Avalanche(AVAX) – Advantages of validation over delegation.

hello everyone i'm queen shahi and welcome to our channel avalanche aims to enable new systems defined by velocity efficient use of capital and innovation in new products and services that aren't possible with the current wait times to finalize transactions that's avalab's founder emin gunzer who along with his team proved their ability to outgrow the rest if you have not seen my previous video where i spoke about staking mechanism on avalanche platform please check the link in the description below now today let's talk about advantages of validation over delegation staking as a delegator means that you are taking your own tokens in order to increase the sampling rate of another validator in exchange for holding the crypto and strengthen the network you will receive a reward you may call it an interest or some calls it passive income most of us believes taking as delegation is the best out there but many of us have not heard of validation and today i'm going to tell you how validation has an advantage over delegation validators and avalanche platform are responsible for processing transactions and creating new blocks however the delegators are token holders who cannot or do not want to run a node themselves delegates pay a minimum fee to validators and there could be a chance if the node doesn't run with the minimum required uptime delegators get fewer rewards so they pay for an unknown level of service provided by the validator during the validation period if you can run your own validator node do it be in control of your rewards otherwise look for a good note to delegate with another key advantage of validator is that they are the essential foundation of the blockchain validators are stakers but they also provide service to other stakers that delegate the stick to them which brings them to a higher level of staking and the rewards in the ecosystem so by running your own note you will be able to control your rewards it will be up to you to take the decision to validate new subnets and receive more staking rewards in case you delegated your tokens to a validator he may not validate all the future subnets and if he doesn't validate a new subnet you will miss some rewards now let's have a look at the key takeaway properties of the avax economics model for validators the resources validators spence first taking are proportional to that validator's total stick the rewards accumulated by a validator for validating are proportional to that validator's total stake since avalanche is leaderless there is no rich get richer compounding effects validators that lock their stick for longer are rewarded more validators are incentivized to stay online and operate correctly as their rewards are based on proof of uptime and proof of correctness the avalanche platform provides open staking support which means anyone with enough avax tokens based on the current parameters can create a validator node or validate the blockchain by earning the block rewards avalanche validation is for all you can learn how to manage your node by yourself during the validation period you can benefit of some time to learn since your node needs the 60 uptime to get staking rewards so the remaining time is beneficial for newcomers who need more time to fix an issue to update the node's code to apply security practice avalanche allows tens of thousands of validators to have a first hand say in the system making avalanche robust and resistant to attacks the more validators node run on the network the more the decentralization and security of the network the goal at avalanche is to build the most decentralized blockchain with the strong support of a successful validator community this would be a great benefit for future startups and dapps that would like to build on avalanche so guys this was a brief explanation on validation and why it is better to be a validator if you want to put your funds to work hope you enjoyed and liked it subscribe to our channel stay active and logical i will see you in the next one

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