Audi Q4 e-tron im #2

moin moin welcome to another video from the first car we do for electric vehicles today everything revolves around the new audi q5 [music] the audi q5 is back on as a sc , maybe one or the other too seem a bit familiar because something reminds of the vw all four and in spora in jack for a good reason the whole thing is based on the platform from volkswagen on which the tier and emea come along optically it is of course a classic audi from in front we have the relatively classic front grille, even if it is not a kilogram in principle, it is pure optics in front, also the audi symbol is no longer like it used to be 3d life but rather it turns out to be 2d there is therefore fresh and monday as well as that vehicles here also look at the led headlights I find particularly chic you can also adjust the whole thing as we will later can be shown and different signatures can be shown how the vehicle should ultimately look when the lights are kind so that the vehicle looks from the outside you can see it looks relatively small, relatively compact, which should not hide the fact that there is still an enormous amount of space inside as far as the rear benches are concerned , that is, the vag has always been with the mgv on the outside relatively normal conditions from the front of the vehicle size on the inside then all the more [music] after paying special attention to the 21 inchers that we have installed here, they are not at all like that Particularly noticeable with the vehicle because we naturally have a larger wheel size overall and therefore the 21 he still look relatively normal in this place the audi q5 is available from the exterior gentleman in two different versions then there is the sports version that differs the fact that the sportback then has a hatchback to the rear, so it makes a somewhat sportier impression, if you want to have it yourself in mythos black with pearl effect, the rear of the audis is adorned by an almost classic, meanwhile, continuous strip that That means we have a completely continuous rear light here on the trunk lid, which of course also opens automatically even for a larger move, the whole thing should definitely fit [music] the buyer himself also offers storage space under this shelf especially generous the whole thing is not enough but definitely for lahde and n7 can easily see here so everything in lahde got with you is in the back is also good and there is from audi also another bag that you can hide the whole thing a bit more neatly than is the case with us, of course, it can also be opened completely contactless simply with a small jump of the foot under the rear of the vehicle, as far as the everyday suitability of the vehicle is concerned, you have to do it beforehand Asking the question what exactly do I want from the vehicle and if you can assume that it is a purely city vehicle should be enough, the smallest version is already completely out if you have a battery that has a range of around 320 kilometers, which is far from everyday enough if you still have to go a little further then that should go a little higher then there is a larger dimension such as the vehicle must also have here the audi q 440 e tron here we have a battery in it that for about 520 kilometers range is enough if you say okay, i would like to have quattro-a drive inside i would like to use all-wheel drive in a vehicle there is then the audi e tron q4 with a 45 or 150 with the quattro still attached , but you have to say here the ranges are a little less because the all-wheel drive is of course a second motor the front axle is realized and we therefore also have a slightly higher consumption and vehicle , the first thing you notice in a vehicle is you sit in and how exactly you feel in the vehicle itself here you have to say you sit very comfortably you feel still held on relatively well it is of course not a sports vehicle now so you don't have to be completely adjusted, so to speak in the seat, it is absolutely sufficient how you sit in here even with a somewhat dynamic driving style you could say it is entirely on which he would get it The quality of workmanship is of course very chic and the vehicle is of course an s line model which you can sit on you can also see the whole thing and of course to make it clear in the interior here is the somewhat sportier version in which we are sitting here the seats themselves are four ways imaginable, that is, I have my buttons on the side can do the seat back and forth driving up and down is naturally also front and back individually and of course you can also adjust the backrest forwards and backwards in order to find the optimal sitting position for me, of course, changing the vehicle itself is of course very nice Clearly kept, let's start at the bottom what we of course have youth law are charging options for cell phones, but be careful that we only noticed while shooting here are of course the current us bc is but usb connections are not found there if you like your usb connection would like to use best in adapter with him otherwise the black could The beautifully designed center console is then very elegantly processed, of course, everything is an audi manner here , of course, the gear selector lever is not like a big lever in the middle because a gear in the sense is of course no longer among them who is allowed to me here These small, beautiful buttons and the whole thing can also be used very well while driving, that is, if you only want to go into the raid mode at the front, just pull it down and then the whole thing is no problem over there, of course, that is to see the touchscreen display the whole thing also reacts very quickly, so if you just change your individual settings here as you can see, the whole thing is relatively fixed and of course the whole thing is also very nice because, for example, the house already mentioned here not what I of course can not find here it is very different to find where you have been in the Representation looks like the whole thing from the outside then looks the same if you then turn left, of course, that important the steering wheel that is optically a little different than you might be used to and here I have a slight, I call it a sportier version, so we don't have it the classic round steering wheel but ends a bit flattened you could say I personally like the optics very well it is a bit unusual with the fan you could say because of course you tend to win a round steering wheel, which means that when you grip the steering wheel, you might want to change the steering wheel caught a slightly different place on the hand where you might not be used to it otherwise I think it's a matter of getting used to with this model as I said optically if I succeeded the whole thing very well the individual points on the steering wheel are of course also all a touchscreen and here we can then by switching what then each view on the d display behind it changed the display itself is kept relatively small you could say the resolution, of course, as usual with audi, very good the colors are also very nicely displayed and personally it doesn't bother me that much that the whole thing is not designed too big through the back because we have a head-up display in there, to be precise, an augmented reality head-up display, then i'm the driver of the coup forwards anyway and looks in there i'm not so much concerned with what is happening here when driving, but with that what and also the windshield is shown and therefore it doesn't really matter whether the display is a little bit bigger there roller blinds on merck on the vehicle we have is also put on the sunroof what we have above us that can be done very simply as you are on the touchscreen, we swipe it once and the whole thing opens up, then it seems like you can also get direct sun on your face it is completely open and we can of course just do it again via the touchscreen yes the vehicle is actually very agile you could say it was of course also basically an electric motor and itself lies and otherwise it is a suv that means you sit relatively high wool you have a relatively good overview of the surroundings now it would be very nice to see the head up display that means i really just look straight ahead i see the speed next to it, of course, the note how fast The whole thing is allowed here and yes, all in all, the vehicle drives very well, of course, you could now adjust the dampers depending on where you are, where you are at the moment, that is, if you really feel like driving dynamically, you can do that The whole thing can still be made supportive by the chassis as an electric vehicle Does the audi q5 of course also use recuperation, i.e.

