BBT Episode 12: 6x nVidia 750Ti – MSI Twin Frozr Litecoin Dogecoin Mining Rig

welcome back to bits be trippin now this upcoming video we're gonna take you through some Nvidia 750 Ti is I've been waiting for this for a few weeks now I'm working on the video making sure the rig was real stable can't wait to get this to you six cards one rig all Nvidia this is your host Carter let's get into this now in the start of this rig we start with the BB t6 GPU open air rig you've probably seen this on eBay you've definitely seen it on our channel we actually have a video that we'll throw in the annotation here that you can get to shows you actually how to build one of these guys then from there we take the asrock h 81 pro BTC motherboard that we've recommended in a few other videos then pair that up with a kingston 120 gig SSD then doing something a little different with this rig we threw in the intel celeron g 1820 then threw a four gig Crucial Ballistix memory in there that's the pc-12 800 it is a single stick for those at Kerr then finally we would head through in the EVGA 750 supernova more than enough power for this rig found a pretty good deal with it thought we'd go with that and then last but not least the six msi 750ti twin frozer edition these are the cards without the six pin on the 750 Ti series real good cards now let's see what this thing can do now with a lot of our other videos we usually go straight for what I call kind of the money shot what's the hash of the rig how much power is it using and then some nice panning shots I kind of give a good look and feel of the build on this particular rig however I'm gonna go ahead and take you through what we do to set the rig up and get it built and then start from scratch you'll get to see the entire build process here so right out of the gate we put in a memory stick that has a Windows 8 one image on it essentially the Windows 8 one disk that we've put onto a memory stick you know place that into the drive and then go straight into the BIOS right from the first power up we go when their change those bio settings choose that for the UEFI boot from that USB stick reboot after the save on the BIOS and let windows start to install now on this particular build obviously we're using in Windows 8 1 we're gonna go in there set some basic settings up and get this thing built now obviously loading from a USB 3.0 device straight onto an SSD this bill doesn't take long a few minutes tops eight and a half minutes on this bill loads eight one comes up to the desktop now there's one point that I want to make here I usually build these without the network card plugged in Windows eight one will go out and start trying to download drivers and do a whole bunch of stuff that I don't want it to do right out of the gate this simplifies the build for me as lets me know that I'm in control of what's going on I just don't trust quite honestly Microsoft because it'll go out there and it'll update something then I'll go three weeks later and sharp building something which is the same equipment and then stuff doesn't work the way it did before and a lot of that has to do because of automatic updates and some other variable that changes so on these builds we go with a network card unplugged then I go ahead and get right into the desktop and I look at the control panel and look at the device manager within there to see okay what is outstanding what is missing here what drivers need to be loaded now if I let Windows do its own thing once I plug that network cable in there it's going to go out and it's going to say hey I'm missing this hardware can I find a driver it can't it'll just stay with an exclamation point there and say hey please provide me with something or it's going to go and find the hardware that it can register with and put a base drive around there that's exactly what it will do with this in the video set a card that will use a base driver I do not want to use that base driver with these Nvidia cards just from some basic testing it doesn't work very well I want to use the latest NVIDIA GeForce drivers and in this case it is the three 35.2 three driver for Windows 8 one 64-bit Edition and there is a key reason why I want to use this driver we take a look at videos download driver page and we look at the release notes for this driver the very first item that we see is the enhance GPU clock offset options for the geforce gtx 750ti that is worth its weight in gold we need to get that and get that installed now after that driver install goes through the next item of business is getting the MSI Afterburner software and of course we need the mining software which is the CUDA miner that is found on Bitcoin talker org we'll put it in the description you want to go out there hit that link and download the latest version of CUDA miner of course our settings will be posted in the description the exact thread settings we were using and all the configuration look in that description underneath the video you can click more info it expands and then all of that detail is in there now I think I've talked enough let's get into actually what this rig can do I know you guys have been waiting and anticipating what we get out of this now what we found is setting the primary core to a plus 135 offset and the memory at a plus 330 we've gotten some of the best results from this as you can see here all the cards hashing we're looking at close to 90 per card with a total of 1.7 and in some change now further research shows that we definitely could probably get another episode out of this for going in and updating the current power TDP settings to move those from a total power to of our on 65.5 watts per card by bringing that up by tweaking the bios we could probably get these cards well over into the 300 but a little bit of research that I have done on that look like the power usage goes from the what you're seeing here right now at around a 479 to 485 power usage right now for that 1.7 mega hash goes on up to close to 570 so almost a hundred more watts for around 312 hash per card so you know what we do the math on that we're looking close to about maybe one point eight five mega hash for an extra hundred watts the math really doesn't add up to actually do that you're looking for this particular rig to be something that is eight power to hash ratio this is the the settings that we see that are the best so the next question after that is we wanted to see how stable this was so we started this a few days back and just let it run we wanted to see if this thing was rock-solid stable it's holding around 62 Celsius they're staying nice and cool or throttled out they're holding that 1.7 mega hash for the entire lot go fast-forward a few days and here we are now looking at two day run literally almost 40 hours this thing running I've tweeted a few different times showing you know 20 hours plus showing how how much it was at now now you're seeing it close to 7,000 accepts and this thing's still running so final thoughts on this 750ti build that these cards are right they're round we got these cards for about 169 after rebate they were actually 179 there's again the twin frozers key point don't have the six pin code you know connectors you can get cards with the six pin on the 750ti series the ones that we've seen is the EVGA for the win addition and the Aizu OC kind of looks like the GCU 2 and a design but it doesn't have the copper core so don't get confused there so in closing I want to thank you guys for watching this hang in there for a second if you want to see what's coming up got a couple more videos out this week if we can we went almost a full week without putting video out I'm going to try to get a couple out this week we got a 12 times MSI Twin Frozr 270 build coming up and then obviously we owe that mineral oil mining rig we were tweeting out a lot of pictures the rig is actually built we're actually sinking the oil in this weekend we're going to show you some pictures on Twitter as we do that and then wrap that video up or hopefully a delivery sometime next week that'll be the third week of March and get that out there I think that's going to be a very heavily tweeted heavily shared video there's not too many mineral oil rigs out there let alone drop in close to $6,000 or the hardware into one so I'm looking really forward to getting that out stay tuned on Twitter you know tweet them out to your friends get some exposure out to this bring you some really awesome hardware thanks guys stay tuned the best be trippin the be trippin you

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