Beatstation – Core Content

let's take a look at some of the instruments that come with beat station I'm going to come over here to view all content and then I'm going to go over here to our organic and then I'm going to come over here to our sounds and then I'm looking under base and we've got we've got some we've got four bases here these are instruments that I was fortunate enough to borrow from the legendary Victor Wooten he he was kind enough to let my wife and I sample these instruments the first one we have is a Caputo fretless it's it's a just amazing fretless bass and then we have a old p base so what we can do I'm going to take this computer fretless and drag it to our base module and now you see what kind of bass sounds you get with that and okay so that's a nice sort of traditional organic electronic sound we're going to come over here to the low bit which is mostly resampled and heavily process sounds and we're going to find another sub or something to go with so we're going to take this Jew no sub and we're going to drop it on the base module as well and you see how very easily we created this hybrid sound yeah that that without doing a whole lot we got pretty far pretty quick now we can also go in here and let's say we want to get it pretty dirty we can throw up one of these bit crushers searching for humble a little bit pull up something like a crush distortion on that base I've been having a lot of fun with these courses as well the wet and dry courses is pretty sweet oh that just picked up ugh hey look it's me sub in here now ass boy what subwoofers over there shakes the house it's working yes yeah so it's it's very easy and very quick to to get some some really nice results with this alright and now let's let's take a look at some of the other sounds that we have for the lead for example and I'm going to stay in the organic btx and I'm going to come over here to sounds I'm going to go to lead and as you see we have things like a Rhodes acoustic guitar I'm just going to drag that roads out to the lead module now you see we have that and we can do all kinds of things we can take a glockenspiel drop it on top of that how tender and we're going to pull up an insert a lot of times I love going to these piano presets very right there so that's a really nice sound we could we could add an acoustic guitar to it if we want maybe we want to pan it out a little bit so we're going to pan our roads hard right we're gonna fly in early and append that hard left we're gonna offset the whirly just a little bit give it some little bit of space and now we're going to come in and we're just gonna add a strap on top of it and all of a sudden you've got something reminiscent of frank zappa and the mothers of invention just like that no it's it's very powerful and very effective in just creating very thick unique textures

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