Audi Q4 e-tron concept | Nuovo step nell’elettrificazione di Ingolstadt [ENGLISH SUB]

Here's the Audi Q4, it's stilla concept but it should be available starting from next summer, while in 2020 it should be available in full electric It has a full digital cockpit and a new touchscreen with usual profile which scans the finger prints in order to define a special profile for each driver, there's an LCD display for the climate control and wireless charging the steering wheel has full digital switches, which has a tactile feedback there are LED profiles inside the air vents and LCD screens instead of the mirrors.

I like the door handles it's 4.59m long, AWD thanks to 2 electric engines with 204 kg at the front and 102 at the rear with an 82 kwh battery, full LED lights. This is a concept car but I'm sure it wonìt be much different, maybe without those wheels the rear doors open through a buttonand here we can see the rear seats and this is the tail, it looks really good, similar to the Audi A1 . 0-100 in 6.3 s and range of 450 km, whjile the charging can be made through 125 kw columns.

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