Batman The Long Halloween Trailer 2021 – Jensen Ackles Batman Breakdown and Easter Eggs

I can't really be a lawyer and a criminal can i   I want to win but do i want to win like this 
i'm of two minds here so it's a coin flip johnny vitti was murdered tonight falcone 
crime family has to be taken down there's only room for one 
homicidal maniac in this town Why are you running. you could use a little fun. I thought you didn't hurt people you thought wrong you still haven't figured out who killed 
johnny vitti a killer who only works on holidays there's lots of crazy out there once i take him out things are going 
gonna be different we can start a family the city has fallen alfred then we must endeavor 
to lift it up again who is holiday and who's next Welcome back everyone this is going to be my 
batman long halloween trailer video jensen   ackles batman bet you did not see that coming 
jensen ackle's finally playing a version of the   batman so a whole bunch of easter eggs here long 
halloween obviously one of the best batman stories   from the last 25-30 years almost but if you're 
brand new to the channel be sure to subscribe   to get all the videos there's so much batman stuff 
happening in the next couple of years between this   batman movie there's two parts to it this is just 
part one part two will be released later this year   we have ben affleck's batman and the justice 
league snyder cut just a little while ago and   then we have the upcoming matt reeves batman movie 
with robert pattinson's version of the character   even though that's taking place in an alternate 
universe from the justice league ben affleck   batman most of you probably remember though jensen 
ackles actually played red hood during the batman   under the red hood movie in the early 2000s listen 
to me you drug peddling scumbags you eight of the   most prosperous street dealers in gotham i'm 
offering you morons a deal i believe that was   around the time he was doing smallville so that 
was actually his early start in the dc universe   they actually just released another jason todd 
movie under the red hood it was sort of a choose   your own adventure movie and jen's and apples 
did not come back to play red hood so i think   this is why because they already had him doing the 
voice for batman during the long halloween movie   if you don't remember a couple years ago too 
stephen amell and jensen were both campaigning   to get him as the version of batman inside 
the arrowverse obviously that didn't pan out   i think mostly because there were so many versions 
of live-action batman that they were getting ready   for it was still ben affleck batman and the 
justice league snyder cut stuff there was the   big transition behind the scenes to matt reeves 
robert pattinson batman movies and then they were   apparently still trying to get michael keaton 
batman to come back so even without that titan's   version of batman you have three live-action 
versions of batman flying around so if you   wonder why you haven't seen batman in a really big 
way inside the aeroverse dc tv shows that's why   either way it's a really good time to be a batman 
fan and the reason why they're doing this movie is   two parts instead of just doing it as a one 
two hour movie or an hour and a half like the   typical animated movie length is because the 
long halloween is a really big story and they   want to do the entire story without having to 
speedrun everything that being said though you   can actually tell just from part one of this story 
that they've already cut out some of the batman   villains although a lot of the key ones are there 
so i'll explain some of the minor changes it seems   like they've made and if you guys didn't know matt 
reeves was actually inspired by portions of the   long halloween for his new robert pattinson batman 
movie although obviously that's meant to be an   original story with some similar elements to the 
long halloween so they're not doing the exact long   halloween story line the way the animated movie is 
trying to adapt the comic book but the whole thing   with a long halloween story is it's basically a 
murder mystery that takes place during a bunch   of different holidays that's why they call the 
main villain the holiday killer it's a neo-noir   big whodunit story with batman basically going 
around being the world's greatest detective very   big detective story trying to learn the identity 
just going around to all the different members of   his rogues gallery of villains thinking that each 
one might be responsible the person you see batman   and gordon talking to in that prison cell in the 
trailer that's calendar man he's being played   by david dasmartian who's also in the suicide 
squad movie as polkadot man just really big fan   of playing obscure characters calendar man is in 
prison because he's known for committing holiday   themed crimes on holidays and because in the long 
halloween story all these different murders are   happening on different holidays they go to him 
for advice but the other big thing about the   long halloween is that it's meant to take place 
relatively early in his career so for instance   catwoman big character during this being played 
by naya rivera i guess she did the voiceover role   for this before she passed away so may she rest 
in peace but at this point in batman's career   he hasn't learned catwoman's secret identity 
and he's dating selena kyle as bruce wayne   selena kyle also doesn't know that bruce wayne is 
batman yet so that kind of gives you an idea for   where this takes place in his timeline but even 
though you have pretty much every major character   like the joker from his rogues gallery most 
of the story revolves around the mob in gotham   city between the maroneys and the falcone crime 
families it's also meant to be a bit of an origin   story for the two-faced harvey dent character 
like him slowly becoming the two-faced character   that's why you see in the trailer then making 
