Baby Dogecoin 寶貝狗幣是下一個百倍幣? I 寶貝狗幣會是下一個柴犬幣嗎? I 手把手教學如何用Pancakeswap購買 baby doge

Bitcoin and most altcoins Plummeted in the past week Bitcoin plummeted by 15% Dogecoin also plummeted by nearly 40% But the altcoins in this altcoin The price in nearly a week Skyrocketed by 250% Hi i am a book The theme of this video is baby dogecoin Baby Dogecoin will be the next shib coin Shiba Inu coin Will it be the next hundred times currency? The first half of today's video I will share some basic information about Baby Dogecoin And compare with Baby Dogecoin and Shiba Inucoin method to let everyone Know more about baby Dogecoin And then in the second half of the film Share how to use pancakeswap Go buy Binance Smart Chain tokens That is One of the ways to buy Dogecoin I want to declare here Invest in cryptocurrency Especially this baby Dogecoin is a high-risk investment I just share the information of baby Dogecoin And some of my opinions Didn't encourage you to invest Before I start, I still want to emphasize A book in the simplest way Share the knowledge of investing and making money If you are an investment novice or a novice investment Why baby doge Baby Dogecoin is an altcoin among altcoins All coins except Bitcoin are altcoins And the baby Dogecoin is a copy of Dogecoin so Baby Dogecoin is an altcoin among altcoins We can look at the official website of baby dogecoin Here’s the introduction Baby Doge is a kind of Dogecoin Fans in online communities New cryptocurrency born with members Baby Doge from his meme father Some tips and lessons learned from Dogecoin Trying to show his improved transaction speed And cute to impress his father This one looks at the popularity of Dogecoin Dogecoin has never recognized the baby Dogecoin as a son Baby Doge Issued on the BSC Binance Smart Chain BEP-20 token Just released on June 1st In just three weeks Has risen more than 100 times From 0.005 USD per 1 billion coins to USD 0.80 You heard me right Is $0.80 per 1 billion coins Not $0.80 per coin Baby Dogecoin's total circulation Is astronomical There are 420 quadrillions coins There are 16 0s after 42 In Chinese, it is 420,000 trillion coins This amount Than all animal coins we know so far Whether it’s Kishu Inu Or there are many Shiba Inu coins So now do you understand Why can't we use each unit to calculate It’s calculated on the basis of every billion every 1 billion coins.

