if I add not sure who always the final one to say business mission create the soundtrack but it was perfect

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