Audi RS e-tron GT 2021 (440 kW / 600 PS) – Design, 0-100 km/h, Höchstgeschwindigkeit und mehr

3.2 seconds actually And it's even a little uphill. Hello people, to match the wind turbines here in the background, we have the new Audi electric bomb namely the new Audi RS e-tron GT. I am super excited. We have the exclusive chance to test drive the vehicle before it is launched. And we're going to look at that with you today. Before we take a look at the exterior of the vehicle, we briefly review the key data. We have a 93 kW battery. We have 830 Newton meters. We have a top performance in overboost of 650 hp and we go from zero to one hundred in 3.3 seconds.

I've even heard that it is sometimes even a bit faster. Now for the optics. I think, as you can see, there is an unmistakable Audi here. We also have the Singleframe Grill here. What really stands out here, of course, is that we have the sensors for the assistance systems down here. Otherwise we have the closed grille here. What also looks really cool, we have nevertheless drawn an RS look in here so that it does not look so clean. I think it's very good, it's also very nicely reflected in the light. We have now installed the black optics package, i.e. with the black border. Black air inlets. Which is also very cool, we have active aerodynamics. That means we have installed flaps in here and depending on whether the vehicle or the electric motor has to cool down, or needs more air or less air. Or also to reduce the drag coefficient, i.e.

The air resistance. The flaps close or open. We have now installed the laser light variant here. Recognizable by this cool X with the blue characters here. Looks really good. The light show also has something. If we go further, we have installed the winter wheels here – 20 inches tall. Whichever rim is noticeable, we have a pretty closed design here. Should of course also help to reduce air resistance and generate a little more electric range.

If you go any further we have the fuel filler flap here, which opens down here. We don't have any virtual exterior mirrors on the e-tron GT, they are not planned either, in contrast to the normal e-tron. Otherwise, if you look at the car from the side, I have to say a really nice silhouette. So a really, really nice shape. What I like best about the car is above all this huge rear end here. You'd think that's already 40 to 50 cm, so it makes the vehicle appear enormously massive. The chocolate side of the vehicle is definitely the rear. Please take a look at this light strip. Even with a really cool staging at night. That means we have a continuous strip of light here and these 3D elements here, which widen outwards. Well done really well. We also have a rear spoiler. Although I personally think the car looks nicer and cleaner when it is down.

It starts up automatically from 120 km / h. What looks really really cool is this huge diffuser. Not just because of the benefits, but above all because of the appearance. This makes the car look much more massive, especially from the rear. I'm really speechless by the car. Let's take a look at the interior, come with me. Here in the interior you immediately notice that you are really sitting in a luxury sedan. You have a lot of space. You feel nicely integrated into the vehicle, we have inclined our orientation towards the driver. It feels really nice. What I also find really special is this sculpture-like shape of the door parapet. I've never seen an Audi like this before. Acts really very noble, even A8 upper class level this workmanship. With the leather up here, the whole dashboard is leather, there Alcantara and then leather again. Really very nicely finished, even the A-pillar is clad in Alcantara. So really great. What I find a bit surprising is that we have relatively few displays.

So here we have the virtual cockpit with head-up display and the middle display. But compared to the Porsche Taycan, for example, which has three, four, we have a curved display, we have a display here, we have a display for the air conditioning and we even have a display for the front passenger. The e-tron GT seems a bit conservative, so we have normal buttons here to operate the climate control. I mean, it looks more innovative with a display, but I actually don't think it's that bad. Because it's a lot easier to use with just plain old-fashioned buttons. That's why I don't necessarily see it as a disadvantage. But what I find really beautiful here is the center console, which is really nice and wide.

You have a good distance to the person sitting next to you. It also builds up relatively high with the two cup holders. A nice automatic selector lever. What I've asked myself in many videos is that the car doesn't have a center armrest. But the height is just perfect. That means you don't need another attachment for the center armrest, otherwise it would be too high. What I also think is really nice is that we have a panoramic roof as standard on the GT. Is enormous, brings in a lot of light and of course a lot of headroom for the rear passengers. And before we press that button, let's take a look at the trunk. Wait a minute, we have a Gran Turismo here, which means five seats. I have now adjusted the seat here in front of my stature, I am 180 cm tall and I have to say, I sit very comfortably in here. I have enough headroom, there is still a little something in between. Enough knee room, I would say A6, A7 level. There is also enough space for your feet due to these foot garages in the sub-floor.

You just feel good in here. But now really to the trunk. As it should be for a GT, we have a reasonable trunk volume. We have the standard tailgate. We have up to 450 liters of luggage space in the normal GT. The RS model has about 350 liters due to the standard subwoofer. Here, too, we have the opportunity to stow some small items in the shelf. We can even fold down the back seat. I would say that's enough for a weekend trip or a week's vacation. But we hid a second one. We have the "Frunk" – typical for electric cars. It opens up here at the driver's door, so it took me a little longer to find it. Then the hood opens here in front. Then the second hiding place opens and we have another 80 liters of luggage space. For example, to stow a charging cable in or to put a shopping bag in. Definitely practical. Enough talk now, let's go. So folks, I've now driven the first few meters in the car, I have to say I've never driven a car over 600 hp. I have to say I don't want to drive anything else, it's just sick.