Baby Doge The current price is like Shiba Inu coins The price just issued is 0 points The next nine zeros Then you might ask This baby Dogecoin And the price of the newly issued Shiba Inu coin Still so low Isn’t there still a lot of room I have talked about it in this video There are many novice Xiaobai One of the mistakes about cryptocurrency It only pays attention to the price of the coin instead of the value For example Many novice investors especially like to buy Dogecoin The main reason is Dogecoin Less than a dollar And the price of Ethereum or Bitcoin is thousands of times that of him I think Dogecoin is much cheaper There should be a lot of room for improvement So I'm going to buy Dogecoin In fact, whether a cryptocurrency is cheap or not It depends on the total market value of this cryptocurrency Not his unit price The current price of Shiba Inu Coin is 0 pips The next five 0+66 Ranked 30th in cryptocurrency market capitalization The market value is $2.7 billion Baby Dogecoin The current price is 9 0+8 after 0 o'clock Cryptocurrency market capitalization ranks more than 2000 The market value is already $240 million Baby Doge and Shiba Doge The price difference is about 8,000 times But the market value is only 10 times different So before buying a coin Must first understand his circulation Market value and development prospects Never see that the price is very low I think there is still a lot of room for upside to rush in and buy Then let's take a look at his basic information We open this bscscan See how many wallet holders Baby Dogecoin has There are 100,000 wallet holders The biggest wallet holder is a burning wallet Then there are so many coins Has been sent to this burning wallet Destroyed These destroyed coins Accounted for nearly 30% of the total circulation The remaining total circulation is 70% And then in 70% Every transaction There will also be corresponding baby Dogecoins that will be destroyed So this coin is a deflationary token Here we can also see the top ten wallet holders Occupy the total circulation 25% baby Dogecoin The chips are still very concentrated Means the risk is also great Baby Dogecoin has a feature that is Every transaction has a 12% slip When you buy Will lose 12% of the price difference And then 5% of this 12% Will be distributed to all Current wallet holder In other words, who currently holds this baby Dogecoin Since he holds For each subsequent transaction 5% of coins Will follow Each wallet address Percentage of baby Dogecoin owned To distribute So if everyone holds the baby Dogecoin Over time Your coins are actually increasing slowly In addition 5% will be sent to pancakeswap In the pool of liquidity Generally put the coins in the pool It is helpful to stabilize prices If you lock it there It means that there will be fewer coins in circulation in the market If there are more coins in pancakeswap Then he will have a certain stabilizing effect on this price It also has a deflationary mechanism in terms of price stability That is to set a certain percentage of each transaction Distribute to the burning wallet to destroy And every one of his transactions There will be a certain percentage of expenses And these charities have to vote through the community Selected Interrupt disclaimer All content in this channel and video All personal opinions For communication only Not as any investment and trading advice Investment at your own risk accordingly Baby Dogecoin and other animal coins Basically do the same Nothing new and no application scenarios Compare Dogecoin Its advantage is that a block is generated every 5 seconds And Dogecoin only generates a block every minute In other words, the transaction speed will be faster than Dogecoin Comparing Shiba Inu Coins, only the same as Shiba Inu Coins There is an NFT market Then the same is promoted by the community Will he be the next hundred times currency? Thousands of times before Shiba Coin Rubbed a lot of heat Rubbing the fiery heat of altcoins The heat of Dogecoin Rubbed the heat of various animal coins Riding on the popularity of major exchanges Even Musk and V God's heat are also rubbed off What kind of heat does your baby Dogecoin have to rub Now all the heat has temporarily cooled down What else is there Can let the baby Dogecoin continue to rise Now it is mainly driven by the baby Dogecoin community We can check Google Trends More and more people search for Dogecoin Means the baby Dogecoin is getting hotter and hotter Then there are only about 50,000 Twitter communities And the 50,000 Telegram community Means that the community still has a lot of room for growth community The biggest formula now is to let the baby Dogecoin Reach Shiba Inu Coins Market capitalization If you can achieve this goal There is also a potential increase of ten times Plus this baby Dogecoin has just launched I personally feel I want to make baby Dogecoin The difficulty of increasing 100 times is very high On the contrary, there is still a certain possibility that it will increase ten times We can also look at the Hundred Papers of Baby Dogecoin Here we can see Transcript 21 days after the issuance of Baby Dogecoin There are just over 100,000 wallet holders 50,000 recommended fans Telegram group has 45,000 people Then let's take a look This is their road map Divided into six stages The first stage of birth has been completed Second stage that is Find some people with market influence to promote strongly To be listed on coin gecko And on the CoinMarketCap platform These have also been achieved Telegram groups and wallet holders 25,000 people each have also completed Basically the second stage has been completed Baby Dogecoin is now in the third stage The goal of 100,000 wallet holders has been reached The goal of 100,000 telegrams is only half achieved Then there will be an airdrop I don’t know how they will airdrop We can look forward to seeing Then it’s going to be listed on major centralized exchanges If the baby Dogecoin can really be like Shiba Doge Listing on Binance and Huobi I believe there will be a potential rise Well How are we going to buy this baby Dogecoin Or other based on What about the BSC Binance Smart Chain token? The first step is to Binance Exchange buys BNB Binance Coin Binance download link I have put it in the description column below And the first message You can watch my video Teach you how to register and buy and sell cryptocurrency After you bought Binance Coin The second step is to download the meta mask I use Google Chrome You downloaded the meta mask He is you One of the plugins for Google Chrome First in your Google plugin Select meta mask Remember the important place It is this network that must choose BSC Binance Smart Chain's network you can see I am showing Fantom’s network here So cannot operate the tokens of Binance Smart Chain We have to configure the BSC network Click the button in the upper right corner Choose the next setting Click on the Nework Network Then click on anywok below it's here We need to manually enter the corresponding parameters The parameters corresponding to the inevitable smart chain I will put it in the description column below Click save when input is complete You can be on the Internet I see a smart chain Choose smart chain Just press next step After that, for this BEP-20 token You can use this method to make transactions After we bought BNB on Binance You can copy your address in the meta mask Then paste it in this place to withdraw the coin Must choose here BEP-20 this Binance smart chain After filling in the amount, you can withdraw the coin Then we go back to the meta mask Has the check been transferred in yet? I've already transferred in Next we can Click on baby dog's official website to buy now Will go to the page of pancakeswap pancakeswap is a similar market maker for uniswap and sushiswap The first time you came in He will have a warning notice Just tell you Anyone can create BEP-20 tokens There is a certain risk So you must use it carefully Here you choose BNB Then choose Baby Doge How much do you want to change You press max Will use all the Binance coins in your meta mask wallet Or you can choose the quantity you want Another thing to note is here You want to set 12% This is slip You lose it when you buy it 12% difference The official website here is very clear And I have explained why this is the case above Set 12% You just press swap.

Confirm Then the meta mask senses your transaction Will jump out Just click to confirm We can go and look at the transaction records This shows that the transaction has been completed but Why can't I see my baby Dogecoin Because I haven’t joined the baby dog ​​token yet Click on the ado below We just need to be here Fill in the contract address of the baby Dogecoin Then click Next to complete Baby Dogecoin's joint address I will also put it in the description column below Well With me now I have 20 billion baby Dogecoins This is a very simple transaction process Then you pay attention to your baby Dogecoin wallet Your baby Dogecoin will keep increasing Because it has been mentioned above Whenever there is a transaction There will be 5% of the baby Dogecoin Minute Sent in the wallet of every baby Dogecoin holder If you want to sell You can go back to pancakeswap and exchange your baby Dogecoins back to Binance coins I have talked about it in this video Most invested in cryptocurrencies Can only account for all of your portfolio 15% to 20% And your cryptocurrency portfolio It should be 60% to 70% Is to invest in bitcoin Or ether A high-risk cryptocurrency like Baby Dogecoin Can invest at most 5% of your cryptocurrency portfolio If you can take a higher risk You can also invest up to 10% I am also in this support position Invested a very small position I buy him as a lottery Or lottery coupons Of course you will be happy if you win the lottery It won't affect my life if it's zero And will not affect my mood I wish my friends who liked this video Achieve the freedom of wealth soon If you like this content You must subscribe to Feimiao Finance It's a goodbye to see me in a few days

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