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I’m gonna be so late to class! GAH!! Do I have time for coffee? I’ll just whip something up quick! Do I have any mugs in here? Seriously?! But I need caffeine, like, NOW! This can’t be happening. Well, I’ve gotta get this in me somehow. Oh man… Here goes nothing! ICK! I need something sweet! A spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go
down, right? I gotta wash this down! This could use some warm water. And that, friends, is how a lazy person makes a latte! AHH! When watching a show, It’s easy to lose track of time, And your chip supply. Well, I guess I’m done snacking then.

Hey! Lana’s back from the store. Kevin! I’m home! That’s cool. That means more chips! But I don’t wanna get up from the couch. So I’m sending in my best soldier. But I’d better send him with a message. Perfection. I’ll be knee-deep in salty goodness in no
time. I’ll even send her the bowl! Huh? What is this? Looks like a note. Seriously, Kevin? He’s so lazy! You want more chips, Kev? You got ‘em. Lana? Your feet! Alright Mr. Truck, here you go. So much for an “off-roader” Chip delivery! A lazy person’s dream, right?! I never have to leave the couch! What else do I need? Can’t picnic without water, right? What’s next? I need a knife.

Would this sword work? It has a blade, right? Check! Looks like I’m all set! This picnic’s gonna be fun! Let’s fasten everything up tight. Green grass and blue sky, here I come! I’d better wear boots for this trip. Wouldn’t wanna dirty up my white tennies. There! I’m running right on time too! Is that my phone? I must’ve forgot to grab it! So annoying. Wait! Those boots are filthy! I’m gonna track up the house! Kevin would kill me. Is that mud?! Go live outside if you wanna live like an
animal! I can’t! But I don’t wanna take my boots off. Hey, what about those plastic bags? May as well put them to good use! Why take off your shoes, When you can wear these? Tie ‘em nice and tight! No mud’s comin’ outta these bad boys! Am I brilliant or what? Hey, Adam! When you’re in the middle of a game, Don’t take your eyes off for a second! I’m so winning this round! Why am I so thirsty today? Come on, don’t run out on me now! I really am thirsty.

Fine, I’ll go get a refill. They really should make bigger cans. Hmm… Oh, hello sweet cola! I’ll never run out now! Wait! NO! We’ve got a can down, people! And a Kevin down to match… I’m okay! I think. Whew. What’s all this stuff? Wait, I just had the best idea! Grab seven cans of your favorite soda, And bunch them together. Then, with your tape, Bind them all together like this. Now open them all up one by one.

Then pop in your favorite straws! And lastly, Bunch the straws with a rubber band. Then drink up! Wow! This is seriously awesome, right? Alright, drinks are ready! And we’re back in the game. That’s what you call a monster gulp! You’re ironing? Would you mind ironing this? It’s been in a ball in my closet. No. Aw man. Hey Lana! Pretty please with a cherry on top? NO.

Fine, I’ll just be wrinkly then. No means no, Kevin! And back into the closet it goes. Is this clean? GAH! That’s a hard no. More checkers? Nah. Looks like old wrinkle shirt wins. Wait! I may be able to fix this myself. Hey! Need a quick steam? Start by spritzing the shirt with water. Then turn on your fan. And let science do the rest. The wrinkles will smooth as it dries. And after a few minutes, it’s ready! This was quite the show, huh? Let’s see how it looks, Kev! Now that’s what we call wrinkle-free! Thanks for nothing, Lana! Working in class early, huh? The quiet won’t last long. Is that Kevin? The chair next to him is free! So who’s gonna get it? Gotcha! Is that a bear? So, you come in early often? That’s awesome. So Bella wants to play dirty? Two can definitely play that game.

I could really use a touch-up. And this lipstick’s about to save the day. If you apply it to the back of your heel, It looks an awful lot like blister. Really cake plenty on there. Let the games begin. I’ll see you guys in the hallway… You’re so funny, Kevin! Ouch! Save me, my foot hurts! Lana! Are you okay? It’s my heel! Aw, You poor thing. I’ll be your transportation today! For some people, multi-tasking is nearly impossible.

Especially when sharp knives are involved. There. NO! Hello? Good, you’re still there. This floor needed a good scrubbing. Careful… Never underestimate a spare finger. Or a nose… NO!!! NOT THE WATER!! GOT IT! Was that close or what?! Any chance there’s a spare hand in here? Ding ding ding! This headband can keep my phone up! Simply slide the thing over your head! Aw, so cute! Dial up your buddy, And stick that sucker in the elastic! It may look funny, but boy, is it nice to be hands-free! You’re pretty clever Kev! Are you a fellow lazy lad or lass? Then you probably could use more than one
of these hacks! Have any other lazy ways of life you’d like
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