You step on the gas and the power is easy, thanks to the electric drive, there is immediately. You have zero decelerations at all, it's just sick and so fun. So now I have to let go of my emotions a bit. Because what else is there to say, we not only have a mega good steering acceleration, we also have very good lateral dynamics in the vehicle This is of course due to the fact that we have a very low center of gravity due to the battery, which is completely down in the vehicle floor.

We have installed all-wheel steering, which makes the vehicle extremely agile, dynamic and very manoeuvrable. Of course, in some situations here in the Black Forest in narrow streets, the vehicle's limits are already reached. But everything is still feasible. What I also think is really cool is that we can also drive the vehicle very smoothly. Audi also attaches great importance to this. It's a Gran Turismo, which means it should also be a touring limousine somewhere. You have that really good in comfort mode, that means the vehicle goes a little higher. The air suspension is a little softer. The steering too. The power delivery is still extreme, regardless of the driving mode But it all seems a bit more distant and just a little more relaxed for the journey. But if you switch to dynamics now, you have a different sound.

You normally don't hear anything about electric cars, but this vehicle is brand new to Audi. Here we have this e-sound. It just sounds futuristically cool. Listen. Sounds like you're in a UFO Enterprise and your spaceship is kind of driving away. So the Audi engineers did a really good job And you know what the cool thing is, the sound here in the interior can also be heard by the people outside. And I want to show you that at the launch control start. We'll see if the 3.3 seconds are not even undercut. Are we ready? And off. 3.2 seconds in fact and it even goes uphill slightly. You can really tell how from 80, 90 km / h the second gear comes in and another punch comes. Really blatant, 3.2 seconds, I would not have thought We are now on the autobahn and I noticed something else.

Recuperation is a big topic in electric vehicles and so far, recuperation has been very pronounced at Audi. Not anymore with the GT. Of course, we can also set the recuperation here on the shift paddles. But even in the highest recuperation level does not brake the vehicle as hard as the normal e-tron in the simplest level. Audi wants the driver to recuperate with the brake pedal. Personally, I also find it more pleasant, it just feels a lot more fluid and you have a much better feeling .. Because the car often recovers when you actually want to "sail" or vice versa. It's just much more fluid and you can decide for yourself. A second point that stands out is that we have a two-speed gearbox here. Electric vehicles usually only have one gear. But here it is so that we have two gears and therefore the spread is much greater between comfort and dynamism.

In comfort mode, it is more comfortable on the road if you give it full throttle. Then he presses first gear, i.e. from the comfortable gear and then at some point the second gear comes and it really goes off. I feel extremely awesome. What I would also like to try would be the top speed. That is specified with 250 kilometers per hour. That is very high for an electric car. I've read in reports that it's even a bit more and we'll test that out. It really doesn't feel like 260 km / h. So we just drove 267 km / h and it just went zero like 260. It felt more like 180 km / h. Really blatant car. I think we can be up to 250 km / h in 3 seconds. How the car pushes is really strong for an electric car. Another 260 km / h. Brutally. But the range is slowly coming to an end. We also get range back in very quickly. The e-tron GT can charge up to 270 kW and in comparison a normal socket has only 2.1 kW. So you can imagine how much electricity comes in there every minute.

We want to test the whole thing at the fast charging station. We have arrived here at the 300 kW charging station and we will now charge the e-tron GT. To do this, we have to press it here at the pressure point below. Make the cable in. And then start. Then the whole thing would have to be charged to a maximum of 80% within 20 minutes. Let's see if that works. As you can see, we have basically already connected it for 3:30 minutes. We were at around 30% before, now we are at 40% after 3:30 minutes. The charging power currently fluctuates between 150 and 200 kW. When we go to the car to see how long it still takes. After 24 minutes it is ready. It's like a coffee break. We are now so slowly at the end, let's come to my conclusion. I have to say, if you have the opportunity to take the e-tron GT for a test drive, do it.

I fell in love today. The vehicle has excellent driving performance, a great feeling of being full on the road. We have a Gran-Turismo, you can drive it quickly, you can drive comfortably with 5 people and luggage. It's just a lot of fun. So today I think I found a new favorite car. You have 650 HP available on demand, there is no power curve, it is there immediately. Just impressive. The only small point of criticism, we have the RS model here. There is also the normal e-tron GT. Unfortunately, the RS only stands out with its RS emblems and, of course, the performance. I might have wished that there was an RS button, or something that is only available for the RS model. Or more setting options. That's the only thing.

So we are here at the end, thank you for watching and until the next video..

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