BBT Episode 7: 6 GPU Litecoin Dogecoin Feathercoin Mining Rig using the ASRock H81 PRO BTC

[Music] welcome back to bits be trippin we sure got a good one in store for you on this one how does a six card mining rig time-lapse putting in that wonderful asrock h 81 m pro BTC board along with some of our favorite cards the gigabyte 270 our nines this is your host Carter let's get into this before we get started building this rig let's go ahead and take a snapshot of what this board is this H 81 Pro BTC board from asrock is specifically designed for crypto mining now obviously it was targeting BTC with its BTC in the name but as we all know BTC is mined with a six so now we're stuck with script mining which is perfectly fine because I actually like the diversity of strip mining and changing different coins here and there and switching them around and while some say that this was a little late to the game I absolutely disagree and anybody that's in the market with trying to put together even a four to five card rig will know that trying to get a board stable making sure do you power your eyes or do not power your risers which operating system do you use BIOS firmwares I mean I find it fun the discoveries but for the guy that's just entering in and really wants to just build a rig get the thing mine in start turning over a profit you want something that's reliable and designed specifically for the TAT I got to give this board its props we put this thing in the rig plugged in six cards had a hiccup in Windows 7 no problem in Windows 8 one and we'll show you that some of that results here at the end of the video as you can see in the video this rig has 5 1x slots and one 16x slot along with a couple of the 4-pin molex connectors adding some additional power to the PCI Express bus other than that pretty standard small form-factor board it's an Intel supporting board and I know a lot of the AMD fanboys I'm an AMD fanboy love them to death um unfortunately we don't have a rig like this that supports six cards yet shameless plug for you manufacturers that stumble onto our videos and now I digress let's go ahead and get into this bill now this rigs a little different compared to our previous time-lapse field by adding a little more space what I mean by that is the original build that we had in our time-lapse was nineteen and a half inches long fourteen and a half inches in depth and nine and a half inches tall what we've done here to accommodate the six cards is expand that out 21 and a half inches long nine inches tall cutting off about a half inch in height and then sixteen inches and width and that's really to accommodate the ability to have two full-sized seven-inch power supplies now with a rig with six GPUs what kind of cheating going with the 270s because the power requirements are not as steep as if you were going with some too 80s or too 90s now as for materials we'll be working with an eight-foot stick three of them of 1/16 inch angled aluminum pick it up a Lowe's Home Depot you name it couple that with one 10-foot stick of one by three pine or as some people call it popular in a small box of sheet metal screws some quarter-inch nylon plastic spacers for the motherboard or you can do what I love doing and cut up in a pin preferably from a bank then a handful of one inch drywall screws now on the cuts for the angled aluminum you're gonna make four cuts of 21 and a half inches you're going to make four cuts of nine inch and you're going to make four cuts of sixteen inches as for the pine or any other wood that choose to use you're going to make four cuts of that 16 inches it's going to be the width of the case and then you'll make one 21 and a half inch cut which is what the graphics card is set on again the standard build just like we did in our other time-lapse just a little longer to accommodate those extra cards now or the thermal check that we seen from the previous setup that we did we had roughly around one inch a quarter between the cards and Sall around 70 to 80 Celsius from that we space the cards out and the other rake only had three in it and notice one and a half inches really is a sweet spot now once this was complete we went ahead and placed the motherboard on there and then added the six cards now we've had quite a few questions both down in the channel comments and direct messages about how strong and sturdy are these cases these cases are extremely strong and sturdy we're talking 1/16 inch thick angled aluminum and when you bind them together to create this rigid box design you can stand this thing right up on the side have the cards smack down on it and it will hold up all those no problem as you see in the video here but let's be honest the the rigidness here isn't what we're looking at we're looking at good thermal design somewhere is something that we can put six cards into and we can push some air across them as are going to be running at 100% in addition to that we needed the space for two PS use a rig this size 6 cards we're going to run into some plug issues isn't even out of matter of power we can put a 650 watt power supply in here that could hold up these six cards but if we were to upgrade this box into put in two 80s or two 90s we definitely have to go with two psu now that we got this put together let's take some real close snapshots of this to give you kind of