Audi RS e-tron GT 2021 ⚡ EXCLUSIVO ⚡ Avaliação Completa do PRIMEIRO SEDAN 100% ELÉTRICO DA AUDI 😱

[Music] If you're one of those people who still turn up
their noses at the electric car, stay here with me and you need to
watch this article until the end! But if, on the contrary, you are
passionate about this technology then put a handkerchief there because you
ll cry with the performance of this model. With you Audi RS e-tron GT on the Webmotors screen! [Music] I'm Lucas Kanji and today, more than ever, it
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so you don't miss any news! [Music] The first thing that impressed me about
this model was the interval between the global presentation and the moment when
we're going to hang out together.

In less than three months, this machine
is already in Brazil and shows the frantic speed of development and
sale of electric vehicles. The e-tron GT will be available in two versions, the
standard option only arrives in 2022 and yields 476 horsepower, while the RS e-tron GT reaches 646
horsepower with the overbust and costs 950,000 reais! [Music] But before you know how Gran Turismo is doing, it's time to shudder at the details  of
this car-shaped sculpture. The model imported from Germany
mixes elegance with brutality and charges LED Matrix headlamps with a
laser a  system, which optimizes the range of light. The ensemble matches the grille,
with a honeycomb finish, which houses the essential sensors and radars
for the car's semi-autonomous technologies. But the only air intake is
available at the ends of the bumper with the function of cooling
the brakes that carry discs with tungsten carbide, which are
more durable and performant.

But it's the rear that gives the e-tron GT a
charming character and fastback feel, it connects to the flashlights turned on
by an animated light strip! On the other hand, the interior brings an atmosphere much
closer  to that of conventional Audi vehicles, the console is slightly tilted towards the driver,
with the intention of giving the sedan a single-seater air. In the spare cabin there is also synthetic leather  finishing
, microfiber and even recycled elements. Highlight for the roof, which can be
produced in carbon fiber, this is an optional item, by the way, it is possible to
customize various other elements of the car, such as the interior finish, steering wheel coating, in
addition to the color of the brake lanes and the grille. [Music] Have you seen what this Gran Turismo has a
breathtakingly sweeping aesthetic? And of course talking about this model is remembering, it is also using
the Porsche Taycan as a reference. Why? Because several elements are shared
between these two sports, which I  m talking about plataforma platform, engines, transmission.

I talked a lot about the Porsche Taycan, if you
already want to check the test of this model, just click on the little ball that is showing up here,
which has the test on the track with this model. [Music] But going back to talking about our Audi,
you can say it has a personality, so I mentioned Taycan a lot, but he has a
very own characteristic of driving, I would say, it can even be a little more comfortable,
even because we're talking about a Gran Turismo body, but we're also talking about
a five meter car that is super balanced, not only because of the batteries, because they are
positioned in the central part of this model, but also because of it there's really a right thing in
that you have total balance to make turns, so it's a car that pours out all the power,
so you can comply with 0 to 100 in 3.3 seconds, but when it comes to turning it's very
balanced, in this stretch we do here there is a lot more tight curve
and you can see that pants are always in the hand.

It also counts for this purpose to have
the part of the rear axle steering, something that is also found in the Porsche Taycan,
so we can see that the rear axle is acting to go around the
curve in the same position as the front axle. Another factor that is unprecedented in Audi's history is the
pneumatic suspension system with three levels, so the more aggressive you make this car,
in Dynemic mode, the lower it will be and this obviously helps in the dynamic era, with which the
car it gets even more brutal, but it also helps in the autonomy part when youre
driving  there on a road where you want to have more autonomy. By the way, this model's battery has
an 800 volt recharging system. Another thing that we refer to the Porsche Taytan, so there is also a system for you to bring
faster battery charging. However, in the system that you will have
in your house, it is 11.5 kilowatt, this charging takes about 8 hours. [Music] I talked a lot about the power of this car, which
is obviously what draws the most attention because it has historical data, but the torque also draws a
lot of attention, especially here in practice, right? Because it's instantaneous, it dumps almost 90 kg
of torque instantly, I confess that I got a little nauseous in this car,
because it's really a kick and what we still can't get in the same atmosphere as a
combustion car it's the noise, it's the sound part.

It does have, in this car, a simulation system,
which serves both for those outside, but also for those who are here, you hear
the car, there is a little sound that mixes that spaceship issue, but it also tries to
simulate a snore of a combustion car. But it's still not the same
experience as a car with an engine and so on. And about the acceleration data, I said that
this car hits 100 km/h in 3.3 seconds, that means it's only
a tenth of a second slower than the Audi R8 and half a second
slower than the Porsche Taytan.

And an interesting thing that you may
have already seen on the Taycan, but that is worth reinforcing in this model here, is that it has two engines
and also two transmission systems that are positioned on both axles, they help so
much  in the balance, traction part. , for you, its a nicer car for you to drive,
safer, but it also serves in terms of autonomy,   it makes the car a little quieter so
you conseguirll be able to have more kilometers of road. [Music] The Audi RS e-tron GT came to be
more  than a cousin to the Porsche Taycan, it will certainly be remembered as one of
most iconic Audi's in history due to its aesthetic refinement, structural refinement,  in
addition of course, performance odd.

And to continue in this electric footprint, Iixod
suggest that you follow the test of the Model Y but if you want more track atmosphere  theres
a test there with the Audi RS line. Thank you very much for your company,
big hug, take care and see you next time!.

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