Audi e-tron mit 200 km/h auf Autobahn! Wie lang hält er durch?

Welcome to another nextmove test video. Behind me you see the Audi etron brandnew – with 300 km on the clock. softly driven so far Now it's time for a real test 200 kph on the Autobahn – how long can he hold it? today he has to show it! What is our goal today? The distance is 140 km. 12 km way to the Autobahn – softly driven. I have two trip meters here including consumption. Both ar set to 0 at the beginning of our trip. I will reset one of them once I am on the Autobahn.

We have 13 degrees celsius outside. I am driving through flat land , no wind I am driving an Audi e-tron 55 quattro in the Series One edition Of course on th Autobahn I will drive in the boost mode The car is on 21 inch wheels – these are the external conditions. Let's see how he holds up in maintaining 200 kph permanently. And how much remaining range we will have at the end. We are now on the Autobahn. I have reseted the board computer and changed some settings. Cruise control including lane keeping assist is working up to 200 kph.

I track the speed also with a GPS device to measure the real speed. You can now hear the wind noise level at 170 kph. At 200 kph I will fully concentrate on the road and will not speak into the camera,
but the Go.Pros keep going. The battery meter turned red. We are now approximately at 25% state of charge. We still have 32 km to drive. remaining range is 41 km. There is traffic ahead so I can speak into the camera. The car is starting to be less agile. But the boost is still there. The car is still accelerating to 200 kph. Let's see if we will finish him off. we drove 107 km already. there is a speed limit ahead and also a construction site. That probably means that we will not be able to empty the car completely on our trip. The trip was not that long and I expected to be empty the car completely.

The consumption up to now is 63 kWh/100km at an average speed of 170 kph. Now the average consumption is going down because of the speed limit. Up till now the road was not restricted and not much traffic. 18 km left to drive The car is automatically adjusting the speed according to the speed limits. until now 100 kph speed limit. now 80 kph – lets see how the car is adjusting the speed. now the speed limit is 60 kph. automatically the speed goes down. Cool! With a 60 kph speed limit the car is recovering The boost was availabe all the time. Even if the car was less agile – there were no performance gaps. the car is performing well and is accelerating to 200 kph. at 60 kWh/100 km. I have recognized a wind sensitivity. Above 160 to 180 kph, even in this Audi you can hear wind noises. Personally, I find that the steering is a bit to soft construction site ahead. at high speeds – but certainly 'complaining on a high comfort level'.

Everything in the green area Anyways, I don't want to drive more than 200 kph with 2.5 tonnes. All comprehensible that Audi has limited at 200 kph. The road is clear again. Let'S try another kick down. 120 140 , 150 the car is not boost, 160 180 190 200 I have to drive 7 more km. Remaining range 10 km Audi etron drives 200! 201 I am drving now an another Autobahn, A2. 4 km to drive and 7 km remaining range. There is a speed limit now. Hopefully it ends soon. now 100 kph allowed. Let's hope for another kick down. 'Attention – drive unit – performance is reduced' at 6 km remaining range, that is okay. The boost is now gone! 140 kph. 160 170 5 km remaining range it holds the 170 kph how the speed is decreasing – but the battery is also almost empty. that is absolutely acceptable. The battery needs to be protected. Average consumption: 61 kWh/100km Driving distance: 123 km Now at 150 kph the car is not accepting any acceleration. This is our exit. The values again: 124 km driven on the Autobahn in 45 minutes. average consumption 60 kWh/100 km. This is our goal.

Ja! We have left the Autobahn. Another kick down not much acceleration. the battery is empty. [Subcribe to the channel for the next Audi etron video on charging speed].

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