Axie Infinity 2021 ➡️ Wie viel Geld kann man als Anfänger verdienen? (deutsch)

Hello everyone, in this video will show you how much money you can make as a beginner at Axie Infinity with minimal effort. In case you did not know the game: it is a turn-based battle game that is currently one of the most popular Ethereum blocking games. Before you start you need 3 Axes for it fighting for you. In my opinion, it's worth investing in the best directly here, as you will win more fights in the long run and thus earn more money.

I have recorded here for you how long a session takes for it use all 20 energy points. These are always refilled after a certain time. Each purchase in an adventurous round or a PVP game costs 1 energy point. each Round win in Adventure Game and PVP brings you Small Love Potions (SLP for short), which are their cryptocurrency and can later be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies or cash . More on that later.

I always start with 10 adventurous games and then do 10 PVP fights or as many until I win at least 5. I'm doing this because there is a Daily Task that only requires it to win 50 additional SLPs. Here you can see that I forgot to choose. The first two games were still numbered. In PVE mode I play only the round in which 2 waves of opponents come, because in my opinion these are most valuable at the beginning of the price-time ratio. You get experience points only if you have energy. But you can also go and farm SLP all day. The stronger the become AXIES, the more levels you get and the higher the reward you get. Here you get 2 SLPs for each win in the round and you can easily cultivate . You can also play it in window mode and do something else sideways. The game is more complicated and deeper than it seems at first glance, but I can make a special video about it.

Definitely fun. Once you do that, you go to the arena to defeat the other players. It's getting harder here and that's why every win gives 7 SLPs. Here too it is important to you have energy, otherwise there is no reward. Yes, so it looks like a war and you are just trying to defeat the opposing Axie. Each class has its advantages and disadvantages and you try to take advantage of this by choosing the card and yes, as I said, there is a lot behind it and do not be surprised if you lose all the first fights.

It was the same for me , but you feel it when you play it. We were able to take the first victory with us, but it can also go like this: Zack, dead. The next fight: e lost! The next war won! Therefore, as a beginner, I always go to the arena with 10 energy points, because now you only get 3.5x more than in the adventurous game . Of course it can still change. Here you can see how many victories you have duhen. In order to get 5 wins, you can fight without energy, only then without an SLP reward. We were able to take the victory with us, including 7 SLPs. Since I still had a drop of energy left, I went straight back to the arena to pick up the 7 SLPs. So don’t forget to pack 50 SLPs and that’s all to run the day. Let’s see what happened today and what I could embrace within a week.

Here you can see the current daily medal price. It's a little over 5 cents. We were able to get 6×7 SLP from the arena and 22 SLP from the adventure mode + 50 from daily assignment x the daily price is equal to just over $ 6 for 1 hour. Now I will show you how much I can earn in a week. SLPs are blocked for 2 weeks before being paid. My objective is to hold it anyway and convert only when the stock price rises. With a total of 809 SLPs, I made just under $ 43 this week.

For about 1 hour of work a day. That of course falls and rises with the medal price. If you add it in a month, is over $ 170. Last week in hype I paid a little less than $ 700 for 3 and I need a little less than 4 months for it take back the part and still keep the value on the current axes. These are currently not affordable due to the high fees on the Ethereum platform. Here you can see how you can get more power with more shafts. More energy also means you can farm more during the day. I will definitely wait until Ethereum fixes its problems and more then I will buy more or educate them myself. The game can be installed on the phone and if you have sluggish or waiting times when you have to wait, you can just play the game and make money. The whole thing of course is from 18. Or simply install the app on your child's smartphone and they play it along the way for at school by train or bus.

You can not sell anything through the app, so your child can have fun . It was officially just fun, of course. At the moment it costs $ 45 (!) $ 45 (!) To sell Axie in the market and that should be boycotted. I have paid $ 20 fee for 3 each, which is very high. Weekly assignments will soon unlock where you can increase your income again. If you want to play it yourself, something is waiting and if you are interested I will tell you that how to buy Axies at all and find the right ones for a strong starting team , or as I continued. Subscribe to the channel if you do not want to miss anything in the section "Making Money With Crypto Games". Goodbye!.

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