Aigen braking behavior of the engine, that can be used here and that is very nice to demonstrate that we just want to avoid a drive gear and let the vehicles just get into the mountain as soon as I want Now here from the drive mode to the relegation place on the b gang you can feel the vehicle is noticeably slower the brakes directly from a little getting used to maybe for the newcomer to electromobility but once you have discovered the whole thing for yourself it is a very nice thing I like to use are especially in city traffic because it is just a little easier to get around, on the other hand, you can just roll a little more relaxed and if you get used to it, as I said, it is really a very nice thing if you can use it, as mentioned earlier, there is with the vehicle like functions that you can change the light that is on outside you just have to go to the outside lighting and then you can see the digital light signature now you can see here how the whole thing looks on the disney show of course the whole thing is still outside and we see the small preview of how it can be seen there so always there is a somewhat classic light signature then first there is a make here then there is a split light signature and the whole thing is a little dissolved then in the picture itself in the light itself confirm again for outside then there is the third one that is too again have a classic view of need in front and finally a bit like an eye the whole thing is of course then again dependent on taste what you would like there, but you can also customize the vehicle a bit for yourself from the outside view in conclusion you can say about a vehicle even if it is a model that is on the mtb based on action, you can still feel an audi in it, especially the workmanship in the interior.We also sit very comfortably on the seats that have been on offer for a long time and that are here in the vehicle, of course, also because of the back seat mwc has a lot of space, so long journeys, of course, provided that the vehicle is fully equipped with the right battery all to use it starts at 41 1900 euro and the top is of course still a bit open depending on which battery you would like to have and which motorization and vehicles should sit inside but you can of course keep your eyes open maybe a vehicle is also on our website on autos de for you in the next mo naten thereby [music] [music]

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