Audi e-tron 55 quattro (265 kW/360 PS) 2019 Test – Schafft der elektrische SUV eine große Tour?

Hello guys, it's William. Your trainee from the Stoppanksi dealership. We'll have the new Audi e-tron with us from Friday. And we blocked it directly and are doing an extensive test drive with you. So… We have almost fully charged the car and the on-board computer tells us a range of around 280 km. And we'll find out today. Whether we can achieve the promised range or even more. We want to include all road types for our test drive. That means we are now driving to Stuttgart via the autobahn. From there to Baden-Baden via the country road and finally to Bruchsal to the IONITY charging station It can charge up to 320 kW. And that is the challenge now, whether the e-tron can do it or not. But now let's first enter our destination. Drive me to Stuttgart. The route is calculated, now keep to the right. Oh, we only have 3 minutes of traffic jam.

It's just so quiet … … you get into this car and you feel like you are in an oasis of calm. As if you were just coming back from a wellness holiday. It's just calm. All the other cars seem really loud to you. The only thing you can hear is such a low whirring sound from behind. I think that's the electric motor that sits in the back.

Because we have two in total. Once the back and once the front. The rear one is always active, the front one only switches on when more traction is needed. Or when you activate the boost mode. And the boost mode is activated when you switch the automatic transmission to S. Then the boost box opens here. And … then you can just step on the gas! And that's just really addicting. That's just the advantage of electric cars. You step on it and it just comes right away. That’s just awesome. We are now in Stuttgart. I have just read that there will be a fine dust alarm again on Wednesday.

But with the car you are emission-free. And now let's go have a coffee first. Yes, that was it with Stuttgart for the time being. We drove out of the parking garage and immediately got stuck in a traffic jam. In any case, the on-board computer tells us a range of almost 220 km. Now we are driving on the country road to Baden-Baden. And I'm curious to see how this heavyweight will fare. We are now on the country road and I have to say that I am pleasantly surprised by the car.

Very sporty and agile. This is also due to the 700 kg battery that is built into the underbody. As a result, the car has a very low center of gravity compared to other SUVs. This is where this agility and that rich road feel comes from. Recuperation is also a very interesting topic in rural and hilly regions. Recuperation, in a nutshell, is in principle if you take your foot off the accelerator or brake, the excess energy becomes converted into electricity.

The electric motor then acts as a generator, so to speak to charge the battery. Audi has come up with something very special. This function can be set to automatic. That means the car decides for itself which is cheaper now. Is it better to let the car "sail" now or to recuperate it? To do this, he takes information from the radar sensor, the navigation data and the navigation destination and it is calculated in this way what would be cheaper now, whether to recuperate or to "sail". You can also set this manually on the pedals themselves. But I have to say, you get used to it very quickly. And it works 99% the way you would like to do it yourself.

We are now shortly before Baden-Baden. And then we look at the outside of the car. Yes, what is there to say from the outside? So the e-tron can be clearly identified as an Audi. We also typically have the single-frame grill in octagon design. But closed here. We only have a couple of air vents in the middle. And down here slats that are normally closed. And open up when there is a need for cooling air. We have the camera up here for the surround view. And below the camera for the ACC. If we go further, we will also have the highly recommended matrix headlights on the e-tron. And air curtains at the bottom to improve aerodynamics. By and large, a very smooth surface. Very aerodynamically optimized. Personally, I think it's very good. Tires look really cool. There are 21 inches installed, which are only available in this design on the e-tron. Look a bit futuristic, goes very well with the gray car. If we move to the side here we have this sill which is highlighted in black.

Should emphasize the electric drive a bit and visually push the car upwards. so SUV-like. Yes in the back I personally think the rear is very well done What I particularly like is the continuous light strip Which is currently right in. Yes, as you can see, no tailpipes. I think that's the only point where the layman can identify the car as an electric vehicle. Now we come to the last topic, the store. To do this, we drive to Bruchsal, we still have a range of 120 km.

And there we will explain the loading to you. Until we arrive in Bruchsal we can already deal with the charging options of the e-tron. The e-tron has a 95 kW battery. It can be recharged with various charging options. On the one hand, you can charge the battery at the household socket. However, that takes 48 hours which is out of the question for most A better option is to load with a choice box which then generates up to 11 kW.

You can also have it installed at home. The charging time is then reduced to 8 to 8 1/2 hours. That means you can comfortably charge the car overnight. A faster option is if you charge via direct current. These are charging stations that are marked with DC. They have a charging capacity of 22 kW. This shortens the charging time to 4 to 4 1/2 hours. And then there is still the option of charging at IONITY. This is the largest charging provider in Europe. They can then charge up to 320 kW.

However, the e-tron is only approved for up to 150 kW. But even there the charging time will be shortened to 20-30 minutes. Audi came up with a really cool solution. If you have an e-tron, you can purchase this e-tron card. 90% of all charging stations are then bundled, so you can pay with it at almost all charging stations. Then you don't have a thousand subscriptions and providers, you can do everything with one card.

Practical and simple solution. And now let's see if there's a free place, we'll be there in a moment. We found parking space immediately. Really cool solution from Audi. Now let's see. The e-tron is now charging and will take 20-30 minutes. Brief conclusion on the day today: I am positively surprised by the e-tron I never thought this would be a 2.6 ton SUV can be driven so dynamically and sportily. It's also really fun on the country road. The whole assistance systems also made a positive impression, the ACC works great, that also brakes at intersections and before curves, automatically, even though there is no car in front of it.

This interaction with recuperation, too works great. Very smooth and soft. Small point of criticism: With automatic vehicles the car automatically rolls a little in drive mode. This is not the case with the e-tron. That means you have to play with the accelerator yourself and that's a bit stupid when maneuvering or parking that you don't give too much or too little gas. You have to get into it a bit and it takes some getting used to. On the subject of suitability for everyday use: I think 300 km are completely sufficient for everyday use. You just have to rethink a little. There aren't that many charging stations yet, although it's getting better every day. And if you think a little differently and plan better, researched when you drive where and where a charging station is, you also have many advantages such as charging or parking for free.

So I'm positive about that, I think there will be a lot of e-trons in the future. We'll come to the end then. I hope you enjoyed the video. Give us a thumbs up on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, etc. Write in the comments what you want to see in the next video. Ciao guys, see you for the next video..

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