an idea of the space underneath the cards the airflow how that nine-inch is really working out for this case and give you some basic ideas of how much space you got to work with a case of this size now quick specs of the rig that we got here obviously got the asrock h 81 a pro BTC an Intel g2 2-0 dual-core processor 8 gig memory stick six of those gigabyte 270 r9 s a corsair CX 750 M power supply and a thermal take 1200 watt power supply you've seen in one of our other rigs now in this configuration we got the CX 750 M running the motherboard and two of the cards and we got the Thermaltake 1200 running the other four cards again if your manufacturer watching this we really need as mining enthusiasts a 1500 to 1600 50 watt power supply that can accommodate enough of enough rails to support at least the 270 level series with the 6 pin and an 8 pin or 2 6 pins up to 6 carbs till then I guess we'll be plugging away with two PS use no neural load this 1200 barely been sweating here we got four these cards plugged into this I got that plugged into the kilowatt and we're running right around 400 450 Watts AC from the wall now right out of the gate we went and tried Windows seven and four cards were found right away two cards were disabled and through a lot of angst and trying to reset stuff uninstall drivers you name it we were able to get five to hold up six one was just very finicky so we went ahead and switched over to eight windows eight one amazing difference found all six cards right away we did have one little hiccup right in the first boot up the first time where it really didn't want to find that that last card it showed it there but it had an exclamation point on it we uninstalled went into the device manager uninstalled it hit scan for new hardware it found it and set it up fine so that brings us to this next image here was showing all of the cards running now as for hashes we kind of started in stair-stepping right so the very first set of hashes we chose try to make sure all six cards are alized they're running and we're right around that 409 to 417 but not really pushing the card any now we make a few tweaks on the settings and we're putting that obviously down below but we get these cards stabilized right around 4:30 to 4:45 which is about the target amount for these two 70s now I have a few that are just crazy hybrid great runners on a couple different boxes and we're getting around for 65 for 70 out of them we'll keep playing with this one to see if we can actually get that around that for 65 for 70 out of this and this is a really good 2.6 2.7 mega hash box good thermals good price solid cash er I mean this is by far Bar None probably one of the best bargain boxes you can get and we do have an upcoming episode where we're targeting around 4 cards I'm calling it the budget box build good motherboard that's nice and cheap for these cards in it just for the cost ratio is just you can't beat it now this rig I think we had a total into it around $1,600 and there's a few things we could have saved on we put an SSD in there purely because we built rebuild these with so many different os's and test configurations that I just the time savings of having the SSD and trying the different OS is worth its weight in gold to me that 120 gig kingston that we had in there was nice and cheap i think we got for $69 then you got the intel chip is about 59 you got six of these cards at $179 each at micro Center obviously got a pic tax on that then you got a couple power supplies right right around $79 for those now you spend a little more on gold power supplies but a couple 750s maybe even a couple eight he's in this rig and you're good to go tigerdirect now accepting bitcoins you can go out there I think they had these v8 50 versions of the C X's right there around that $79 after rebate couple those paired with this and you got yourself a pretty good rig and then obviously you can either build or buy a rig like this to put your stuff into you know that supports the six cards with the right set angle and you're looking at you know 1670 hundred dollars out the door now I think that's gonna wrap us up for this episode but I want you guys to stay tuned I got a few more things to stay here stick with me I owe you a sapphire vapor-x build we got that coming up on an episode this week and then we got a couple 290s that I'm waiting on once those come in there we're gonna try to do at least a four maybe even a six card build with the 290s I think that'll be a great episode and then obviously we still owe you that wonderful mineral oil rig we got everything in for that we'll be posting that rig up on Twitter as we start to build it and I think there's are going to be blown away we're gonna sink six sapphire toxics in that and with one of these BTC boards it's gonna be friggin sick I cannot wait to get it to you guys just tune in for that enclosing put those questions down there I'll get whatever I can't answer for you I know there's a few still outstanding I'm trying to find some answers for you guys on but we will respond once we get that information out to you tweet us friend us send this to your friends post it on Facebook get this out and we'll get some pretty awesome stuff out for you guys stay tuned be trippin the be trippin [Music] it's [Music] you

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