all those references to him flipping the coin   trying to make the choice so the story begins in 
a very godfather type of way at a mob wedding it's   carmine falcone throwing a wedding for his 
family but bruce wayne is there with selena   kyle as his date and his friend harvey dent while 
he's there carmine falcone is trying to pressure   bruce wayne to launder his money his billions of 
dollars through the banks that falcone's control   because harvey dent is the district attorney who's 
going after the mob the falcones have him beaten   up bruce wayne finds him then after the party 
as batman he develops a plan to take down the   falconies take control the banks away from him 
with harvey dent and gordon harvey then is going   to use the head of the bank to testify against 
falcone and put him behind bars but the falcones   have the president of the bank killed so that he 
can't testify against them then in retaliation   a mystery killer the holiday killer winds up 
killing the falcone responsible for taking out   the president of the bank the scene where you 
see harvey dent in batman sitting in front of   that giant pile of money and he's talking about 
being a district attorney maybe being a criminal   flipping the coin they find a warehouse where 
falcone was forced to stash 20 million dollars   and obviously this is taking place 25 years ago so 
you have to imagine it probably like 100 million   dollars if the story was written today and as part 
of their plan batman harvey dent gordon's plan to   take down the mob they burn the money christopher 
nolan actually used some of those story elements   from the long halloween during the dark knight 
movie where you have joker burning pretty much   half of the mob's money but then as the year goes 
on throughout the major holidays like thanksgiving   valentine's day christmas all these big holidays 
you start to see the holiday killer taking out all   these different key members of the different crime 
families is part of batman's investigation as he's   going around at each of the crime scenes holiday 
just winds up leaving holiday-themed calling cards   eventually holliday's actions lead to an all-out 
war between the maroneys and the falcones   sal moroney winds up making a deal with batman 
gordon in dent to testify against falcone and put   him away for good and it's at that courtroom trial 
where harvey then gets the acid thrown in his face   so he goes to the hospital but before they can 
take him to surgery he winds up escaping into   the sewer stabbing his surgeon later in the story 
he resurfaces as full-blown two-faced to go after   falcone winds up releasing a whole bunch of 
prisoners from arkham causes all this mayhem   so like i said seems very similar to some of 
the plot elements from the dark knight movie   using all this dark knight footage like which 
movie you talking about long halloween of the   dark knight well obviously you can see how much 
christopher nolan borrowed from the long halloween   joker winds up causing all kinds of mayhem 
trying to take out the holiday killer himself   because he's jealous he doesn't want the attention 
taken away from him he's supposed to be the   biggest criminal in the city but even while 
you have two-face going after falcone himself   successfully getting revenge nobody the entire 
time ever figures out who the holiday killer   is it still winds up being this huge mystery right 
up until the end of the story i don't want to give   away huge spoilers but the story has been out for 
like the last 25 years so most you probably know   what's going on with the holiday killer the big 
twist behind it but it is meant to be a big twist   reveal at the end of the story where they don't 
literally tell you who the killer is but they give   you all the clues like it's right there on the 
page like oh it was this person the whole time   the person you least suspect but what's going to 
happen is they're releasing part one of the movie   june 22nd and then part two i believe is supposed 
to be released sometime this fall i think   originally what they plan to do because so much 
of matt reeve's batman movie has long halloween   energy in it even though it's not directly 
adapting the story they wanted to release part two   of the jensen ackles long halloween movie around 
the same time they were going to drop the batman   movie in theaters which was originally going to be 
in october this year but then they pushed that to   march next year but because the long halloween 
was an animation movie they don't have the same   issues filming during the virus so they didn't 
have to bump that so i believe both parts will   come out this year and if you didn't see matt 
reeves actually just posted on his social media   accounts a little while ago he wrapped filming 
on the batman movie so that means we'll probably   get a full batman trailer sometime later this year 
maybe around the time they released the dune movie   which is going to be in october but if you haven't 
read the long halloween story i would recommend   you check it out at some point because it is one 
of the best batman stories from the last 25 years   what's going to happen next though is my marvel 
falcon and winter soldier episode 4 video we'll   post friday just like normal and there's a whole 
bunch of stuff going on this weekend i'll try to   post all those videos as quickly as possible just 
leave all your requests in the comments below we   also have the mortal kombat movie coming up in a 
couple weeks too so i'll be doing some videos for   that pretty soon as well while you wait for 
everything click here for my justice league   snyder cut ending and then credit scene video and 
learn about what's going on with the sequels and   click here for my marvel falcon and winter soldier 
episode 4 video i'll update the link when i post   that new video too thank you so much for watching 
everyone stay safe and i'll see you guys tonight!

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