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what's up everybody welcome back to the 
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in the last video if you remember i called   that UNFI usdt would break out of this massive 
falling wedge after retesting a support line   at about here and look exactly what happened boom 
breakout you would have hit three of my targets   so i told you to buy the retest here and if you 
did boom you would have been up 30 now if you also   remember in my first ever video on youtube i 
called that avax usdt would look extremely bullish   for the month of april and at the time that i 
called it it was about 31 and right now if we just   go over to avax boom from my point of entry you 
would have been up 30 percent as well now in this   video i will do an update on avax usdt and i will 
let you know what has changed since my first video   so just to reiterate if you would have gotten in 
at my point of entry you would be up a significant   amount of profits already 30 in about a week but 
here is what i am seeing at the moment on the   four-hourly chart i am seeing that avax usdt has 
reached a peak just a temporary peak a peak right   notice that i didn't say d peak but a peak which 
means it should be calming down for the next few   days now as we all know everything doesn't just go 
straight up all the time so we just need to give   it a moment to calm down but i still highly highly 
believe that there is a lot of upside to avax   because this is what i'm seeing if you just zoom 
out a bit you can see that this is looking a lot   like a rounded bottom right or you could even say 
that this is a rounded double bottom both of which   are extremely bullish signals and it is 
just a matter of time before they pop off   in fact even though on the four hourly we are at a 
peak i'm not saying that we will absolutely crash   because here are two levels of support that we 
can immediately look for avax to hold hey if   you're enjoying this video so far it would 
really help me a lot if you could just drop   a like on this video it's a small gesture but it 
really helps a lot back to the video which is this   yellow line right here that is a 21 ema on the 
four hourly and the white line here that is a 50   exponential moving average on the four hourly at 
the moment we want to look for these two lines to   hold because that means that the strong uptrend 
is still intact but even if these do not hold i   do not expect the 200 exponential moving average 
to be breached because there's just so much upside   to this right if you know a pattern called the cup 
and handle this is looking almost like one right   now so at the moment even though there is a little 
bit of downside in the short term it is forming a   cup and handle pattern and if you know anything 
about cup and handles you know that the price   if it does break out assuming that it will break 
out here that will bring us to right about 50   avax so in the immediate short term i wouldn't 
be too worried i will look for avax to find some   support on the on the 21 ema and the 50 ema and if 
you want additional levels of support you can see   that the 21 ema is right about the 0.786 fit level 
and the 50 is about 0.618 but if those do not hold   i would highly highly look for the 0.05 fibonacci 
retracement level to hold their support here's   why hey just a quick little interruption now i 
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these videos out after the video is done playing   peace in an uptrend in order for an uptrend to not 
be broken we need to keep forming higher highs and   higher lows so at the moment this is what we got 
higher low higher high higher low higher high and   we don't know how low this low will go yet but 
as long as it does not break the previous higher   low we are still firmly in an uptrend so i will 
look for this level to hold right here at about   32.5 but if it really does break i will expect the 
200 ema to really really hold as good support but   if it doesn't but if it doesn't that means that 
avax would be going into a downtrend for just a   little while so with that out of the way what are 
the perfect entry points well for starters we we   do not have enough information on the four hourly 
to tell yet but here is what i want to see forming   before i even think about an entry because here's 
the thing i told you guys to enter when it broke   above and held above the 200 moving average that 
is when i taught you guys to get in but if you get   in right now it's just massive fomo so wait for 
another pattern to form wait for another entry but   here is how i will be looking to entry number one 
on the one hourly chart put on a 200 exponential   moving average if everything goes well it should 
not break below the 200 exponential moving average   on the one hourly you can set your stop loss 
right below the 200 ema that is entry number one   entry number two i would look for a pattern to 
form as i was saying i was i am expecting a cup   and handle almost to form so if it doesn't form 
this kind of a perfect handle it will go something   like a falling wedge at which case you would want 
to try to buy the bottom of the trendline and it   will break out but even if let's say there 
was a falling wedge that formed and it broke   even lower then i still wouldn't panic because 
here is the beauty about rounded bottom patterns   because if it breaks below the falling wedge it 
will go almost sort of like a third bottom right   around the bottom and whatever the case avax is 
still looking extremely bullish right avax will   go to the moon i'm not saying this because i'm 
unbut i'm not saying this because i am biased   or that i'm holding a lot of avax i am holding a 
lot of effects but this is purely from a technical   standpoint as long as avax does not break below 
the four hourly exponential 200 exponential moving   average we are firmly firmly in an uptrend so 
i wouldn't worry too much just give it a little   bit of time to play out i told you guys to get in 
when it was 31 29 and if you're looking to get in   there i would wait all right wait for pattern to 
play out you don't need remember you don't need   to enter traits all the time to be making money in 
a bull market simply not losing money already puts   you ahead of ninety percent of everyone else so 
just be patient wait for just on four hourly look   for this 21 ema to hold if it doesn't look for 
the 50 email hold and if it doesn't the 200 ema   would be a super super good entry even if it goes 
lower than the 200 ema it won't go much much lower   but again i would honestly speaking i'm 
fully expecting the 50 year mate halt because   we are right now forming high lows high highs 
there is no reason to go against the trend until   it has been broken so just be patient exercise 
proper risk management don't enter with too big   of a position size and definitely be patient 
you do not want to enter in these kinds of   patterns that hasn't been fully formed yet for all 
we know in fact look over here we had a rounded   bottom that tried to form a carbon handle or a 
falling wedge but then it just broke right through   and we had another round the bottom so who 
knows it something like this might happen   again either way give it time to play out the 
outlook for avax is still really really bullish   and if you want some profit taking targets i would 
go from the most significant recent swing top to   swing low and i would look for yeah see right here 
i will look for this level right here you can just   take note of these fibonacci levels these would 
be good profit taking zones or alternatively   you could also draw lines draw support 
resistance lines on major major points of   support resistance so right about there but 
either way the ultimate target for the breakout of   if we really do get a cop and handle then the 
ultimate breakout target would be at about 50   so just look out for that as long as it doesn't 
break below the 200 exponential moving average   i really really wouldn't panic it is still 
firmly in an uptrend so if you are holding   avax just be patient expect a little bit 
of downside in the immediate short term but   the medium term outlook is still extremely 
extremely bullish so just look out for those   key levels all right 21 ema 50 ema and the 
200 ema and with that that is the end of this   avex usdt update so i will be signing off now 
and as usual may the gains be with you peace

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